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How to Launching a Cold Start for Your App and ASO for Google Play

Apr 29 2021

cold start app promotion


Cold start refers to an app starting from a scratch, that is the time taken from the moment the code is initialised till the UI is responsive to the user. It happens in cases such as your app is being launched for the first time since the device booted, or since the system killed the app. Needless to say, the lesser the cold startup time, the better the user experience.


A cold start occurs when a user launches the app and doesn’t have a previous session running in the background. We chose to focus on cold start time because we believe it significantly affects user experience (as measured by user retention).


For developers, we all know that a new application will be released to Google Play after a month of recommended period, but if the demand for the application itself is not very large or ASO do too poorly will cause the application will not be searched for, this article captain will explain several effective and practical ways to improve the cold start of the download.

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How to do the cold start for your app


Have you ever had your patience tested by apps that cheekily keep flashing their logos at you for a moment too long, while you just cannot wait to order food or book a cab or pay the cab driver and rush to work? If that sounds like you, you too have been a victim of poor cold startup time, and unless you want your app to add to that growing pool of the digitally downtrodden.

Record the tutorial of using youtube to attract traffic

When the new application on the app store, you can record an application tutorial uploaded to youtube to attract traffic, one reason is that Google Play itself encourages the production of a video tutorial. 

There is also another reason for this, it could really help users understand how to use this application, because independent developers are generally to do tool development, then the tool development is more necessary to record a video Introduce how to use the application, and in youtube itself is also a keyword ranking, so upload youtube name should also be close to their own applications, the best is to translate into several languages to attract traffic, when we do not have fans can only rely on the big platform to attract fans.

Multi-language translation

This one I think is very critical, in filling out the application title, the application of a short description and a long description of the time to fill in the translation into other languages, do not be afraid of trouble. 

This filled out once after the change will be more and more convenient, when the user searches to your translated keywords can search for your application, when you translate a lot of words and then use Google Translate will be skilled!


Use social media to draw traffic

You may want to register the social accounts of popular platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, TopBuzz, these platforms can be used, the early certainly not after the development of the natural traffic will be placed there, but some of the user volume and comments after the natural volume will still account for most.

How to do ASO

We all know that there are a lot of applications on Google Play, the main core keywords must be downloaded by the large number of applications occupied, then there are still many rising stars, how do they do it?

Long tail keywords

The first is the long tail words, such as Video Downloader, Video Downloader for Instagram, All Video Downloader, Private Video Downloader, download video, Download pictrue and their translation out of various languages are considered its long-tail words, you can give their own applications continue to dig, because even if the download volume of applications can not occupy all the long-tail words, so through our continuous occupation of the long-tail words slowly the ranking of the core vocabulary will improve, and eventually continue to optimize the occupation of the high ground!

Core keywords in description

in addition to the long-tail words ASO should also pay attention to what? In the application description of the core keywords can appear several times such as 5 times to improve the ranking, but remember to link into a sentence, otherwise it may violate Google's metadata policy, we must read more Google's policy in the process of doing application ASO to avoid violations.

In addition, the application logo and the application screenshot, the top big picture is also better to make a little exquisite, because this will directly affect the user's download rate.

Share the app

For example, if you do tools to meet the single needs of users, then you can guide the users to share the application after reaching the needs, such as cleaning up the APP, after the users have cleaned up a few times, you can prompt the users how much garbage they have cleaned up and how much the speed of the phone has improved, and guide the users to share their applications to social platforms to promote secondary or multiple downloads, if used well This way can effectively increase the download amount of users, but do not maliciously guide the sharing, because this is bound to be a violation.

The application of mutual promotion

Application mutual promotion is also a more effective way to enhance the download, if the developer developed their own applications, then release several applications can promote each other, of course, for developers who have just started to develop applications, it is unlikely to develop several applications at the beginning, more can not use the so-called vest package to maliciously promote, because this is also a violation, once checked, then the results will be very serious. 

To solve this problem, you can gather developers who also do independent app development, when gathered a relatively large number of developers, each new app development, can be initiated by the developers and then promote each other, and eventually form an app promotion matrix.




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