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Tips & Strategies To Improve OfferWall Performance

Dec 9 2020

The "Offer Wall" is a page that displays various points tasks (download and install recommended high-quality applications, register, fill in forms, etc.) in an application for users to complete tasks to earn points. In addition to "advertising banners" and "interstitial ads", third-party mobile advertising platforms provide another new mobile advertising profit model for application developers.

Here we have prepared some operating precautions for the ASO offer wall for new ASOer, and it is also suitable for small partners who want to systematically master ASO and ASM knowledge.
Strategies To Improve Offerwall Performance
The offer wall is generally charged according to CPA (Cost Per Action). As long as the user completes the offer wall task (downloading and installing recommended high-quality applications, registering, filling in the form, etc.), the developer can get a share of the income. The unit price of CPA is determined according to the advertising price. The higher the advertising price, the higher the unit price.

Basic knowledge of Offer Wall

The display mode of the Offer Wall

The offer wall is divided into two modes: with integral and without integral.

There is a function of "virtual points" in the mode with points. Developers can set points to consume points in their applications, such as purchasing items, to stimulate users to install Offer Wall products in the application and earn points for consumption. For example, some mobile games require points to pass.

Points are just a way for developers to encourage users to click.

The non-point mode is divided into two display modes: list and single application. Usually recommended "hot applications", "high-quality recommendation", etc. as the recommendation wall entrance, the user clicks to enter, you can see the recommended high-quality products.

Promotion mode of the Offer Wall

The current promotion models of the Android Offer Wall are all similar:

1. Cash inducement, such as giving cash to new users for the first trial.

Note: This method is more expensive. Now the cost of acquiring a single offer wall user should be more than 5 yuan. Cash inducement has also become a method used by almost all Offer Walls in promotion.

2. Go to the Offer Walls of various advertising platforms to grab users of competing products.

Note: This method is more efficient, because all the users who come over are accurate users. The key is to see how well the commercial public relations of the advertising platform of the loyalty wall are done. Now there are not many loyalty walls that can be launched online, but as long as the public relations are in place, you can also get some.

3. Find some special earning agents to let them pull people, and then pay commissions according to head or turnover.

Note: The loyalty of users who come by this method is generally not too high.

4. In some places where target users are more concentrated, such as factories/schools/communities and other places to promote, organize or sponsor activities, etc.

Note: The minimum amount of time for this method is relatively longer.

5. There are some websites or official accounts that specifically recommend some hand-earned information, which can be pushed on it.

6. All the available app stores/markets are listed, and regularly look for those who are on the list.

Android Offer Wall is actually more difficult to do now, mainly because there are more homogenization, and the market share is shrinking. If you want to do well, you must make some innovations in the gameplay.

6 effect factors of the offer wall

1. offer wall placement level

The offer wall also has a similar rule for bidding ranking. The keyword ranking of the offer wall has a lot to do with the volume of competing products. For example, for two products under the same keyword "car rental", A wants to rank first, giving the product with the second keyword ranking a value of 6000, while B gives the product with the first keyword ranking with 9,000 "car rental" volume. With a high probability, B can keep the number one position and not be surpassed.

2. offer wall quality

The quality of the offer wall is a key factor that affects the effect. In addition to using real-life high-quality offer walls, some companies also add volume to the offer wall, or use meat brushes or machine brushes to make up the volume.

If you want to get the most ideal effect of ASO optimization, it is recommended to use a real person high-quality offer wall.

The real-life high-quality Offer Wall has the following characteristics:

1) The households are large in size and can be started quickly. The faster the consumption rate, the better the effect of ranking lists and keywords.
2) The higher the overall weight, the better the natural conversion of real users, the better the ASO optimization effect.
3) Support a variety of in-depth task customization, which can realize advanced conversion of in-depth tasks.
The main problem with inferior offer walls is the high proportion of machine brushes, which may be less than 20% of the actual amount.
If the daily life of the product itself is not high, naturally the new addition is not high, and the wall painted with a machine is not effective, and it may trigger Apple's review and be punished.

3. Campaign execution time

Domestically, it will be played at 3-5 pm, and will be updated the next day. If you play the list in the morning and update it in the evening, users will not see the effect, which is of little significance. Usually 3-5 pm is the most active time period for all Offer Wall users. The more they consume, the faster the speed, which has a better impact on the ranking improvement.

4. The quality of the product itself

Ironing still needs to be hard. The activity and retention of the product itself will have a certain impact on the effect of the offer wall. Therefore, we must pay attention to meta data optimization to improve user experience. Do what you can do well, and then use external forces to achieve good results.

5. Whether to purchase downloads at the same time

The number of purchased downloads is mainly related to the ranking of the app store. If you rush to a good position through the scoring wall and you are also buying downloads, users who come in through the purchase of downloads channels will be more active, so the effect will be better, and the probability of being cleared will be reduced.

6. Human error or user cheating

Some credit wall anti-cheating technology is relatively poor, so it is difficult to distinguish the user's repeated download behavior, or the user's scraping behavior, resulting in the poor effect of the credit wall.

For example, when users of the demo platform are doing the task of the rewards wall, because they downloaded the wrong app, or did not find the application through the specified keywords, but directly searched for the application name to download, it will cause the rewards wall to be less effective. Must pay attention to avoid such a situation.


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