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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about APP marketing.

Home FAQs

How many installs I have to order?

Everything depends on your application and competition. You have to take some factors into consideration such as the duration of the placement, number of installs, goals you want to reach.

There are some suggestions which may help your app to grow steadily:

The minimum order – is 50 installs (for new apps to get quick result and keep safe).
The daily max bound for package installs is 1200 installs per day; (If you order too many installs per day, it is risky).
The daily max bound for keyword installs is 1000 installs per day.

Which country I can choose?

We actually provide installs for the majority of countries. All prices are the same for each country, so you can choose any country you want. We offer the app installs for about 33 countries for Android and 42 countries for iOS.

When the order starts?

Your order will be executed immediately after you place it. If there is a small delay in implementation – do not worry, your order is simply in the queue.

How to manage my campaign from my Dashboard?

You can manage all your campaigns at (login required) from your dashboard.

How to place an order?

You can create a campaign order following below steps:

First, add your app:

1. Open your dashboard and find <My Apps> menu on the left sidebar;
2. Click <Add new app> button;
3. Type in your app package name/id or full url;
4. Choose the country;
5. Click <Add> button;

Second, add your keywords:

1. Find <Keywords> menu on the left sidebar;
2. Select your app;
3. Choose the country;
4. Add keywords directly, by importing file or using our suggestion (PS: We recommend keywords for you based on your app related data. It's just a reference and we can't guarantee the accuracy and validity.
5. Click <Add> button;

Third, top up your account balance:

1. Find <Add Money> menu on the left sidebar;
2. Type in the amount you want to top up (PS:minimum amount is $20);
3. Click <Payment> button then it will link to third-party payment platform-Stripe;
4. Follow the instruction to finish the top up;

Finally, place your campaign order:

1. Find <Orders> menu on the left sidebar;
2. Go to the <Add Campaign> section;
3. Choose the country;
4. Select an app that you added before in <My Apps> ;
5. Specify the number of installs and split installs for the number of days;
6. Choose the way of promotion: by package ID or by the keyword;
7. Add rates to your app;
8. Add reviews to your app;
9. Confirm the order amount and press <Start Promotion> button;

What is the average delivery time?

After you placed your order, then it may be delivered within couple of hours.

In general, you can choose to delivery the order spreading installs within 24 hours or execute installation immediately.

How long it will take to see the result?

Please wait for some time since your order is finished to see the desired result. Usually, it takes 3-4 days for ranks to update in Google Play or iOS store to show the installs (in some cases up to a week and more).

How long do the users keep my app?

Our users will keep your app for at least 1-2 days, but our statistics says that they normally keep it from 3-4 days on average.

How can I track your work?

After you have placed orders, you can manage and track your order status in <My Orders> section under <Orders> menu.

1. Track the order install and amount progress by clicking <Progress Overview> button;

2. Track keyword rank trend by clicking the small icon (click "Campaign" button to find the icon);

Can I get a refund?

If the user has added funds to their account balance then they may ask for the refund within 24 hours but they must be newly registered user and also they must not use their funds for purchasing any services such as creating campaigns.

Refund associated with campaigns/orders will be given to your account balance only but not be given on your invoice (original payment method).

We reserve the right to deduct money from your balance if a fraud was made and we suspect that you have incurred damage to our Service.

For more details of refund policy, please refer to following page:

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