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Mobile Business: Promotion Strategy and Planning for Mobile App Launch

Apr 8 2021

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The development of a successful app is just the first step, what is more important than the former is the operation of the app.

APP is like a "star" that needs continuous investment, and needs to create "topics" to attract users, relying on version by version optimization and upgrade and enough content and activities to support, otherwise it will soon die out in people's view.

In fact, app promotion is similar to the promotion of other goods or services, which can be carried out by referring to the concept of marketing. Basically, the 4Ps of marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) is a widely known structure. Although there are some other P's added afterwards, basically, it cannot be separated from this framework.

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Place: Use community promotion

If you already have your own community, I believe your app will be more or less developed for the needs of the community, or you have already predetermined which kind of community your users belong to. So, start with these existing communities first.

You can start interacting with these communities in the process of development, and post some news to them first, and through their experience sharing, you can not only make your app meet the actual needs, but also make them expect it. When it is launched, you can have the first users immediately. If you really don't know where to find these communities, Facebook is a good place to start.

Price: Multi-pricing strategy

Don't underestimate how much a small app costs, but the pricing strategy behind it requires a lot of care. Basically, the pricing is to adopt the way of free ~ xx.99. First of all, it depends on the main source of income you presume, if you need to profit by advertising, free is more suitable. But if you want to rely on sales as the main channel, you can set a different price range, such as free for a limited time, or free for a limited time.

Of course, you need to do a good market analysis to see where the price range of homogeneous programs are, and you can evaluate your strengths and differences as a basis for your pricing.

Promotion: Interesting promotion strategy

Promotion is always effective, but there are many interesting ways to do it besides the "limited time only" approach. For example, Blue Monday only (Blue Monday special, if your target is a group of working people and your program happens to be available for boredom), or Lady's Special (launched for women). This can cause some conversation and also collect some member information, a double shot.


Product: Product description

A great icon is definently important, and it can be said to be a direct factor affecting the first impression. Not only that, but for some people, they don't want to put an ugly app icon on their phone's screen.



No matter how much text is written, some people just don't have the patience to read it all. It's better to put the screenshots on the Internet so that users can see what's going on, otherwise who would dare to pay for an application where they can't see anything? Don't try to say that you are afraid that someone will copy it, because if he really wants to, he can just pay for it.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Build up your user database by all means possible, whether it's by signing up for emails or getting information through Facebook, in short, one more is one more.

Once you've built your member profile, all you have to do is maintain that relationship. Continuously keep users informed of follow-up developments, so that they have a sense of continuous involvement and stickiness. In this way, you will have a basic customer for your next application.

Perform relevant analysis

Keyword marketing is always a very important part of the Internet. You can go to google adword to analyze the keywords that are easily found in the market, so that your app can be found in places other than App Store or Android Market.

In addition, while selling, don't forget to analyze some relevant data, such as the number of downloads, frequency, ranking, and sales, which can be used as the basis for adjusting your sales strategy.

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