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The Operation of ASO Offerwall Users

May 12 2021

offerwall promotion

Offerwall generally refers to all kinds of trial software that we usually see. As long as you complete the corresponding tasks in the software, you can get the corresponding points reward, and the points can be used to exchange for the corresponding cash or in kind.

User operation refers to user-centered operation activities and rules that follow the needs of users, set operation strategies and operation goals, and strictly control the implementation process and results to achieve the expected operation goals and tasks.

The most basic objectives of user operation

Add, Retain, Active, Spread, Gain

Starting from these 5 points, the following steps are systematically developed


Make a portrait of the offerwall users

Consider factors: age, gender, income, interests, hobbies, occupation, location, special groups, etc.

Through the analysis of 10,000 users on major offerwall, the following analysis results were obtained

Most of the offerwall users are under 30 years old, 60% of female users and 40% of male users, mostly college students and young people who just graduated, with low or no fixed income, no fixed location, distributed all over the country, no obvious geographical division.

To sum up: users are mostly young groups, more free time, strong ability to accept new things, women slightly more than men.

Then we can go through these characteristics to acquire users

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Acquire users


Competitors to get

Competitors hold the users have been trained to convert, do not need to convert themselves to cultivate, only you need to prepare more favorable conditions, they will fly to your finished product.

Common methods are: undercover competitor skirt pulling, covering the competitor promotion information.

For the user portrait to get new users

According to our previous user portrait, we can find some college students, part-time jobs, hometown, dating and so on social skirt to promote themselves, of course, not limited to these categories, mainly for potential users to promote the point of aggregation.

All major channels coverage

This is a long stream of work, the more information disclosed online, the higher the exposure, then you will continue to rise in the amount of users, the more mainstream channels are posted Tianya Zhihu major new media platforms, etc., feel that not enough, you can check again.

Paid promotion

If the start-up capital is relatively abundant, then spend money to attract traffic is definitely the fastest way, in the major application market or many personal website shelves their own applications, spend money to improve the ranking. Than the above three methods are coming fast.

operation ideas


Set the hierarchy

Set up a ranking system for each point wall user, according to the number of tasks completed, sign in, share apprenticeship to give the corresponding experience, so that users can gradually improve their rank.

Different levels enjoy different privileges such as: exclusive titles, exclusive tasks, different rewards for different levels of points, different permissions, and so on. Let each user have a distinction, so that you can extend the user experience and give the software more playability.

Team system

The software is embedded with a legion-like setting, so that new users invited by the same person can join the same legion. The legion is set up with chat function, announcement function, and friendship function.

The team honor value can be obtained by doing tasks, inviting new people to join, punching cards and sharing. The honor value is settled once a month, and different points are rewarded according to the legion ranking.

List system

Introduce ranking list, task list, legion list and other rankings, so that users have a competitive


Each person can have their own space or homepage, and can consume their own points to dress up, and can exchange points for gifts. Each person's homepage can be used to display.


Now many of the offerwall platform have no internal social system, players can only close the software to open another software after receiving the task, then when your platform can not provide new tasks, players will not hesitate to abandon you.

The longer the user stays in your software the more revenue you can bring. We can build our own social system in the point wall platform, users need to consume their points to exchange for small speakers for world shouting, also can exchange points for gift flowers, announcements, etc. for socializing.

When I look at the official websites of many ASOs, they introduce their 10 million+ registered users and hundreds of thousands of daily activities, so why do they need to simply advertise for others, the revenue from random operations is estimated to exceed the advertising revenue.

But they don't have any measures to extend user experience, and they are rigid in the simple cycle of receiving orders - sending tasks - getting income - receiving orders

Activity program ideas

Activities are an important means to increase user activity and gain revenue. Our data of Players Tribe shows that activities bring more than two-thirds of the monthly revenue. This shows that the conversion rate brought by activities is very high, depending on the size of the user once or twice a month planning activities.

General activities can be with the corresponding holiday, the content can be invited to send a certain number of gifts, such as sending gift certificates, props inside the software, etc.. Methods and ideas to develop their own. You can also imitate some of the larger e-commerce platforms to see how the competition is planning to learn.

Pay attention to user feedback

First, the offerwall set a place where all users can discuss, give users the power to evaluate, criticize the bug feedback, while encouraging them to provide new ideas, set the corresponding reward mechanism, used to optimize themselves.




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