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Improve Your Application’s Keyword Coverage by Optimizing the Google Play Title & Descriptions

Dec 17 2020

To understand the main elements of your application in the Google Play store optimization by our step-by-step guideline, and understand how to optimize the most important ASO content: application title, change description and detailed description, and in-depth study of keyword coverage in the Google Play store. You can easily modify these subdivision elements in the Google Play console to maximize your app ranking results!

Optimizing the Google Play Title & Descriptions

Optimize Your Title and Description: Key ASO Factors in Google Play Store Search

The App Store optimization algorithms for iOS and Android apps are different. Stores are different, and each store has different rules. but the goal is always the same: make your app stand out from other apps, increase its visibility, increase its conversion rate, and increase the number of installs.

The keywords in the app title, short description, and the long description will help the app store machine learning understand your app well. The keywords or short sentences that appeared in these position will be split into words to help the app store algorithm determining the relevance between the application and search needs. Optimizing this content is also important in ASO and will directly affect the key ranking factors to this application. 

By optimizing content such as the title description, the installation conversion rate of your app will also be improved. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the content in these positions creative and attractive while considering the keywords coverage, so as to increase the download conversion rate of users.

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How to Optimize the Title

The title of the Google Play Store is one of the first visible elements in the store list and can contain up to 50 characters. The best practice is to keep the brand name and add 3-4 most important keywords next to the brand name. In this way, your title will re-establish the ASO effect, thereby improving the ranking of the keywords contained in it.

In the Google Play store, the perfect title structure is as follows: brand name + keywords, or keyword + brand name.

The important thing is to use a maximum of 50 characters to optimize the title, but don’t do keyword stuffing to avoid excessive “junk”. For example, the titles of some applications contain very useful keywords, but the same keywords are repeated many times, stacked with the brand name, and the readability is poor. This can confuse users and reduce conversion rates.

Instead, a great title should include the brand name and target keywords to convey key functions and tasks of application programming, and convey clear messages about the purpose.

A good idea is to add emoji in the title to attract users’ attention and increase conversion rate. But if you are considering advertising in Google later, please note that if Google detects emoji in it, then Google Ads UAC campaigns will not be able to run.

How to Optimize the Subtitle/Short Description

The subtitle (Short Description) is an 80-character string that is displayed to the user in the list and can then be expanded to view the full description. The subtitle optimization of this position needs to consider the user experience and conversion rate, and the description should highlight the best features of the application to convince users and increase the conversion rate. At the same time, it should contain important keywords that you want your app to rank in Google Play search.

Like other text descriptions in the Google Play store, you can add some emojis to the content during optimization to make the content more attractive.

After fully investigating your competitors, highlight your core competitiveness. In addition to considering the search volume of keywords at this position, you must also consider whether your application has special features or advantages that are different from your competitors, so as to increase the conversion rate.

Detailed Description of How to Optimize ASO on Google Play

The detailed description on the Google Play Store can contain up to 4.000 characters. Use them to give a comprehensive, clear, and structured description of the function and purpose of your application. Enter your keywords multiple times, especially in the first and last sentences of the text, to help Google Play rank your app for these keywords and add more content to the rest of the text.

When rewriting and replacing the detailed description to optimize, use the outline and rich format to provide structure for the text, and make full use of all available characters for a complete narrative.

Use rich formatting and bullet points to organize the text; include emojis in the text; provide links to social media pages, including calls to action, to make the description vivid and eye-catching.

Meta Data Optimization for Other Text Segments in the Google Play Store

Title optimization, changing subtitles, and replacing detailed descriptions are the most important elements in ASO mobile application search and conversion rates, but there are other segments that can help increase visibility and keyword ranking. For example, application screenshots, Icon, etc.

The optimization techniques for these secondary factors have been detailed in our previous blog. In order to get a better conversion rate, app screenshots shouldn’t be really just screenshots, it’s better to display a designed feature panel about the app. When designing your Icon, try to make users relevant to the meaning of your brand. A good conversion rate will further promote your app’s ranking.

The URL of the application package can also contain some keywords, which can also increase the relevance weight and add points. Read our case study to understand its possible impact on keyword rankings.

Optimizing the main text elements (Title, Subtitle, and Detailed Description) of the Google Play store listing is the first step of the ASO strategy. By optimizing the user experience, increasing the conversion rate and boosting the ranking of the app. Good visibility can get more downloads and installations, so as to stably maintain your app's ranking in the list.

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