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The most frequently asked questions about APP marketing.

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How can I make sure I have got the agreed number of installs?

After your order is finished, you can check all your order details and progress in «My Orders» section in your account dashboard (login required). Also you can check data in your app developer console.

Will Google or iOS delete the ratings and reviews after delivery?

Google may delete some or all the ratings and reviews delivered by us in a couple of hours or days for which we are NOT responsible at all because we do NOT take any guarantee of ratings and reviews but we have already given clear Warnings / Disclaimers in  at https://asoworld.com/my/campaign (login required) indicating the same, so you just buying ratings, reviews completely at your own risk. If you want non-deletion ratings and reviews, please contact our online support for more details.


Please find the screenshot of the Warnings / Disclaimers below for your reference (actual may differ).

app ratings and reviews

Why my app ranking was dropped after it was ranked #1 for a keyword post promotion?

Usually if you stop promoting the keyword after it reaches top 1, when the organic traffic is not high enough, the keyword ranking might drop. So you might consider supporting your keyword with some amount of daily installs.

In order to prevent this kind of drop, you need to choose a valuable keyword with large search volume and continue buying keyword installs for your app on a regular basis if necessary.

How can I track the ratings & reviews?

After your order is finished, you can check all your order details and progress in «My Orders» section in your account dashboard (login required). Also you can check data in your app developer console.

Which ranking should app reach to get organic traffic?

Normally only when your app is in top 3 position then you can get most organic traffic.

For example, when your Android app is at 50th position by searching "rent cars" in the USA, almost no one will find and install your app. After you optimized your app by buying keyword installs for several days, and your app ranking was increased to the 3th position, as an example. With the 3th position in Google Play search, your app can get more visibility and higher chance to get organic traffic from search.

Are keyword installs safe for my app?

Keyword installs are normally safe and natural elements of app marketing. It's more effective to order installs for several keywords at same time. Choose valuable keywords for your app, order installs to boost your app ranking by searching certain keywords and gain more organic traffic.

How much does each install cost?

Currently the price is the same for every country. But we set different price for Android and iOS.

Please check our price list at : https://asoworld.com/pricing/.

What is keyword promotion?

Keyword promotion is a process of installing your app by the required keywords (by which a user finds your app).

The keywords are words or phrases that represent search queries for which the app is searched by users.

Also, keywords are an integral part of app’s optimization (ASO). The more keywords you write in the description the more likely that users will find and install your app. This is why keywords are very important.

You should use keyword installs traffic to affect the rank of your app directly. It means that while users install your app via keywords, your apps’ rank regarding these keywords grows.

Further it helps target users to find your app faster as it will be in the TOP of the rank. Finally, you can boost your app’s rank faster and get a lot of organic installs soon after your app appears on the Google Play or iOS Store Market.

Why I have to promote by the keywords?

We recommend to promote by keywords for below obvious reasons: 

  • Keywords are more effective for apps which already have enough installs;
  • Combine several different particular keywords and run it at the same time will have better effect;
  • After boosting with keyword installs your app will get higher in ranks, more visibility and more chances to get organic traffic.

Can I run more than one campaign for same app?

Yes, you can run multiple campaigns for one app for a certain country or different countries. But not all campaigns will become active at the same time since it will need to wait in the queue.
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