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Mobile growth strategy - 4 perspectives you need to pay attention for further app traffic growth

Sep 22 2021

mobile growth strategy

Many of you might face the same dilemma: you don't get much new users to download and active users when you just launch the app for a while. Don't worry, in this article we're going to discuss 4 perspectives you can emphasize, so to dig out your potential users and having a second victory.


App stores become more and more competitive nowadays when millions of apps competing for attention on App Store and Google Play. It's important to maintain continuous traffic growth with new apps flowing in.


At ASOWorld, we are helping marketers to figure out what parts you need to put effort and budget in, and how to gain traffic growth step by step. Defining which perspective to pay attention on and accordingly solutions is the key to maximize your effort, and drive your app to success.


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What's the 4 key points you need to pay attention to, what do they do, how do they help you, let's go through below.

  • Growth Strategy
  • UA (user acquisition)
  • Data analysis
  • Visual optimization


1.Growth Strategy

It's the initial part we need to think of before starting everything. A strategic mind map is needed to draw ahead: the channels to promote, sources of acquisition, marketing funnel performance, and your potential user mind journey to find opportunities and use it in later procedures.


How to generate a growth strategy

It requires a overall understanding and knowledge from product to marketing, even customer relationship management. Understanding how to fill new users into the top funnel and why newly obtained users lost during the campaign. A comprehensive knowledge of funnel is significant to maximize the success.


We need to think in every aspect: mobile ecosystem, performance marketing, campaign execution and data tracking& analysis. Cooperation with product & engineering team, user acquisition group, creative department and other important roles in your company get the whole system run smoothly and effectively.


Here's a list of aspects you need to think of deciding a growth strategy:

  • A deep understanding of mobile ecosystem to cooperate with engineering team for non-stop product changes and updates that drive app traffic growth. This also help your user retention rate.
  • Performance marketing partnering with user acquisition to promote the app effectively.
  • Improve visual effects and creatives working with creative team to increase your conversion rate and create a identical brand image.
  • Tracking testing metrics and collect outcome data, feedback it with user acquisition and creative teams.
  • Analyze the data to the internal logic: user interactions with product/service, dig growth opportunities and put it into action.

Now, a basic and holistic strategy is formed with data-driven mindset, the next step is enriching it by details.

2.UA (user acquisition)

User acquisition involves implementation of specific campaign, creative decision, paid ads..etc. In general, getting as much as traffic for your app.


Developers and marketers need to understand how every channel have a positive impact on your app, Social media, advertising and rank algorithm. That will decide your attribution of your budget.


The attention and understanding for instrinsic details save your money on unnecessary or ineffective channels which bring you few traffic in. Marketers need a analytical mind to convert numbers into insights and communication with engineering/creative team to drive mobile growth.


Developers and markets all understand how ads bring a big amount of traffic to your app, organic traffic is essential to have a better ranking when ranking algorithm put your app performance into search results generating process. UA team need to put more effort to convince your potential user to click in and install app from search results.


It's not a part only deciding how much money to spend, but also to decide how to promote through app store optimization and paid ads. Working with creatives and data analysis is necessary to optimize keywords, ranking, product pages and ratings.


Here are some steps to keep in mind of user acquisition:

  • Set up, monitor and analyze mobile user acquisition campaigns and performance marketing experiments.
  • Evaluate key performance indicators and optimize accordingly to achieve growth targets set by the growth strategy.
  • Independently manage and allocate budgets across different advertising channels to maximize spending efficiency.
  • Report on performance and work closely with the data analytics team.

To learn more about user acquisition, you can check“How to boost your app organic traffic growth in the app market quickly and effectively?" of our previous articles.

3.Data analysis

Data analysis is the major part to find out what brings your traffic and why the metrics fluctuate. Visualize the data set and communicate with other functional teams can help to understand user's behaviors and find growth opportunities.


60% - 70% percent of the traffic comes from search results, the app ranking significantly decides the amount of your traffic. App keywords and organic downloads are two major parts deciding app ranking.


Keywords optimization

When potential user search certain words with their intentions, your app have a chance to display in the search results with relevant keywords. How to find the right keyword for your target audience: do the keywords research of your competitors and popular apps, broaden your vocabulary. Read your reviews to understand what's the expectation from the current users and their potential needs.


Keywords are included in metadata, such as the title, subtitle and description. Choose the most strategic keywords from lower-ranking popular keywords or higher- ranking but less popular keywords.


To learn more about keywords optimization, check“How Do Keywords Boost the Discoverability of Your Apps & Games?”of our previous articles.


App installs and ranking

App downloads is another important thing to enhance. The more downloads you get, the more likely you rank higher. The more exposure you get, the more installs you may have. You need to work with UA and creative team for a higher conversion rate.


When a user finds out your app in search results, it's time to optimize product page to have a higher conversion rate.


4.Visual optimization

In the image - driven world, your product page speaks louder than any other attention - capture attempts.


Your app title is the first thing potential users read and the information source. Create a memorable and simple name, and make sure it contains the main functionality and features. Collaborate with data analysis to insert the proper keyword into it to improve ranking.


Icon brings a deep first impression. Try the A/B test with creative team to test out which icon is the most memorable and identical one.


Screenshots explains how the app work and the features, not just simply screenshot the app. By adding features and explanation text on it, make sure the audience know what is the app for and what's the features stands out from the competitors.


Here're some other points to pay attention:

  • Work with product team for new ideas of promotional campaigns.
  • Monitor the trends and update your design to keep potential users' eye on.
  • Localize the promotional text for different regions and each channel, such as Google Ads and App Store Ads.


To learn more about product page optimization, check“The Beginner's Guide to Create Your Product Page on iOS App Store”of our previous articles.


For many startups, hiring such a team is not an easy task. Nor the time to interview candidates with these skills, or the cost to afford an entire team. It's also a normal thing that you cannot find a perfect person with every skills you want.


By following our guide to make a rough strategy and test it out or with the help of ASO service, will boost mobile traffic growth as planned.


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