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This ASO Hack will Get Your App Better Reviews

Jan 12 2021

What is the best way to increase the number of reviews on your app?

In the fierce global competition, how to make your app more visible in the app store is crucial. Getting app reviews plays an important role in attracting potential users to find your app and download it, which makes it possible to purchase paid features and services. The ASO World team here provides some strategies for reviewing fast-growing applications, and we hope they will benefit you to get more positive reviews.
Get Your App Better Reviews

6 smart ways help you to get more reviews:

1. Ask influential app reviewers to evaluate your app

Influential reviewers usually have a large number of loyal fans, who conduct reviews before the app is released, and they often bring you a lot of downloads and reviewss.

2. Ask your loyal users to rate and reviews

Connect with loyal users who are interested in your app and ask them to share your app on social media or blogs, extend to app review sites (or blogs), and ask them to review your app.

If you have an existing application with a large number of loyal users, it takes less effort to convince users to positively rate the new application. If loyal app users have a good experience in the app, they are more likely to provide support. It is a mistake to directly "begging" for app reviews, and setting a simple question would be a better option. When a user chooses "No, thank you", it means that they will not give you a positive review. When the user clicks "Yes", this will lead them to the application review page. The above incentive rewards may also trigger loyal users to positively rate your new app. In addition, the priority of allowing loyal users to experience a paid feature would be better.

3. Require users to rate in exchange for certain advantages of the app

By asking for reviewss from your existing users. This can be done in the app, or it can be done by sending an email when the user arrives at the AHA moment of the app (for example, passing a level, completing a mission, etc.) Apple now has some new guidelines to require reviews in iOS apps: you can’t choose the time and location, so you can’t predict whether a review will be 5 stars.

4. Use App Review plugin

One of the most effective ways to increase the number of reviews is in-app rating requests for iOS and custom requests for Android.

For iOS, you can use the StoreKit framework to send in-app rating requests. This method allows users to rate your app without leaving, which helps to significantly increase the number of ratings and reviews.

However, embedding in-app ratings will increase the chances of getting positive and negative reviews. Therefore, timing is critical when considering implementing in-app rating requests to get more positive requests. When the user is interacting with your app, do not disturb the user-for example, playing a game or writing notes.
Although native in-app ratings requests are only available for iOS, you can create custom requests for Android.

5. Use your social circle

Another way to get positive reviews is to encourage your friends or relatives in your social circle. Set up contests to reward the top 3 people who get the most positive reviews of free gifts, paid features or services in your app. The contest must be made transparent, at least who the contestants are and how to choose the winner. This is not "request", but "invite" them to win something in exchange for positive reviews. Everyone likes free things, so they are more likely to give your app a positive review to get rewards.

6. Purchase reviews

Choosing a review service provider wisely, doing a reasonable optimization strategy, and controlling your app’s installation volume, reviews and rating ratio is a necessary link. The high-quality installation and reviewss are absolutely safe, and the content of the reviewss is personalized, and all reviewss are conducted through different devices. Related services of ASO World, advanced algorithms can ensure the smooth distribution of reviews throughout the time period.

Important factors to improve iOS app reviews.

Review plugin

In the application design phase, it is always recommended to include an application review plug-in in the application layout. This is a very clever way to get reviews and ratings, and this method is used by a large number of developers. Pop-up windows are obviously annoying, so be careful. The app should ask for reviewss at a given time or after the user completes its task. In this way, the chance of obtaining a review will increase.


Ask users to view your app and in return. It can be a discount coupon or an upgrade to a new weapon in an arcade game. The reward may depend on your application. No matter what rewards you get, you are more likely to get reviews in this way.

Customer Support

Let us return to the basics. If we want to know something, the easiest way is to ask. But obviously, it is unwise to call/text your users and keep asking them to reviews on your application. The best way is to integrate help for your application. People like apps/products with good customer support that can be used to collect reviews. The built-in customer help section of the app itself will motivate users to use it. During the help process, reviewss and ratings can be collected. This is a very sensible step and can help gather feedback.

Contests and bonuses

A good way to participate in your users is to contest and award them bonuses. Suppose there is a competition in which you ask users to provide feedback on a particular application. In return, you can reward them with an extended trial period or a free premium account. Basically anything you can afford. Rewards can be attractive and can influence people to do what you want. This becomes easier in game applications. You can reserve tasks/phases to complete feedback on the application. There are many ways to optimize for your application. Only you need to be creative, yes, you really need to think broadly.

The functions of the iOS App Store and the Play Store are the same. People write reviews, and it’s through these reviews that the app’s ranking will increase. It can also increase the goodwill of your brand and should therefore be considered an important aspect of application development. There are many ways to do this, and more and more creative strategies should always be sought to improve and basically get more reviews of their apps. After that, this will only determine the success of your application business.

How do reviews affect the ranking of apps in the app store?

Among the many ranking influencing factors of the app store, the number of downloads and reviews of the app are very direct factors. The algorithm of the app store believes that these related data represent the popularity of your app among users. The following details are what you need to pay attention to.

Build the apps your audience needs

Your application should focus on the market segments that users are interested in. There is a general concept called "toothbrush test". If you develop a product that users cannot lack, and you want to use it every day (such as a toothbrush), then you will be the right way to become a popular developer. The Play Store measures the amount of time people spend on the app every day, retention time (how many users uninstalled your app per 100 downloads) and frequency of use.

Organic growth

Whether your application is downloaded naturally or for a fee makes a big difference, because Google tracks these sources every day. Random installation refers to a random installation that users can perform without placing any ads on the Play Store or Facebook. The three pillars of organic growth are social media, content marketing and in-app referrals.


Suppose your application is downloaded 100 times a day. How many users persisted in using your application in 30 or 90 days? How many people uninstall your app? The app has the highest retention rate in the market segment and has the greatest chance of getting the highest ranking in the Play Store.

Download regularly

When Google launches an application, the application with the most daily downloads will have a greater chance of achieving the highest ranking.

Total downloads

Every day, as you add new features and improve the quality of the application, the number of downloads continues to grow. The continued growth of downloads has greatly improved your app’s rating.


In all market segments, the best application ratingss are higher than 4.4. You should try to avoid getting fake ratings or reviews, because Google also pays attention to the time spent in the app and the retention rate of users who provide you with the highest ratings.

The best way to improve your app’s rating is to make it better, communicate with your audience and focus on feedback. Users will love when they hear their opinions and correct mistakes.


Now we have come to the core of your question. Did you know that Google tracks all positive keywords, such as "useful", "like" or "like" when scoring apps?

Negative keywords, including "bad", "hateful", "useless", etc. should also be considered. If you find a negative review, please contact the user personally and find out what they want to improve.

You can also purchase app reviews to make sure they are positive and relevant. However, it only makes sense to purchase app reviews if you turn to a quality and experienced company that can provide you with natural reviews from real users.

The ASO World team has been paying attention to the data feedback from users who bought our installations and reviews. The ranking of their apps in the app store usually sees a significant improvement after a few days. After several weeks of promotion, their The ranking is basically stable in the top few.

What issues should be paid attention to when quickly increasing the number of reviews through purchase reviews?

Only a 4/5 star rating helps improve the ranking of an app, so you should ask the provider to ensure the quality of the rating. Similarly, 80% of users want to consider app ratings as an influencing factor when installing apps. The app has a 4/5 star rating and is more likely to be downloaded by users. Therefore, you must clearly state that the provider will provide a 4/5 star rating, not a low rating.

Quality service

Qualified companies provide their customers with many available contact methods, such as email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook or Skype accounts, one-on-one chat channels, etc. In addition, it has professional experts to answer any questions they have. customer. Therefore, you should check whether the provider you choose provides quality services.

After-sales service

Reliable companies will always provide excellent after-sales service, so that users have no worries. If you have any questions about their services, you can track your order at any time and get a satisfactory answer. In addition, if you are not satisfied with their services, you have the right to request a refund to protect your funds.

Legal or not

It is necessary to check whether the provider violates the relevant rules of the App Store or Google Play. The App Store has zero tolerance for false and robot reviews. If the rating is proved to be false, the consequences will be very dangerous. Therefore, we once again emphasize the importance of using real and real users to rate apps. You need to ensure that the user’s device is authenticated, each account can only be registered once and cannot be modified, and the user must download and install your app before they can be rated.

App Store reviews and ratings play a key role in the growth of apps. As human beings, we have a large number of applications looking for the best applications on the market. We consider the best apps based on their ratings and reviews. Therefore, to make an application stand out, you should get a rating. Organic reviews and ratings take time

IOS reviews and rating providers should at least have these features

High quality evaluation

Good reviewss should be within 10 to 15 words, with keywords to increase exposure and get a better chance of being seen. Simple reviewss (such as "great app") will never have any impact on improving your app and attracting more new users.

Safe payment method

Every application review site should use a secure payment method, such as PayPal.

In addition, Apple recommends that you continue to purchase reviews of your app for 3-7 days, or even longer, so that your data can appear smooth and natural. A steady increase in the number of installs and reviewss every day can promote an increase in the ranking of applications and more organic traffic. Therefore, a continuous purchase transition period of about 7 days is very necessary.

To increase the number of downloads, you can also do it through paid advertising (Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc.) or through App Store optimization (find the right keywords, create great screenshots, measure the efficiency of the campaign, repeat).


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