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Latest ASO Frequently Asked Questions in 2021

Apr 21 2021


In the process of ASO for products, you will always encounter a variety of problems, large and small, some problems can not find a solution in online searches, and peers are prone to argue among themselves and not get accurate answers.

This time, ASO World through years of optimization experience and optimization process problems encountered, and according to the overlap of the problem and concern, a summary of selected boutique questions to answer, detailed questions and solutions see the following.

Question 1: App registration is low, how to improve registration and user activity through optimization?

Answer: How to improve the registration amount?

In the registration link, we suggest you to simplify the registration process as much as possible. Many app registration process is as follows: phone number registration - real name authentication, etc. It is obvious that such a registration process is very troublesome, this link will lose many users, to ensure their own registration link after the purpose, try to simplify the registration process to improve the conversion of users.

How to improve user activity?

Through the promotion, registration process optimization, traffic has been successfully imported into the app, app can not retain users, you need to go to the product and operations to communicate to solve.

Question 2: What is the weight and what factors affect the weight of the app?

Answer: Weight is commonly referred to the impression score of the product in the official Apple’s database.

The main factors that affect the weight are: product download activation, user activity, retention rate, payment rate, product reviews, team background, which means the developer account also affects the product weight.

Generally speaking, the weight of the company's developer account is higher than that of the individual developer account, and we can see that basically the top 50 products of the total list are mostly old products of big manufacturers.

The so-called new products is not done before other optimization, the daily new downloads are not much. If these products start to optimize ASO, the effect of the product's keyword ranking and list ranking will be relatively more obvious, this is the so-called weight protection period.

Of course, if you do ASO for a long time and the optimization level is better, the product is a high-quality developer account in apple, and the weight is also higher, so it will be easier to optimize ASO compared to other products.

Question 3: Is it necessary for me to do ASO if the user retention is not ideal?

Answer: When you see this question, you can actually accept a few questions first, user retention is not satisfactory, so where are these users? What is the way of users? Is it the precise needs of the product users?

For example, there is a social product that gets nearly thousands of new users per day, but the retention is far below the industry average, which is normal, because these users are not the precise users of their product, but just have the same general attributes.

So what are the ways you are getting these users? As we all know, ASO is a product downloaded by users with demand through search keywords. These users are in demand, are precise, and have a desire to experience your product, which is the most precise user group of the app store.

Question 4: What is the ASO index and how to improve it?

Answer: What is the ASO index and how to improve it?

ASO index mainly refers to:

The ASO index is closely related to the product user conversion index.

How to improve the ASO index?

Increase product exposure, keyword coverage is the major premise of ASO, although the total number of words covered and ASO good or bad is not linearly related, but improve the keyword traffic entrance (that is, improve the number of keywords in the top three of the product), can intercept 80% of the traffic in the App Store, at the same time, the higher the coverage words and application relevance, the better, only when the coverage words and application relevance is high, the search-download conversion can be improved. 

Therefore, do not simply look for hot words, the industry is the focus of words with high relevance. You should also pay more attention to basic optimization, by optimizing icon, app screenshots, title, description, promotional text, etc., to improve the appeal of the app and promote user downloads.

Question 5: How to evaluate whether a product is suitable for long-term ASO?

Answer: First of all, you can consider the "customer acquisition cost".

Finding a low-cost channel that can get accurate users is what many promoters are looking for. If you put ASO to the stage of the list, our core words, industry words have also achieved the first screen position, you can observe the amount of a cycle, and then calculate the cost of customer acquisition and other channels to do a comparison.

For example, to do information flow customer acquisition is 10, if ASO to achieve 8, it is certainly long-term investment; if customer acquisition to achieve 12, it is actually okay, and the cost of information flow is not much difference, as an incremental channel is also a good choice, to be able to do a large plate; if to achieve 15, this time, we can refer to a value - -If the product's user ARPU value, if a single user can create 20 revenue, then in fact, 15 ASO customer acquisition costs can continue to do, the budget can be reasonably allocated with other channels.

If the cost of doing ASO is much higher than the ARPU value, at this time, referring to the cost of this indicator, it is no longer recommended to put ASO in the long term.

Similarly, in the case of high cost of ASO customer acquisition, if the leaders feel that the list is very good and want to maintain this list effect, at this time, you can also continue to go to put ASO to maintain a high list.

Question 6: Does the review have a big influence on the product, does it affect keyword coverage or ranking?

Answer: First of all, there is an influence.

With the update of iOS, the status of reviews has been greatly enhanced. Users can see the rating of the app or game more intuitively.

Reviews can not only improve the conversion rate of downloads, but also affect the keyword coverage and ranking if there are keywords you want to focus on optimizing in the reviews. app store, ASO, ASO optimization, keywords, keyword coverage, list, lock list, ASO , ASO tips

Question 7: It is difficult to rank up, how to select keywords for optimization, the keywords are lacking of traffic, too much competition to stabilize, how to solve these problem?

Answer: In the word selection stage to build a thesaurus

Word selection stage, all the core words of their products (according to their own user attributes, product features, there will be only their own keywords), industry words, competing words (these words can basically be identified as the words that have been screened by competing products more cost-effective, in line with our product user attributes, the key mark! The long-tail words are categorized by hotness to the keyword database, and optimized for these words to Top3 ranking estimate, if the estimate of inexperienced friends can find experienced optimizers for help.

The thesaurus for screening, to determine the keywords

After the thesaurus is built, observe the words recently optimized by the competition, the words that are hot and have a high degree of match with the product, filter them into the thesaurus ready to be placed, and check the recent ranking fluctuations of these words using the DP optimization tools, mainly to see: whether the top three rankings have fluctuations, whether the lock list, whether the competition is strong. Generally in the case of no lock list, ranking fluctuations, ranking to Top3 is not difficult.

Start optimizing after selecting keywords

How to optimize keywords? It mainly depends on your budget.

In the case of a high budget, you can go directly to the core words, high hot competitor words! Small budget partners, you can observe the market dynamics, you can optimize some of the competing words to be shelved (such as the recent social industry many apps were shelved) to rub a wave of volume, you can also choose some medium-hot industry words. Low cost to get the volume it, you can refer to Tan Tan, Jaime.

Regardless of the size of the budget, in the optimization, many times, the partners have selectively ignored a very important link - "refinement of operations". But "refined operation" in the optimization process is a very important link.

The first selected keywords, we should batch, periodic optimization, and observe the amount of each cycle, so that, after several cycles down, you can select the most suitable for our own products, the most cost-effective and the most amount of keywords. These words are the words that we continue to optimize later.

Question 8: After the product was cleared words to clear the list, many words can not play on the top three, how to solve?

Answer: First of all, we need to ask ourselves why the product was cleared to clear the list of words? Is there any improper operation, such as brushing too much volume, or volume problems?

For example, the game product vest package into the 200, may cause the word clear list. This situation, generally is Apple's improper operation of the product to punish. The product will be downgraded, the weight of the keyword will also be downgraded, this time if you still want to continue to operate ASO, it is recommended that you can use the normal situation 1.5-2 times the number of high-quality channel user volume to go with the optimization optimization. This operation, or can be optimized to the list.

However, we recommend that if you encounter clear words to clear the list, suspend optimization, and so on for about 2 months, the product will be restored to the list, at that time it is not too late to operate again.

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