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Two Advanced ASO Techniques to Improve App Keyword Reach

Apr 20 2021

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One of the most important steps in ASO is keyword coverage. Keyword coverage is also a prerequisite for APP optimization, and in practice, apart from the methods through titles, sub-titles and background keyword settings, there are two methods that are very easy to execute while saving time and effort for keyword optimization.

Long-tail keyword coverage

For independent developers or small teams, it is difficult to dominate the top 3 positions under certain keywords with particularly high search index. This often leads to the fact that even if you have worked hard on keyword optimization and covered a lot of target keywords, you often can't harvest traffic because the app keyword ranking of the covered words is too poor.

Here is a way to compete with a large number of products in the wrong place, the reasons are:

  • A large number of level products will try to cover the mainstream vocabulary, stabilize the position, and properly abandon the long-tail of small words
  • When users actively search for long-tail words, generally speaking, the mainstream products can not meet their needs

For example, if you use Evernote to record things, it is convenient and practical, but someone may not need a series of complex functions such as cloud synchronization, he just wants an offline notebook that can edit rich text. In this case, although he knows about impression notes, he wants a more niche product.

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So this user might try to search for "offline impression notes", "offline notebook", "offline edit text", and other long, niche, low-traffic terms . if your product happens to meet a very niche need like this, you should definitely try to cover such long-tail terms, with two benefits:

  • Segmentation to a certain extent, no one will compete with you.
  • Users search after the download conversion rate is very high, because the refinement of the search to this point, they will know that your product is what they clearly that.

If you have the ability to cover a large number of such long-tail keywords, the harvest of traffic may be no less than the stability of a core traffic words.

Cross-regional coverage of keywords

The keyword space provided by the app store is limited, and you will often encounter the problem of too many keywords to write. Here is an official never explicitly stated, but we found in practice, really effective a way -- cross-regional coverage.

If your product is only available in English, then you can add your keywords inside the online version of another country, and the keywords written there will still be valid.

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