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How to place an order?

Dec 9 2020

You can create a campaign order following below steps:

First, add your app:

1. Open your dashboard and find <My Apps> menu on the left sidebar;
2. Click <Add new app> button;
3. Type in your app package name/id or full url;
4. Choose the country;
5. Click <Add> button;

Second, add your keywords:

1. Find <Keywords> menu on the left sidebar;
2. Select your app;
3. Choose the country;
4. Add keywords directly, by importing file or using our suggestion (PS: We recommend keywords for you based on your app related data. It's just a reference and we can't guarantee the accuracy and validity.
5. Click <Add> button;

Third, top up your account balance:

1. Find <Add Money> menu on the left sidebar;
2. Type in the amount you want to top up (PS:minimum amount is $20);
3. Click <Payment> button then it will link to third-party payment platform-Stripe;
4. Follow the instruction to finish the top up;

Finally, place your campaign order:

1. Find <Orders> menu on the left sidebar;
2. Go to the <Add Campaign> section;
3. Choose the country;
4. Select an app that you added before in <My Apps> ;
5. Specify the number of installs and split installs for the number of days;
6. Choose the way of promotion: by package ID or by the keyword;
7. Add rates to your app;
8. Add reviews to your app;
9. Confirm the order amount and press <Start Promotion> button;