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How To Market A Dating App in The Pandemic: The Best Practices For Your Marketing Strategy

Jan 22 2021

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, people have fewer opportunities to go out, meet and make friends, and many even need to stay in a house by themselves for long periods of time. People are desperate to communicate with others in a less time-consuming and less costly way, so social apps have emerged.

Dig into the dating app market during the pandemic

Apps such as Grindr, Bumble, and Tinder dominate the mass dating market, but there are profuse opportunities to build a loyal community by finding your niche. Defining your target audience is considered as an effective way to improve your value to users and it is a significant step for ensuring that your community will build organically.

With the development of mobile application market, the tools that carry information delivery are also progressing, and because of the CIVID-19 pandemic lockdown also makes the social dating app also usher in a huge development opportunity, but the application market is already full of dating apps, and there are many developers squeezing their heads to release their apps to this amazing space. How to stand out among these huge and diverse apps is a problem that developers and operators cannot escape. ASO is a cost-controlled and effective promotion method.

Collect data for target marketing

For starters, the success of your dating app will be assessed according to the number of users, which will be directly proportional to the corresponding ROI. And, of course, the signup rate depends on how far word about the app reaches.

Find a community to start with

The best way to approach this is by supplementing that with popular app review platforms ahead of the app launch. Distributing your dating app to their followers would not only be crucial to the feedback review, but also grant you the chance to market the app to a much wider audience.

ASO World app ranking service

How to market a dating app


Get your app featured on the App Store

You’re not the only one who’d like to see your dating app growing. As odd as it sounds, Apple is also very much interested in facilitating its success. Not because it’s looking forward to dating Android, of course, but mostly due to the fact that Apple is also a beneficiary of the overall app revenue. To help you with this, they are open to featuring the dating app on the App Store, as long as it excellently meets the criteria.

Share user-generated content

One of the most effective ways of sharing your message authentically is by user-generated content. The user-generated videos get 10 times more views because of this authenticity than branded content. According to a study, it is found that about 45% of people unfollow a brand if that brand is too much into self-promotion. The best example of how user-generated content can be harnessed by grabbing the attention of potential users is Tinder’s Twitter account.

Embed social networking functions

Dating apps can benefit from setting in social networking functions as these apps are primarily designed to be social. For example, Tinder’s integration with Facebook enables users to sign up with ease. Making use of social media API outlets is a smart move to make the most use of your features that users are already acquainted with to your advantage.

Reach out to influencers

Millennials view brand marketing differently than older generations; It's a well-known fact. There’s this group of social media users who always get truckloads of likes and comments on their social media updates, even when they only sneeze. It was all fun and games until marketers realized they could effectively capitalize on their influence. As a result, influencer marketing is now generating 11 times higher ROI compared to traditional approaches to digital marketing.

If you doubt it, imagine the number of users your app would gain if PewDiePie, for instance, broadcasted a live date on it. So join the bandwagon now before it becomes costlier in the next couple of years.

Gamify user experience

If you’re not foreseeing how gamification can help in progress your dating app, you’re skipping on improving the user experience and also an essential method to retain users. This perfectly defines why you must want to gamify your dating application. Particularly, this can be powerful in the dating market since dating apps are designed to be fun just like gaming. By discovering the ability of your app to be more simplified, entertaining, and competitive, you could identify the areas that are needed to be gamified. For instance, it could be as simple as introducing emojis and GIFs to your chat function. You must consider the feedback of your users on any features that are proving to be destructive for your app.

Reach out to the media

The developers of the dating app are fortunate to be marketing a topic that has prevalent appeal to a variation of media outlets. Word-of-mouth is extremely valuable for dating apps, and hovering awareness of yours in the media is an opportunity that must not be missed. At Mobile Spree, this topic has been extensively covered as the best practice for dating app marketing.

Creatively leverage content

Don’t get too obsessed about the App Store search algorithm that you forget all about the ultimate search engine on the internet--Google. This is where ASO fundamentally comes into play. And to get noticed by Google, you’ll have to capitalize on, among other strategies, content marketing- blog posts, videos and images on multiple platforms.

Since everyone is posting content these days, only a few exceptional pieces are capable of generating organic interest. That’s why you’ll also need to wear your creativity hat.

Create a viral app video

Picture this. You post a funny and witty video of your dating app before going to bed. Then you wake up in the morning to be greeted by more half a million shares and ten times as many views. By the time you prepare your morning coffee, they’ve almost doubled up, and the corresponding notifications are surprisingly even eating up into your phone battery.

In short, that’s the power of a viral app video. Just look at the number of views (in millions) selected videos have been able to acquire in 24 hours only.

ASO industry analysis of the dating app in the pandemic

ASO is the technique of using the ranking algorithm rules of Apple App Store and major Android app markets to improve the ranking of apps in app store listings and search results to enhance natural download new activation.

Brand words, title optimization

Generally speaking, developers will choose their own brand words to be the main title, but most of them forget to set the subtitle. A good title and subtitle will not only help to absorb the volume, but also steal the opportunity in ASO.

Currently Apple's backend allows titles to be set up to 255 bytes, noting that each Chinese character takes up 3 bytes. It is better to set the main title more eye-catching, so that users can intuitively feel what the app is doing, the search power of the title keyword is greater than the keyword domain Keyword, we recommend you to add some industry words, combined into a subtitle, such as "hometown dating social software", which can improve the natural ranking of keywords, its The importance of self-explanatory, the following will also focus on.

However, it is not recommended that the title pile of words, try to use long sentences, avoid too many short words, to two long sentences is better. Otherwise, it is easy to audit does not pass.

Keyword coverage

The setting of keywords is mainly by the Keyword column in the background of Apple developers. At present, the number of keywords covered by the top ranking social apps in Apple App Store is more than 6000, and there are even apps with 12,000 keywords covered, so it can be seen how much importance social apps attach to the coverage. The setting of keywords is mainly by the Keyword column in the background of Apple developers.

Social products are usually difficult to work in the way of keyword setting as usually said due to the large number of competing products and the uneven quality. In addition to making full use of the high weight of the title, to achieve two basic purposes: first, the industry words want to achieve effective coverage, the importance of the general ranking according to the degree of heat; second, as far as possible to cover more high degree of brand words.

To achieve the above coverage is not very difficult, here's some tips:

  • The title as far as possible to cover the high relevance of hot behavior words, word count control within 30, the audit can basically pass.
  • keywords as far as possible is to use high hot keywords, high hot words are far more likely to be split and reorganized than other words.
  • control the number of commas to avoid the appearance of repeated words/words.
  • Core words can be initially included in the recommended separate separation, with the inclusion of the words can be combined, repeat the operation, each update after the keyword coverage number can be increased.


Keyword ranking

Keyword ranking optimization is the focus of ASO optimization, because we can bring exposure and download is the keyword ranking, statistics prove that 65% of users are through the keyword search to get the products they want, the higher the keyword ranking effect is more obvious, keyword ranking effect of the best top3, search index of 7000 + words in the top5 and top10 will also have The best effect of keyword ranking top3, search index 7000+ words in top5 and top10 will also have a good effect, top10 after the word almost invalid, social industry keywords are relatively hot, ranking optimization can be the goal of top10. some of the less hot long words can be optimized to top3.

There are many factors that affect the ranking, such as the location of the keywords mentioned above, the number of times the words appear in the comments, but the most actionable is the amount of downloads brought about by the keyword, so the way to do ranking (search index <7500) is through the installation of keywords, a certain amount of keywords installed every day to steadily improve the product search ranking, so as to improve exposure, the higher the search index, the more the amount needed.

Interface optimization

After the exposure rate, the important thing is how to improve the conversion rate, the so-called conversion rate = the total number of visits to perform actions / total visits, the conversion rate in the application store = the number of downloads / search volume. Optimize the application description, application screenshots, Icons to improve the first impression of users, which can improve the conversion rate, and then get more new activation.

Review optimization

In Apple's rule adjustment, the weight of comments has dropped to the lowest in history, and the impact on keyword ranking and list ranking is far less than before. In addition, Apple has a random check mechanism for reviews. The number of reviews/IP of review accounts/reviews in the proportion of activations/uninstallation rate of review users/the quality of the reviews themselves will receive undirected monitoring by Apple, and once the data is abnormal, they may face the risk of deletion/warning/even shelving. However, the review star rating is still the key to improve the conversion rate besides the application description, application screenshots and Icons. The review is a kind of experience feedback after using the product in the impression of most users, and the review of good use experience will write positive comments, while the poor use experience will write bad comments. Through real user downloads to write original five-star reviews, on the one hand, can improve the conversion rate, but also slightly improve the keyword coverage and ranking.

In summary, the ASO optimization and promotion strategy of social App is also no more than the above points, but for social App, self-propagation is much more important, and the activity and retention of customers are often related to the life and death of social App, which means that the pre-optimization and pre-promotion of social App are very important, in addition to ASO, brand promotion should be carried out to improve the base of users.

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