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Promote your app promotion from competitor analysis

Dec 9 2020

When a new application is launched, how to make money quickly is the most concerned topic for every developer and application owner. In fact, from analyzing the market data of your top ten competitors, you can quickly find efficient promotion methods for mobile application marketing. From our hundreds of analysis cases, our experts have summed up some rules. Here we share with you 10 application marketing things that your competitors can teach you.
Promote your app promotion from competitor analysis
As the popularity of smartphones continues to increase, more and more people use them for almost everything, from reading news to booking hotel rooms. Apps are the core of the smartphone software industry. In fact, for most people, just like coffee, apps are now part of everyday life.

Therefore, competition in the application market is also very fierce. Cyberspace is the new advertising space, with millions of applications designed to attract people's attention. For newbies in this field, you might ask what is the best app marketing strategy. How do you make people notice your application? Whenever they use your app, how do you see a satisfying smile on their face?

10 Things You Should Consider In Your App Marketing Strategy. 

These are the jobs of the most successful app marketers, so you are learning from the best.

1. Advertise on mobile phones

Of course, you want potential customers to use the platform they are already using. And since people use mobile phones most of the time, it makes sense to contact them via mobile phones. Focus most of your advertising efforts on mobile devices (other apps, mobile networks, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). In this way, you will be more likely to attract target customers than any other advertising platform.

2. Harness the power of social media

Most of the applications people use are social media applications. Therefore, you can use it in your app marketing strategy. Post an app ad on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and people will find it. Since most people spend a lot of time checking social media applications on their phones, it is almost impossible to be ignored.

On the social side, it’s also a good idea to let people spread the word themselves. Once they have used your app and found it to be good, give them a chance to tell others. In this way, you can get free ads from your customers.

3. Take advantage of trends to profit

The digital world is full of label propaganda. Once enough people have expressed their opinions on this, anything will become a trend. In mobile application marketing, the use of trends is itself a trend. All you have to do is find popular topics related to your app and make a fuss in some way. Hype this trend and put your application in it. In this way, you can make your application more relevant.

4. Get feedback

If you want to win in the app game, you must also get feedback for breakfast. After all, there is a proverb that says: "Feedback is the breakfast of champions." Who else can provide you with feedback better than your app users? Ask them to review and/or rate the app in the App Store / Google Play store. The more positive reviews your app receives, the more people download them. Apps which are lack of good reviews and ratings will cause people to be cautious, and they may even think they are cunning.

5. "Try before you buy"

Nowadays, many paid applications have a "free trial" option in which you can use the application, but with limited functionality. This is an excellent method for app marketing because users can experience the app directly. Once they are convinced that the application can do its job well, they will soon want to unlock its full functionality-of course, this can be achieved by purchasing the full version. You can also do this by providing two separate app versions, such as a free "Lite" version and a paid "Pro" version.

6. Take advantage of push notifications

Since people do so many things on their mobile phones, they are usually easy to forget. This is the source of push notifications. You can slide special offers, discounts and gentle reminders to users through these push notifications. Yes, some of these reminders may be to purchase the full version of the app. Discuss a way to move your app marketing strategy forward, right?

7. Avoid destructive ads

We did mention the use of in-app ads in #1, but remember, anything is too bad. One of the most annoying things for users is advertising, which interferes with what the application should do. This is a major taboo in app marketing. Don't disturb users in important events. Instead, move the ad to the bottom or let the ad wait for the user to complete an important task.

8. Sell based on user experience

It is best to sell applications in combination with the actual needs of users, as well as in the user's usage and actual experience of the application. If this means more work to be done in a shorter time, it can be integrated into an app marketing strategy. People can better connect the application's usage and experience, not just computer code or interface design. So please tell them what the app can do for them and how to improve their lives, and outline a dream for users.

9. Use content marketing

In today's Internet, content is king. There is too much information available online, but not all information is reliable. By producing useful content, you can achieve your "reliable" goal. Write information about why people need your app. Use social media to post summaries about your app’s features. In order to gain a higher reputation, you can even contact popular industry bloggers, app reviewers and KOLs to recommend your apps. Attracting these influential people to join will undoubtedly bring a huge boon to your mobile application marketing.

10. Strong adaptability

The digital world changes rapidly with the development and change of trends, which is also unpredictable. With this in mind, your app marketing strategy must always be ready to adjust. The content available today may no longer be available next week, but the content available tomorrow will still be available next month. Therefore, tracking analysis (conversion rate, number of positive reviews, etc.) and adjusting strategy accordingly is very useful. Keep valid methods and discard invalid methods.

Apps will continue to dominate the online world. Your business will definitely benefit from the functionality of the mobile application, so it is best to start immediately.


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