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Key Points for Using ASO Technology to Boost User Volume and ASM Conversion Rate

Jul 16 2021

ASO Technology to Boost User Volume

We found that many developers who place ASM don't pay much attention to ASO of their products.

But in fact, ASO can effectively improve the display level and conversion rate of ASM, so we recommend you to do ASO while placing ASM.

As an auxiliary tool of ASM, what should be done for ASO?

The connection between ASO and ASM

ASO can improve ASM's advertising data, and ASM can help ASO test the quality of keywords and materials by using its own data backend, which is a win-win relationship of 1+1>2.

Improve the app’s keywords coverage

The role of keyword coverage - to enhance the ASM display volume

The number of keywords covered is the total number of keywords that can be covered by the 100 characters you upload, as permuted by Apple's algorithm.

The more keywords you cover, the more natural volume you can get, and natural volume is a big factor that affects ASM display volume.

In addition, Apple has extra benefits for the covered keywords. In ASM placement, if the bidding of the covered keywords is successful, besides displaying your product in the ad position (the first place on the search result page), it will also display an additional Top 10 natural search ranking (only for the successful bidding), which can increase the ASM display level.

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Keyword coverage volume data reference

We counted the number of keywords covered by the Top500 products in the US free list, which can be used as a reference for optimizing keyword coverage.

The highest percentage of products with 1000~2000 keywords in the coverage level is 33.4%, followed by the 2000~3000 range, which accounts for 24.8%, and the two ranges occupy most of the products.

When doing ASO, the reference range of keyword coverage can be set to the 1000~2000 range.

Ways to improve keyword coverage

Extract keywords through product analysis, competitive products (app/website/social media/reviews) and some other tools (ex: search engines, Baidu index, etc.).

Add 100-character language localization. The regional language versions that are currently in effect for keyword coverage in the US are: English (US) and Spanish (Mexico). 

It should be noted that the keywords covered by different regional language versions cannot be combined, for example, if there is "free" in the English (US) keyword and "games" in the Spanish (Mexico) keyword, the keyword The keyword "free games" will not be ranked.

Remove the plural, ing, past tense and other conversions.

Use commas instead of spaces for keyword separators.

Screenshot/video optimization

Benefits of optimizing screenshots/videos - improve ASM conversion rate

The display material of ASM is divided into 3 types, which are title+icon+description, title+icon+screenshot, title+icon+video. We found that the display volume of image material is 3~5 times more than that of text material in the bidding ads of other keywords, except for the keywords with the first natural ranking. 

And the screenshot/video is an important factor that affects the user's liking of the product, and the optimization of screenshot/video can improve the conversion rate of the advertisement.

Rating comment optimization

Benefits of optimizing ratings and comments - improve ASM conversion rate

Ratings and the number of ratings are displayed in the ad, they will directly affect the user's judgment of the product quality, high ratings and high number of ratings can increase the user's click rate and installation rate.

The review module is displayed after users click on the ad to enter the detail page. By default, only the top reviews are displayed, and the content of the top reviews will prompt users to install the product if they are in a positive direction.

Rating and rating quantity data reference

We selected products for the free list of Top500 products, their rating number is relatively large differences, so the initial data distribution we used 50,000 as the level of difference, found that the number of ratings below 50,000 products most, accounting for 32.4%, followed by the number of reviews for more than 500,000 products, accounting for 27%, the number of reviews in 500,000 + products, 86.7% are classified list The top 20 products.

We split the number of products with ratings below 50,000 by 10,000, and found that within the five intervals of 0-50,000, the largest number of products with ratings below 10,000 was 46.3%.

Considering that the data sample is the Top 500 free list, combined with the situation of most developers' products, we think the reference range for the number of ratings is 1000~10000.

Most of the products have a rating of over 4, with 4.6 and 4.7 being the most popular.

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