Mobile App Marketing Glossary - ASO Terms & Definitions

The ultimate ASO glossary to get up to speed on everything about App growth and App Store Optimization.

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App store optimization(ASO) is the process of increasing your app visibility within the app stores and improving app conversion rates. It is all about applying the scientific method to mobile KPIs that are related to the app stores.
The API uses a set of clearly defined methods of communication to make it easier to develop a computer program by providing all the building blocks.
The app category is the category in which an app is published in the app stores, that reflects an app's purpose.
iOS Store & Google Play Store be considered to be the main mobile market for Android and iOS applications.​
The position in which your app shows up in the search results of an app store for a certain keyword (search term).
Keywords placed in iOS & Google Play App Store metadata field have the strongest influence for App Store Rank. You’re allowed 30 characters for the App Name.​
The app subtitle is one of the fields of the app's metadata on iOS. It exists only on Apple (the corresponding field on Google is the short description).
App Store Acquisition Channels are all the potential channels that user acquisition (UA) teams can utilize, usually via a paid ad, to advertise an app or game and generate more visitors.
App Rankings refers to the progress that an app ranks in a search from the App Store, or it can reference the over-all app rankings from the App Store, or from a particular category in the App Store, based on downloads and revenue.
App Singles are the special display result about one single app in a Google Play search result.
App Rating (App Star Rating) references the total star average from App reviewers. It's a very important ranking factor in both the iOS & Google Play Store.