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How to Do the ASO to Improve Your App Marketing?

Dec 28 2020

After you developed an app and launched into the App store, the next challenge you may face is how to do your ASO(App Store Optimization) works, and topic as how to begin your first step to improve your App marketing. We’d like to share our ASO basic information about ASO and App marketing as below.

ASO Strategy

Basics and tips about ASO

Why do we need to do ASO?

60% of APP downloads are come from ASO, high exposure and accuracy. The quality of users who download the app through in-app search is much higher than those who download from infomercials, both in terms of retention and pay rate.


What's more, the most significant feature of ASO is that it is for free. So are you interested in the high-quality users who comes for free?


To get access to the volume of App store

Recommendation, list, hot search, search association, search, list and controllable search take the account for 70% of the App Store volume. The ASO downloads go up for 30%-50%.

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Rules of searching and ranking, and how to take advantage of them?

The name of application: Usually formed by brand words + industry words, core keywords, etc. (PS: the lighter the package name, the easier it is to absorb the volume)

Subtitle: generally, a comprehensive consideration of core keywords is necessary. Furthermore, some ip-related words and tagline with call to action are significant for the application.

Keywords: around 100 characters, which mainly include core ip words, play words, competitor words, long tail words, hot words.

Application icon: a reflection of the brand, which comprehensively take aesthetics and game play into consideration, can mainly reflect the characteristics and features of the product.

Application description: It makes all the difference that if you can catch the eye in the first three lines to increase the opening rate of the summary. For example: XX consecutive official Apple recommendations and downloads by over XX million players.

Store video: Generally, games are highly recommended to come with video in launching, especially the app overseas, which could be a great gain to Google's UAC advertising, while the video is not necessary for the tools' applications.

Store map: Every single one of the image needs to highlight the core gameplay and IP, it’s also need to express a different style, theme and features just like an introduction essay, clear and intuitive. The aesthetics and the call to action of the advertising slogan is also considered, so that it could be simple, clear and catchy.

How to do the app store optimization(ASO)?

First of all, we need to understand what is ASO optimization. The full name of ASO is App Store Optimization, which mainly use the App Store search rules and ranking rules to make the App easier to be searched or seen by user's promotion method, usually when we say ASO, it always refers to the keyword ranking optimization. ASO optimization for Android also includes the optimization of App's download and comment count.

iOS and Android take account for 15% and 85% respectively, and the market share of Android phones has been increasing in recent years. iOS mainly take territory of the Apple App Store, and the Android application market is more diverse, and the rules of each application market can be very different. 


Roughly, it could be divided into two categories; one is the smartphone comes with the application market, accounting for a relatively large share of such as OPPO, VIVO, Huawei, Xiaomi application market, others such as Meizu, Lenovo store, etc.; the other is the third-party application market platform; this kind of application market accounted for a relatively high. 


The most of them, such as Tencent's App Store, Baidu Mobile Assistant under Baidu, 360 Mobile Assistant under 360, belong to the first line of third-party application market resources, others, such as Ali's wandoujia, etc., are some third-party categories of Android application market.

In App Store and App Store, more than 70% of the channels for users to search for App come from keyword search, and the top-ranking position can get more exposure opportunities, divide more traffic in the market and have a higher conversion rate.

What are the key factors that affect ASO? And how should we start?

As long as you are in the industry of APP, you may not know what ASO is or how to do ASO, but you must have heard of ASO.

Generally, there are such a few positions in the Apple application market: Today, APP, games, search, and these positions in addition to paid, recommended position are better, but this position is the Apple editor's own selection. We are difficult to optimize their on our own. The only section that we can operate is the hot list and keywords.


ASO is a necessary part of the promotion and operation, a good results directly depands on the number of downloads, and what is the most significant factors that affect the ASO?

1) ASO on-metadata optimization about a product

When it comes to the optimization of the product, what exactly matters to it? A highly related title and a eye-catching logo are the fundamental contributions. Also 100-word keyword and application description can also impress the users. Furthermore, screenshots and promotional copy can improve the outcome.

The title: You’d better to make the application title be related with your brand or your industry. 
The Logo: To make your Logo be simple and comes with a memory point.
100-word keywords: You need to make the best use of the 100-word Keyword and express the most vital information of it.
Application descriptions: You need to make the application’s description clearly about the functions, features, and values of your products, more industry keywords are covered.
Screenshots: The screenshot needs to be conspicuous, which can point out the functional characteristics, enough to attract users.

Promotional content: You can write the activities, plans, features, etc. about your application here. In short, it should cut to the user's attention.


2) Download and evaluation

Downloads and evaluations amounts will affect the weight of the product in app store and improve the app ranking directly. The volume should be controlled. The quality of the content of the comments should be good, with keywords, preferably with the keywords you want to optimize, in the comments can also have the word ranking help.


3) Activation, active, retention, etc.

New activation, retention, and activity need to be combined with the product to optimize this part. Normally, activation will help your to keep your app ranking stable in the app store list.

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