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Distance Learning Under the Covid-19 and The Promotion Method of Education app Under the Pandemic

Mar 12 2021

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In the past year because of the epidemic, many industries have suffered many economic restrictions, and now many schools cannot start as scheduled. In order for students to learn properly, basically all schools choose to use to teach online, and education apps also make to bring a way of learning to many people.

It's been a year since the first lockdown and a lot has changed, especially in terms of how we conduct our schooling programs. We're seeing more and more companies and educational institutions switch over to e-learning or 'hybrid' education; a type of education which consists of a combination of offline lessons in the classroom and online classes. As a result of this new found demand, e-learning is now undergoing a major, accelerated development. Forbes estimates that the e-learning market will generate sales of no less than 325 billion by 2025. This represents a growth of 200% compared to 2015.

The crisis and opportunities brought by the pandemic for education apps

Offline classes were unavailable during the pandemic, which prompted online education to rocket upward like a rocket. But as life gradually returned to normal, the overgrown online education industry also revealed some problems. How should online education develop in the future?

With the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic in 2020, it has affected the work, life and study of people from all walks of life, among which the largest number of people are in various schools and educational and training institutions.

In order to better control the pandemic and reduce the gathering of people, governments at all levels have asked major schools to postpone the opening of schools and education and training institutions to suspend offline classes, etc. However, the pandemic crisis is still serious, schools and training institutions are not the way to wait like this, after all, tens of millions of people are facing the pressure of further education and employment, how to progress without learning? This time through the online education app to achieve online learning has become an important choice for them.

Advantages of online teaching: You can study anywhere, anytime, and have the best master teachers to improve the quality of teaching content. At the same time, the online education resources can effectively improve the teacher's manpower efficiency, to achieve the best teachers and the lowest cost.

Advantages of offline teaching: Through face-to-face personalized and warm service, we can ensure students' learning effect. At the same time, and offline learning atmosphere is particularly important, is an important factor to enhance the learning effect, has the current online teaching than the interactive learning emotional atmosphere together.

Dual-teacher model combining online and offline: The traditional face-to-face course of one main lecturer and one classroom model is converted into a main lecturer and multiple classrooms with multiple teaching assistants through the dual-teacher classroom technology platform. The main teacher conducts course lectures remotely in the live room, and each assistant teacher leads the class to listen to the lecture in the student classroom, while cooperating with the main teacher to carry out related service work. For example, before the class roll call, sign-in, during the class question and answer interaction, after the class homework correction answer questions and solve problems.

The offline dual-teacher classroom can be said to be a blend of online live product and offline face-to-face product. While the lead teacher teaches in the live room, he or she also trains the lead teacher's sense of camera, and to a certain extent, polishes the face-to-face course into an online course. Therefore, in case of an epidemic, the lecturer can move to online lectures smoothly and flexibly, and is hardly affected.

Therefore, the "future of education" will not be who replaces who, but the trend of online plus offline together will be closer and complement each other.

As the saying goes, if there is demand, there is a market and business opportunity. Some companies and schools with their own online education service platforms have seized the opportunity of online education services and launched a series of free recorded or live courses in the special context of the epidemic, attracting a large number of students and providing more favorable conditions for later traffic conversion. Here we analyze the feasible promotion methods of education app in the context of the current epidemic.


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Initial launch and daily maintenance of education app

Basic online is the first step of all app promotion, especially to achieve comprehensive coverage of the relevant application market is a prerequisite for good app promotion. After the app product is pushed to the market, developers need to do official release in nearly 100 famous Android application markets and iOS markets in China, and carry out continuous maintenance to ensure that the application can run normally, while the release of new app needs to pay attention to the first recommended position to get. Especially compared with multiple debuts, some more targeted apps can try exclusive debuts to get 2-10 times of user volume.

Application market optimization

As we all know, the search and download through the application market is the biggest channel for app users, so it is a common choice for all developers to optimize the third-party application market. But for a new app, the amount of downloads is generally not too much, and the ranking is relatively backward, and in order to bring more exposure to app must make full use of search engine optimization, through continuous analysis and research of search laws, optimize the keyword ranking of the product, to achieve a relatively low amount of downloads, the keyword search ranking results.

Version update

app in the application store is like a book in a bookstore, when users see an app, in addition to tags, downloads and comments, they will also see the version update, just as readers will look at the copyright page publication time. No one wants to buy an app product that is too old, so it is important to do version updates in time.

Each app has its own version update cycle, too slow or too frequent updates are not conducive to the promotion of the app. The version update cycle should be different for different stages of the same product, for example, there will be more bugs in the early stage of product launch, and the version needs to be updated quickly.

Copywriting optimization

Screenshots, software introduction and other copywriting content will directly affect the user's purchase decision. From the data, each successful improvement can stimulate the download and activation volume. In practice, the icon can have a certain correlation with the cover of the corresponding paper book, and the modification should be as eye-catching as possible. 4-6 screenshots of app products should be provided in general, and the capacity and size of the pictures should be adjusted according to the regulations.

Review optimization

app user comments have always been an aspect of greater concern to developers, because they often play a decisive role in conversion rates, ranking the same and different comments, the number of downloads will be very different. The developers of our app products keep tracking after the launch of the new app, continuously pay attention to the various comments of users and make timely response and optimization, so as to improve the conversion rate.

Social media marketing

With the rapid development of Internet technology, the most rapid promotion of brand awareness and reputation is non-event marketing. Education app is also very suitable for event marketing to promote. In education app, the promulgation of a literary award or a small event related to app content can become a hot topic to significantly increase the number of downloads.

Brand marketing

Each enterprise has its own core brand, which will directly affect the sales of other products. Scientifically, characteristically, comprehensively and consistently build one or more brands will have a great promotion effect on the promotion of related apps.

In short, every industry and every field of app has its own suitable promotion method, only by finding the right promotion path, the value of education app can be truly played. For more app promotion solutions, please consult our ASO experts.

The placement strategy of education app

Product analysis: When you put in ASO, you should be clear about what your own product positioning is, clear about where your users' concerns are and what the users' needs are. After doing a good analysis of these contents, and then develop the appropriate placement strategy.

Metadata analysis: If keyword optimization or list optimization is to solve the problem of product exposure, then metadata solves the problem of conversion rate, including the main subtitle of the app, rating comments, app description, app screenshots, etc. will affect whether users download your app.

Competitor analysis: When putting in ASO, besides paying attention to your own products, you should also pay attention to the placement of competing products, and constantly in your placement cycle. This can be done in a timely manner to collect and analyze the status and dynamics of competitors' ASO optimization, which can be used to guide your own product placement strategy and make targeted and timely adjustments.

Establish a keyword thesaurus: With a keyword thesaurus, we can simply divide it into a white list and a black list. The white list is those words with good results, the black list is not so ideal words, so that for the subsequent placement, you can avoid taking many detours.

Determine the overall optimization ideas: based on the analysis of the previous four steps, you can initially determine their overall optimization ideas, and in stages to carry out this optimization ideas.

Determine the specific optimization strategy: after a clear optimization ideas, we have to clarify what measures need to be taken at different nodes.

Review and optimization of the results: in the ASO launch, must be phased to review the results of the launch. The review includes the good and bad effects of your placement, the whole industry, and some of the competitor's situation. Then timely adjustment of their own product placement strategy targeted. In addition, there is a special point to remind everyone that we should pay attention to some of Apple's dynamics in a timely manner, to make the correct interpretation, and to take appropriate measures to minimize these rules or dynamic changes in Apple's products to bring some negative or adverse effects.


ASO placement optimization tips

Although the steps of ASO placement strategy seem relatively simple, in practice, a certain degree of professionalism is still required.

Establish a sense of long-term optimization

The second optimization skill is long-term maintenance. Some people who are new to ASO placement may achieve the desired ranking through a certain amount of time of operation and then give up on placement. Doing so will actually bring certain negative effects, because Apple may mark or punish the situation for apps with large ranking fluctuations. So it is recommended that if the partners optimize to the target position, they also need to carry out a small amount of long-term reduction to maintain, in order to ensure the stability of revenue and reduce the risk.

Create your own product matrix and protect brand words

Create a product matrix allows you to different business lines, products to assume different functions and roles, and can form a mutual guide to read. In addition, the product matrix can also effectively protect your brand and avoid being rubbed out of the volume. At the same time, AppStore will also give certain ranking protection to products under the same developer account.

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