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App Promotion: Tutorial and A Complete Guide of Offerwall

May 11 2021


What is offerwall?

The "offerwall" has been developed to display various tasks within an application (downloading and installing trial applications, screenshot review, sharing and forwarding rewards, etc.), and users can earn money by completing the corresponding tasks, and can withdraw cash when the specified amount is reached.

Offer wall is another new mobile advertising profit model provided by third-party mobile advertising platforms to application developers, in addition to "banners" and "insertion ads".

The principle of offerwall is an advertising platform that displays various trial tasks (download and activation, registration, commenting, filling out forms, etc.) within an app to guide real users to complete various trial tasks in order to get trial rewards.

(1) ASO: app can improve their ranking through keyword search results by being found and downloaded by real people searching for keywords.

When APP needs to optimize a keyword, it can be achieved through the offer wall.

(2) Ranking: app will rank higher in the list after being downloaded more times.

(3) Review: After the app is downloaded, users can make positive comments to improve the app rating android & iOS.

(4) Registration: filling out forms and other needs of the app can be promoted on the offerwall again.

A "offerwall" is a page that displays various point tasks (downloading and installing recommended quality apps, registering, filling out forms, etc.) within an app for users to complete to earn points.

It is another new mobile advertising profit model provided by third-party mobile advertising platforms to app developers in addition to "banner" and "insertion ad". Users can get rewards by downloading the corresponding game or application through the offer wall.

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Why do you need to use this channel to promote apps?

Basically, no one can tell the ranking rules of App Store, and the rules are always changing. It is said that the rules affecting the ranking are: the number of downloads, daily activity, good reviews, search results, product quality, etc., each weight is different.

So the point of the wall promotion is to contribute to the advertiser's download volume and improve the organic app downloads volume weighting.

The quality of the integral wall promotion itself is not easy to say (you can look at the conversion rate of the integral wall channel orders, retention, roi, etc.), do this channel is mainly for the list, and now some people are for iOS & Google Play ASO optimization. Of course, do not exclude some capricious CP is to rush the volume.

The offerwall was first created by Tapjoy around 2008, and has been in existence for nearly 8 years until 2016, and has been replicated by various companies.

Glu, EA, Gameloft and other well-known manufacturers of many mobile games promote have used the offer wall, and also introduced the offer wall inside the game when increasing revenue, it is enough to explain the value and role of the offer wall.

The combination of facbook, googleadmob, tapjoy and so on is the mainstream way of overseas promotion, a single way has been slightly thin, can not meet the demand.

In the past, you can use the wall of points, but now with the machine brush, the cost of the wall of points is significantly higher, so we are more happy to use the machine brush to do the list, using the wall of points to do keyword ranking. The cost of machine brush is low but the risk of being cleared is high, while the cost of integral wall is high but the risk is relatively low.

The offerwall is of poor quality compared with the non-rewarding type of Facebook, but it is also an effective means to get users, especially the number of users has obvious advantages.

Of course, most of the users nowadays are basically just trying to get money and they don't have a high user retention and push notifications rate, but the offerwall can motivate users to finish downloading and open the game, complete tasks, etc. If the product itself is excellent and stimulates users' interests, there will be considerable user retention.

Both the integral wall and the machine brush can be used to brush the list, but the difference is that the machine brush is a program brush, while the integral wall is an artificial real machine, so it is more controllable and safer than the machine brush, and the effect is not bad.

Evaluation of the effect of the offerwall

The list position (brand). Compare the position of the list before the punch list with the position of the list after the punch list.

Increment of organic download volume. The comparison of the average daily natural volume before charting and the natural volume after charting. The natural volume refers to the total amount brought by App Store minus the amount brought by channels. The natural volume must be able to be counted. The lower the cost, the more absorbing it is, which means you can do it often, and the higher the cost, the less absorbing it is, so you can do it occasionally to control the cost.

The quality of the integral wall judging

Volume. The volume level of their own platform, the volume level of outbound. The larger the volume, the better, provided that the quality is good. Generally speaking, the quality control of the channel's own volume will be wall, the quality will be better.

Composition. offerwall promotion is divided into net income, redemption, games, tools, etc. In general, the quality of the net income category is the worst, if a channel net income category accounts for a large proportion, then it the quality of the channel may not be good, and cheating generally appears in the net income media.

Retention. The next day retention, weekly retention, monthly retention. The higher the retention, the better, but some channels artificially interfere with retention, need to pay attention. If conditions allow, you can ask the channel to modify the conditions of points: the day of download and activation, the next day to use 3 minutes. So the next day retention will look better, and also beneficial to the list.

Price. CPA unit price. Under the same quality and quantity, the lower the price, the better.

Quality. Order conversion rate, order sign-up rate, ROI, etc. Retention, the volume level can be made, payment then cheating is difficult, especially for high customer unit price products.

The role of the integral wall, technical costs


1) Advertiser, that is, the operator of the app. To clarify, the app operator here may not be the real owner of the app, but may also be a channel or other commercial relations of the company, the app will be placed on the integral wall to absorb the volume, do optimization.

2) The medium, also called the channel, is the operator of the offerwall, such as money cafe, app testers, etc.. They have a technology platform or a set of technology platform, on the one hand, they can undertake advertisers' advertisements and provide services such as ad placement, task distribution, reconciliation and settlement, and at the same time, they have a media product open to the C-end to solicit users and provide them with a series of functions and services such as task execution, reward points, point exchange, recharge and cash out, downline invitation, etc.

3) Users, motivated users, who follow the instructions on the media platform and gradually complete downloads, activations, registrations, and other actions, and receive their due rewards. Usually, students and people with more time gaps are the main ones.

Technology Costs

Operating an integrator requires investment in software costs and hardware costs. Nowadays, most integrators are deployed on cloud servers or hosted to certain large server rooms, which are relatively low in hardware investment costs. The largest proportion of the cost is the technical cost, which mainly contains two aspects: detection mechanism and anti-cheating algorithm.


Overall, the wall is actually a three-way profit, the advertiser reap the optimization effect they want, the media get the corresponding price difference, the user get their own operation reward. But if the medium cheats, the triangle is not such a triangle.

Cheating and anti-cheating

The integral wall is a form of advertising settled by CPA.

The definition of app promotion cheating has two dimensions.

1) In terms of user quality, the quality of users provided by the traffic provider is not true to its name, and the act of impersonating real natural users with no real demand and no conversion is called app promotion cheating.

2) In terms of cost, the behavior of impersonating high-cost traffic with low-cost traffic becomes app promotion cheating.

Usually, the behavior that satisfies any of the above can be regarded as app promotion traffic cheating.

From the type of cheating, generally divided into.

1) Machine traffic, posing as natural user traffic.

2) Incentive traffic, posing as natural user traffic.

3) machine traffic, posing as incentive user traffic.

4) A combination of the above three approaches.

As a medium, then, anti-cheating is a very cumbersome and technically demanding task. Because there is an actual incentive stimulus, users will try everything to get rewards through the offerwall. This inevitably leads to user cheating.

How to determine how to cheat is a complex technology. Anti-cheating, if not done well, can cause great losses to both advertisers and platforms.

Of course, the medium may also create fake volume through some studio real machine brush, which requires advertisers to judge whether the medium is reliable through data.

If it is not natural traffic, but a fake natural volume, then after 2 days or so, the payment will basically be all wasted, although more or less natural volume, but compared to the actual effect is certainly far from. The fight between the media and the cheating behavior is like the fight between apple and the machine brush, the offerwall and these channels.

How to operate the offerwall

A. Look at the list. It is best to look at the list every 3 hours to see which apps are on the list and which app positions have changed. Take note of these phenomena. You can use the phone to see, you can also use the tool to see.

B. Look at the channels. Often look at the mainstream of the offerwall media, to see what is in the investment in the integral wall, what unit price, activation definition, etc..

C. Look at the report. Look at the natural volume, look at the retention, look at the order conversion. Look at the relationship between the position of the list and the natural volume. Through the data to find the problems of the channel, kick out the poor quality of the channel, filter out the good quality of the channel.

D. Anti-cheating. But all the effect of paid channels such as CPC, CPS, CPA, etc. will be accompanied by cheating, especially the amount of cooperation. So from the first day of operation of the integral wall should understand the way the channel cheating, anti-cheating methods, and then need to communicate with the technology to do a good job API.

E. Other. New version, new, active, reviews, activities, one can not be missing, punch list as far as possible after the release of the new version, the day of good news push, activities with this increase in activity. Comments must be noted, through a variety of ways to guide users to praise, promotions are even better, so that activities can also bring some quality new.

F. Good list effect. It is best to use other activity models with the promotion of the offer wall, such as the purchase of certain cpc advertising and some branding.

Steps to do the offerwall

1. Keyword determination: screening to do optimization of several keywords, the first is not too far back in the rankings, about the best results within 50. Because the more forward ranking, the better the user can complete the task in accordance with the requirements, now people are basically not very patient.

The second is to choose the search index moderate words, about in 5000 + to 6000 + heat related words. First of all, this hot segment of the word is better to do optimization, the effect is not bad, the cost is also more appropriate.

Secondly, the more relevant keywords to get the natural users can also be more, because there is a corresponding demand. The last thing is that competing words are recommended to do less, because it is easy to be complained about in addition to possible for others to do.

2. find a reliable offerwall channel, to ensure that their own pay can have a positive effect income. And the channel to customize their own keyword punch list scheduling, time period, and how much.

3. Comments are more important than you expected. If you use the offer wall to rush the list before the app best to have so many comments, now many people judge app, in addition to the description and screenshots, and is the opinion of the comments.

If an app is at the top of the list, but the reviews are basically 1-2 stars, will you download it? Maybe you will download it because you are curious, but the retention rate is estimated to be very low.

4. Choose a good list node. Every time because of apple algorithm adjustment or other changes, perhaps will affect the time to rush the list, advertisers and media should discuss together to choose a good time, and pay attention to: do not rush multiple keywords at once, which is not conducive to monitoring the effect; secondly, avoid the same keywords competing words, so as not to increase the cost of the list.

5. Maintenance list. This link is also quite important, some advertisers only focus on the impact of the list and not maintain, will soon be beaten down.

6. Finally is the evaluation, the ultimate purpose of doing the integral wall is to get more natural users and optimize keywords, to rely on big data rational analysis, to avoid similar mistakes next time the problem.

The future of the offerwall

apple has been thinking of ways to suppress the integral wall, the reason is that the integral wall can quickly provide a large number of downloads to an app to disrupt apple's or android App Store rankings, if the integral wall of advertising broadened, not only to increase app downloads hack, then it may alleviate a little bit of the current situation of the integral wall.

If the public opinion of the apple bidding system (ASM) is likely to be further suppressed, at the same time the market may also be scraped by apple part away, when the monks are more meat less, can not help but appear again price war.

But users choose high task and on, abandoning the return of low channels and line, so the price in how low, the most channels less earn, or is eliminated.

But, no matter how, there is a market there is demand, there is demand there is a transaction, there is a transaction there is development, so, the integral wall as long as the solid footing, improve the quality of users, perhaps also can survive the winter, open up new ways.

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