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Tips for Being Apple Editor's Choice Favorites

Jul 19 2021



In the App Store, "Today" will recommend various topics to users every day, and the topics include various apps that fit with the theme.

For the recommended topics that change every day, it seems to have no rules, but "Editor's Favorite" can be said to be one of the few topics that can be traced, and except for the daily topics like Today's Theme and Today's Game, the frequency of "Editor's Favorite" can be said to be The frequency of "Editor's Favorite" can be said to be extremely high.

Therefore, developers have a higher probability of getting editor's recommendation, and the advantages for user growth are self-evident.

Up to four recommendations a week, the game is more favored by editors

The frequency of recommendations is quite high, with at least one recommendation a week, and the most frequent one being 4 times a week.

The number of games is overwhelmingly superior to apps, with 167 apps, accounting for 85% of the total, while only 29 apps, accounting for 15%.

ASO World app ranking service

5 games are recommended every week, with keywords highlighting product highlights

"Weekly Game Recommendation" is a regular weekly column of "Editor's Favorite", which is usually recommended on Sunday every week, with 5 games recommended at a time. "Among the 70 recommended games, action games are the most numerous, with 16 games in total, accounting for 22.9%, followed by adventure games, with 14 games, accounting for 20%, and family party, music and casino games are less numerous, with only 1 game.

There are 41 products that have been online for nearly one month (for example, if the weekly new game recommendation is made on April 26, the recommended products are those that have been online from March 26 to April 26), accounting for 59%, while there are 15 products that have been online for more than one month and less than two months, accounting for 21%.

App attributes

At the same time, Apple editors usually add 3 keywords in the recommendation text, which are usually 2 or 4 words, with more 4 words, to highlight the highlights of the product, such as novel gameplay and thrilling puzzle solving.

After counting all the product keywords, these keywords usually have 3 attributes, i.e. product attributes, picture style attributes, and gameplay attributes.

In addition, "Editor's Favorite" will recommend the best apps of the month on the last day of each month, usually recommending 4 products, 2 games and 2 apps, which have a high degree of overlap with the products recommended in the previous "Editor's Favorite", that is to say These 4 products have a high degree of overlap with the products recommended in previous editors' favorites, which means that products that have been selected for this feature have a chance to be recommended twice, so developers only need to consider how to be selected for the editors' favorites feature.

Self-recommended text - game developers

Action games and adventure games are highlighted


If it is an action game, adventure game, the developer can focus on the description, Apple Editor has a higher good feeling for these two types of games.

New games highlighted


Newly launched games can be self-recommended at the first time, and the proportion of products launched within 2 months of the recommended time is close to 80%, which shows that Apple's editor is very inclined to newly launched game products in the "Weekly Game Recommendation" section.

Summarize 3 keywords


Game developers can summarize 3 keywords around product attributes, painting style attributes and gameplay attributes to highlight their own product highlights, and introduce the product around these 3 highlights in the self-recommendation letter, which is believed to add a lot of points to the product.

Usually recommend one app, video and book can be used for film and TV works

The "Editors' Favorites" feature recommended 9 categories of apps, including entertainment with the highest number of 5 apps, accounting for 17.2%, followed by books, photography and video with 13.8%, and efficiency, tools, education, finance, graphics and design with fewer recommended apps.

From January to April, 11 app-only topics were recommended, of which 9 included only one app, 1 included 6, and 1 included 2.

Among all the recommended apps, the number of video and book apps is relatively large. After analyzing their recommended texts, our institute has compiled some self-referral techniques, which can be used by relevant developers as appropriate.

Self-recommended text - app developers

Combine with classic IP


When writing a self-promotion letter for a video app, you can focus on a famous movie or TV work in the text, and explain what distinctive experience the product brings to the user when watching the movie or TV work, that is, the advantages of the product.

This kind of example will give the editor a sense of authenticity and will make people feel more trustful than directly praising their own products.

Combine with popular movies and videos to reflect their own product presentation

In the self-promotion copy, you can combine the attributes of your own products with the popular movies and TV dramas, such as showing the original novel or comic book version, because most of the movies and TV dramas are based on novels or comics, and users will inevitably want to enjoy the original or watch other versions after watching the movies and TV dramas.

Reflect product screenshots

In the self-promotion of book apps, you should match the screenshots of the product so that the editors can feel the visual effect and experience of the product more intuitively.

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