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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about APP marketing.

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How long I have to promote my app?

It depends on the condition of your App. Whether your App is a new one or not.

Let’s just consider two types of promotion, which generally suit two types of applications: for new and for those apps which have already been on the market.

If your application is a new one, start your promotion using the Package installs. This type of promotion will help you rank for more keywords and you can then promote with keyword installs.

If your application is already on the market – it has its own specific keywords, and you can create a campaign for 3-5 keywords and promote it within one week with hundreds of installs per day. Also, it is very important to remember that the effect will not last forever and if you notice that the rank is falling – you should also order the installs for visibility of your app at the TOP.

You can contact our support team to get the suggestion about install amount.

Are these services safe for my App?

It works just like an advertising network. There is nothing illegal in it.

We do follow the rules of Android Google Play and iOS Store completely.

What are the services you offer?

Currently we provide 4 kinds of services.

You can check the details here:

More services coming soon.

Which kind of App do you accept?

We only work with the direct app links to both Google Play and App Store markets.

We will not accept any tracking, affiliate or shortened links.

Your app should also be free and available worldwide.

How can I make sure I have got the agreed number of downloads?

After your campaign will be finished, you can check all your campaign details and progress in <My Orders> section under <Orders> menu (login required).

Will Google or iOS delete the ratings and reviews after delivery?

Google may delete some or all the ratings and reviews delivered by us in a couple of hours or days for which we are NOT responsible at all because we do NOT take any guarantee of ratings, reviews but we have already given clear Warnings / Disclaimers in RED at (login required) indicating the same, so you just buying ratings, reviews completely at your own risk.

Please find the screenshot of the Warnings / Disclaimers below for your reference (actual may differ).

Why my app ranking was dropped after it was ranked #1 for a keyword post promotion?

Usually if you stop promoting your keyword, and amount of organic traffic is not high enough, your keyword ranking might drop, so you might consider supporting your keyword with some amount of daily installs.

So, to prevent this kind of drop you need to continue buying keyword installs for your app on a regular basis.