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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about APP marketing.

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What are the advantages of keyword promotion?

Keyword promotion is the best option for your application as it’s the fastest way to become closer to your target user. It helps your application to grow up in rank for an exact keyword.

Let’s look at the example with a popular keyword – <buy Instagram followers>.

We have delivered 1831 USA installs for this keyword in total. The promotion lasted 3 days: 2 days one after another, then there was a 3 day pause and again 1 day of promotion.

Here’s how it went in numbers:
● Day 1 – 401 installs
● Day 2 – 430 installs
● Day 3 – 1000 installs

Before the keyword promotion, the app took 59th place for the keyword <buy instagram followers>. The chart shows that it has grown up in rank 55 positions higher.

After the promotion we get: the 4th place for the keyword <buy instagram followers> in the USA.

Why I have to promote by the package installs?

Package promotion – is a good option for apps that need many installs. Primary, it suits new apps that were recently located on the market. Users can hardly find such apps via search bar at first.

Package promotion will help you to lead your app to the visible position of the market and open new opportunities for your app, such as keyword promotion.

Also, after package promotion you could start another way of promotion – keyword installs.

What are the advantages of package promotion?

Package Promotion has following advantages:

● It is not expensive;
● It is a good option to promote your app from scratch, when you have no installs yet;
● This type of promotion will help to increase the visibility of your application on the market and your app will have keywords (included in app title or description) which is associated with after that.

What is package promotion?

Package ID – is a unique name that identifies your app. It is a part of your URL address.

Package install is a direct install by a package ID when users type the ID and install the app they found. Usually, clients order package installs if they want more installs in the statistics or they have recently published their application on the market.

How will you increase app installs with our service?

ASO World promotes applications by their keywords. After promotion, your application will be higher in search than before.

When your iOS or Android app reaches the top 5-10th position in the search, more users will see it, click it and download by the keyword or phrase they searched.

Why my App Rank is NOT Improving?

It could be the following reasons:

  • Keywords competition;
  • ASO condition;
  • Competitors’ optimization condition;
  • Current rank & many other factors.

How much minimum funds I can deposit in my account?

The minimum possible funds you can add is just $20.

How to add money?

You can add money following below steps:
1.Find <Add Money> menu on the left sidebar of your dashboard;
2.Type in the amount you want to top up (PS:minimum amount is $20);
3.Click <Payment> button then it will link to third-party payment platform;

4.Follow the instruction to finish the top up.

What if I can’t add money?

If you have any problems with adding money via PayPal or credit card you can contact our online support team or email us via [email protected].

What payment methods do we accept?

Currently we offer payment via credit card (Visa or Master card).

And for more payments methods please pay attention to our website notice.

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