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Why I have to promote by the package installs?

Package promotion – It's a good option to promote your app from scratch if your app doesn't have any installs at all. Primarily, it suits new apps that were recently launched on the market. Users can hardly find such apps via search bar at first.

Package promotion will help your app start ranking for keywords.

Then, after package promotion for a period of time, you could start another way of promotion – keyword installs after your app starts to have keywords coverage.

What are the advantages of package promotion?

Package Promotion has following advantages:


● It is not expensive;
● It is a good option to promote your app from scratch, when you have no installs yet;
● This type of promotion will help to increase the visibility of your application on the market and your app will have keywords (included in app title or description) which is associated with after that.

What is package promotion?

Package ID – is a unique name that identifies your app. It is a part of your URL address.
app package install


Package install is a direct install by a package ID when users type the ID and install the app they found. Usually, you can order package installs if you want more installs in the statistics or you have recently published new application on the market.

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