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How to Get Organic Traffic for Your Application or Game from Targeted Countries?

Dec 30 2020

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Whether you are an app developer or a promoter, it is exciting to get the maximum amount of traffic at the greatest extend from your target market and to have your app or game seen by a large number of target users in a defined and important regional market. For a new app, how do we promote the app and game to gain traffic from specific target countries in the shortest time with the lowest cost? The advice from the experts at ASO World is to launch your app or game to the mainstream app stores like Google Play and iOS store firstly, then buy a certain amount of the targeted country keyword installs to boost your App’s ranking up to top in these regional app stores. The high visibility for your app in these target countries will bring a lot of organic traffic.

During the promotion process, you will face a lot of practical problems. And our experts will discuss with you some of the issues involved in targeting country keyword installs as below.

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The influence of keyword installation on application traffic in targeted country regions.

Marketers are all well aware of the possible market opportunities for your app or game and the value of users in key target country regions for this app or game to be successful, through market research and analysis prior to product launch. In fact, there are thousands of potential users from these value regions who are expressing their needs by entering keywords and are looking for the app or game they want in the app market every day. And one of the very important ways for developers to get your app found by these value users is to optimize the app ranking in the app store and optimize the keyword coverage.

By tapping into the keywords users are looking for and pushing up the app rankings for those keywords, combined with the rankings and exposure in each target country region, is a great way to maximize targeted traffic.

Relationships between the number of keywords and the total amount of organic app installations.

The larger the number of keywords, the higher the potential total app installed base. Different keywords take on users with various of needs. For example, when a group of users want to find chat tools, some users will search in the application market by keywords "chat", "comunication", "video-chat applications", etc., while some users will search by keywords according to the application scenario like "meeting tools", "office software", "online video conferencing", etc., and some will directly search for some brands they are familiar with. If the user is from Europe and America, they may search "facebook", "Watsapp" and so on.

With different user perceptions, different cultural backgrounds, different national and regional characteristics, and the distribution of smart terminals created by different consumption levels, the search habits of potential users, including the application market they choose, can vary greatly.

The more you use different keywords to rank for your app and thus bring in traffic, the higher the chance that your app will eventually get total installs. You can now compare keyword to volume differences and see how the gap translates into installations. In the example below, you can find that after ranking to top for multiple keywords for an app, the opportunities brought by each keyword add up, bringing the opportunity for exposure to this app to increase and the expected traffic to the app to be maximized.

Ranking for different target-country keywords


Ranking for different target-country keywords - increased exposure - maximum traffic - more keyword installs

How to grow your target-country keyword installs?

1) Valuable targeted countries determined

If you are familiar with digital marketing, then you can filter the industry keywords that best represent the functional area of your app or game. With tools like Google trends, you can initially circle your value target country regions. For example: Facebook, we can put the keywords into Google trends, and subsequently you can find the following target country regions displayed.

positioning of the value target countries

You can also use your competitor analysis and market analysis to complete the positioning of the value target countries.

2) Target keywords research

Now there are many keyword research tools very smart, you can also upload your app or game to ASO World platform, in the keyword management module of dashboard, to get your keyword recommendation. To choose the value keywords, you can consider and dig into several aspects such as the clarity of user needs expression, the clarity of user purchases intention, and the function point of your product. You can check out ASO World's blog for more information on specific techniques.

Where can you buy country target keyword installs for your app?

The next question you may have is where to buy country target keyword installs. The ASO World team is here to help you with this choice and give you some suggestion.

1) Whether to provide keyword installs in the target country you're looking for?

You will find that there are now many service providers offering keyword installation, some of which are very geographically specific. If there are non-mainstream countries in your target countries, you need to consult their customer service first, whether to provide keyword installation services in the target country you need.

2) Whether it is safe to provide keyword installation services achieved in the target country?

Buying keyword installs falls under the scope of off-metadata in app store ASO optimization, and all your data is also serving the app store ranking algorithm The ultimate goal of all these wants you to do is to push your app up in the rankings of this market. The ASO World team is dedicated to Google Play and iOS stores, with more than 6 years of experience in the field of ASO services, and has long been thousands of successful cases. We believe our professionalism will give your app or game a lot of help in this area.

3) Whether the price of the keyword installation service provided for the target country region is cheap enough?

ASO World team has accumulated a lot of resources in the field of ASO business, so that our cost is reduced to the lowest. Comparing the prices of our services, you will find that our prices are very competitive no matter in the field of high-quality keyword installation services or comparing the input-output ratio of various promotion channels such as advertising. Specifically, you can check our pricing page for the corresponding information.

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