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The most frequently asked questions about APP marketing.

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Which country I can choose?

We can provide installs for almost any country you want. Currently about 85 countries for Android and 99 countries for iOS and we are still expanding.

When will the order start?

Your order will be executed soon after you submitted and started it. If there is a small delay in implementation – do not worry, your order is simply in the queue.

How to manage my campaign from my Dashboard?

You can manage all your campaigns/orders at https://asoworld.com/my/orders (login required) from your dashboard.

How to place an order?

You can simply refer to below videos for guide to place order:

(Google Play)

Can I run more than one campaign for same app?

Yes, you can run multiple campaigns for one app for a certain country or different countries. But not all campaigns will become active at the same time since it will need to wait in the queue.

How to change/update Account Password?

You can change or update your account password at (login required):

How to change/update Account Username or Email?

Unfortunately, account username or email can NOT be changed or updated. Please choose an ideal one when you register the account. Any question, please contact our online support.

Can I register multiple Accounts?

Nope, you can create ONLY ONE account. We don't allow multiple accounts as such from the security/safety point of view and other reasons.
If you really need multiple accounts then contact us first with a genuine reason or explanation for the same. If it looks reasonable we will make an exception for you.

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