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How should I promote my app?

It depends on the condition of your App. Whether your App is a new one or not.

Let’s just consider two types of promotion, which generally suit two types of apps: for new and for those apps which have already been on the market.

If your app is a new one, start your promotion using the Package installs. This type of promotion will help your app start to have keywords coverage and you can then promote with keyword installs.

If your app is already on the market – it has its own specific keywords, and you can create a campaign for 3-5 keywords and promote them for around one week with hundreds of installs per day. Also, it is very important to remember that the effect will not last forever and if you notice that the rank is falling – you should also order the installs for visibility of your app at the TOP.

You can contact our support team to get more suggestions about app promotion.

Are these services safe for my App?

It works just like an advertising network. There is nothing illegal in it.

We do follow the rules of Android Google Play and iOS Store completely.

What are the services you offer?

Currently we provide 5 kinds of services: direct/package installs, keyword installs, guaranteed keyword ranking, ratings and reviews.

You can check the details here: https://www.asoworld.com/pricing/.

We are still expanding the services.

Which kind of App can you promote on ASO World?

We only work with the direct app links to both Google Play and App Store markets.

We will not accept any 3rd party tracking, affiliate or shortened links.

Your app should also be free and available worldwide.

Why ratings and reviews are crucial to app success?

Getting positive ratings and reviews plays an important role for successful app marketing strategy. People tend to read at least one review before they install an app and won't even consider downloading an app with 3-stars or less.

Ratings and reviews also influence your app store rank.

√ Get feature ideas and feedback from your users
√ Increase productivity with reply templates
√ Improve app ratings to increase conversion

Why should I buy iOS Reviews?

Positive reviews will attract attention of visitors in app store.

Think by yourself: what will happen if you are seeking for good software and see positive reviews on its page in app market or official website? The fire of curiosity will burn in your soul. Here does the conclusion appear: high rating app on iOS attracts people and drives more traffic.

However, this kind of promotion does not have the direct target, it will play useful part in search optimization. It happens because in those comments people tend to use keywords. That’s why you can’t refuse to buy app store reviews.

Why Should You Need To Get A Decent Average Rating?

What do you prefer: the hotel with 3 or 5 stars? If you are not short of money or both apartments cost the same price you will definitely choose the room with 5-stars.

The same happens with apps rating. Users suppose that opinions of other people can help them. The reason is simple: how can so many people be wrong?

Besides, App Store and Google Play have special scripts that range apps depending on their rating. In this case, apps with high ranking will be in the top of search results.

By increasing your rating, you acquire users’ approval and positive thoughts about your app, and gain more positive reviews.

Try to earn as many good comments as you can. And you’ll never be wrong if you buy 4-5 stars ratings.

What Is The Role of iOS/Android App Review?

Getting positive ratings and reviews plays an important role for successful app marketing strategy. Users tend to read at least one review before they install an app and won't even consider downloading an app with 3-stars or less. Ratings and reviews also affect your app store ranking:

1) Get feature ideas and feedback from your users;
2) Increase productivity with reply templates;
3) Improve app ratings/reviews
 to increase conversion.


How can I find the best keywords for my application?

There are essential steps for making the right keyword strategy, which does not depend on the status of your application.


● First of all, analyze your competitors. In 99% of cases, you are not the first to the market. Therefore, you will find a couple of competitors in the TOP;

● Brainstorm it. Collect all the ideas of the main keywords and its combinations.
● Build the hierarchy of potential pages by logic. Usually, all the applications have the following structure: Startup → View→ ASO.


Let’s take a query related, for example, to this short article about <keywords>.

Select synonyms. At first sight, it may seem the simplest.

Here are some synonyms that fit our category:

1. promotions keywords
2. key phrases
3. Keywords

By the way, it’s easy to find synonyms by examining the results of Google’s search results. Just put the word into the search engine and look through the delivery, note the nuances.

Analyze the competitive app’s pages for high-frequency synonyms. To do this, you can use the services of third-party tools to analyze the positions.

Next step, the technique: take each URL, copy it and check the position in the search.

Examine the difficulty of keywords. Desired keywords can be difficult to promote. You do not need to choose high competitive keywords. You can easily use similar (long-tail or short-tail keywords) and promote them in the TOP by position. For example: You want to promote an app <Photo Editor For Instagram> with the keyword <Instagram> and bring your application into 1st place by request. Such a popular keyword will lead you to the TOP-250 because the competition is high. Therefore, in order to achieve your goals, you should choose a similar keyword, for example, <Instagram editor> or <Instagram photo processing>.

Select the keyword for the title. The final step is to write a correct page title with the use of TOP keyword that passes your app.

The main criteria for creating a title are:
1. The length – is up to 60 characters or 6-10 words;
2. Use encouraging words;
3. Remember your brand to increase recognition;
4. Write Each First Letter Capital;


Analyze competitors and their structure.

Gather the keyword matrix.
Keywords selection is only an initial stage in progress, but without it, you won’t achieve your goals. Start your successful promotion correctly. Also, you can use keywords from your developer console to promote using our service.

How to make my application being found by the keywords search?

You may take account for some nuances with the keywords selection. Here’s what can happen and what you need to do if they appear:


This happens if an app can’t be found by our users among TOP-250 apps for the desired keyword.
Try to choose another, more detailed keyword by which your app is among TOP-250 on a certain market.

*Note: If you see that your app is <not found> by exact keyword but some installs were already delivered, it means that some users found it but most of them didn’t. It may happen due to changes on the market, such as appearance of new competitors (as an example). You may try this keyword some time again, but first, use more accessible keywords to promote.


It means that users can’t find your app with keyword you’ve chosen.
You can choose powerful keyword to track your positions but remember that you can promote your app with long-tail keywords first. When your app can be found by the users via long-tail keywords you can start to choose short-tail one and become higher in rank.

*Note: If your application is fresh it is better to promote it via package ID in order to make it visible on the market. Since your application freely appears in searches you can start to promote it with the keywords and get target organic users.

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