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Methods to Improve User Retention and Prevent the app from Being Uninstalled

Apr 16 2021

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After an app is successfully released, there are many problems for the app owner, among which poor user experience, poor performance and poor design of the app will be uninstalled if it does not provide enough reasons for users to continue using it. So, how will the app be prevented from being uninstalled?

To prevent the app from being uninstalled, the app owner needs to always keep in mind the goal of the app, understand the user's needs, and make every effort to provide a great user experience.

If your app doesn't have what your users want, it will have much less chance to survive, below share a few ways to make sure your app works properly and stop app from being uninstalled.

Start tracking

Your first priority should be to find the root cause of the evil. You can't make a plan if you don't understand the destination.

To truly understand what is happening inside the app and how the customer is handling each activity the app provides, use the various tracking tools available online.

Integrate third-party tracking tools

A convenient and modern way to understand the user journey is to integrate tracking tools with your app to provide you with insights. This is how you can keep an eye on your users while using your app.

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Come up with a drop focus

When using analytics, you should find out the elements that make the client uninstall the app. It really depends on your app category.

For example, if your app is a mobile game, watch tutorial completion and resources.

Or some specific levels may be too complex for most players. For a retail app, you should see what makes the client complete the purchase, etc.

Segmenting the audience

After completing the above steps, you must segment your users into different groups and develop the right strategy for each section to prevent uninstallation of the app.

You can segment users based on their interests, age, gender, language, country and also device.

User segmentation is very important for proficiency in mobile marketing campaigns. Making user segmentation will make the message more targeted to attract the audience. The result is that the client will not uninstall the app, because it is useless for their requirements.

The segmentation is related to the development of personas, which are the characters you focus on when offering offers and messages. You can discover them by searching for patterns in the client's actions within the app.

Collect feedback

The most direct way to find out why users uninstall apps and how to maintain a strategic distance from those reasons is to create communication channels between them.

To prevent app uninstallation, try not to wait until you see their reviews in the app store or on social media.

Force users to believe that you are there to listen to them and solve their problems.

You should use these feedback channels to get the information you need:

  • Social media sites
  • In-app chats
  • Email surveys

If you take user feedback seriously and implement it, it will lead to: 

  • Improved products
  • Improved customer experience
  • Excellent app; exactly the same as your users
  • Your business gaining loyal customers that feel their feedback is valuable.

You simply build a relationship with your users and ask them to help improve your app. in this way, all of this will lead to stopping users from uninstalling your app.

Rethink push notifications

Push notifications are an incredible solution to inform users about the value of the app.

However, the condition is to use them carefully to achieve a specific end goal to get the desired effect. Keep the following things in mind when using push notifications.

  • Don't attack your users with desperate messages every time. Use them whenever you have something necessary, like an offer they can't refuse or a new update to your app.
  • Use the data collected in analytics reports to personalize the messages you send to your users. New developments in the industry provide you with solutions to inspire your customers with rich media messages that will change their minds from uninstalling your app.


Offer rewards to prevent app uninstallation

To prevent app uninstallation, it would be great if every user fell in love with your app. however, with over 5 million apps in the major app stores, it is hard to attract them without offering something of value, such as bonuses or discounts.

So, try to focus on app areas to drive engagement and increase their effectiveness. Maybe some exclusive elements or some premium content will convince them to open your app again and again.

Enhance app performance

Your app problems may be independent of your marketing approach. Other components may determine the client to uninstall your app and look at the way your app works on all devices.

Finally, the user decides the fate of your app. users often change their minds based on a variety of factors. At first, they are excited by the idea of apps and continue to use them after launch.

However, after a while, they may uninstall it when they are bored. Maybe it's because your app is not as exciting or exciting as the next one. by following the tips above, you can keep your app on track and prevent app uninstallation.



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