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The App Store product page is the landing page for a mobile app or game distributed and published on Apple’s App Store.

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App Store Product Page

What is the App Store Product Page?


The App Store product page is the landing page for a mobile app or game distributed and published on Apple’s App Store. 

With the release of iOS 11 in 2017, the App Store layout changed dramatically, including features such as autoplaying videos. 

An App Store product page consists of the following:

  • App Icon
  • App Title
  • App Subtitle
  • App Info Panel (Ratings, Chart Rankings, Age, Size, and Category)
  • App Store Preview Video (up to 3)
  • App Store Screenshots
  • Reviews


Why App Store Product Pages are Important?


In the iOS ecosystem, the App Store product page is the only way to get potential users to install a mobile app or game. In other words, all potential users for an app are exposed to the product page, making it one of the most important elements in a mobile growth strategy. 

As a landing page for a mobile app or game, the App Store product page should convey to potential users the most impactful messages around why they should install the app, the unique selling point of the app, and the benefits of using it.

The App Store is a marketplace. In this economy, potential users consider multiple apps and games when they face a certain problem or are looking for their next piece of entertainment. The App Store product page can serve as a competitive edge when competing with other apps. 

App developers who best understand their users will be able to craft the most effective creatives, enjoy higher conversion rates, and even enjoy lower user acquisition costs. All things equal, the developer with the best understanding of their users, will be able to command higher growth rates. 

App Store Product Page and ASO


As one of the pillars of ASO is creative optimization, the product page itself is the main “landing page” to be optimized.

The product page holds the marketing messages that 100% of users interested in installing an app are exposed to. These messages are conveyed by the text and visual elements within the page.

Improving the messaging an App Store Product page conveys is the most effective way to increase conversion rates. One of the ways to improve conversion rates is to test the product page with a tool like ASOWorld.


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