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How to Develop an ASO Plan for Your App from Scratch

Apr 29 2021

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All the operators will encounter this problem when they do the optimization plan, even though they learn various application store algorithm rules, optimization principles and practical methods online, they still seem to be unable to start.

Between theory and practice, how to develop an optimization plan? Let ASO World take you through the complete process of an optimization plan from nothing to something.

Understand the current situation of the app

The first thing to do is to understand the current situation of product optimization in order to develop a more reasonable optimization plan. Usually an APP has the following 3 optimization stages.


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The first stage - Never been optimized

APP itself has not done ASO optimization, keyword coverage and ranking are not ideal, here Depo optimization to say ASO is a gradual process, there is no way to make the product at once to achieve the ideal state, even experienced optimizers do not dare to guarantee a step in place, the more experienced optimizers know what is called steady and stable, operations need to combine APP and application market real-time situation, constantly test and adjust the optimization program, so as to ensure the safety of the product itself can also continue to improve the weight of the product.

The second stage - Optimization processing

At this time the App has been exposed to ASO optimization, may be in a period of rapid rise, may also enter the optimization bottleneck. 

But in the optimization process, in addition to the APP itself, there will be various external objective factors that are not under control and affect the optimization effect: application market adjustment, such as: lock list, algorithm rule adjustment, etc.; current affairs hotspot/hot IP, such as: holiday activities, cell phone new product launch, etc.; national policies, such as: security assessment report, advertising law banned words, etc.; promotion funds, how to make trade-offs when funds are limited?

In these cases, the operators need to use more ASO knowledge and skills, not limited to the basic content of how to increase coverage and improve rankings.

The third - Optimization period

The product has basically reached the upper limit of optimization in the current stage with no change in objective factors, which means that the product's ASO has done well.

At this time, internal factors basically do not affect the optimization effect, you need to maintain the ASO status quo, while paying attention to external objective factors, such as: application market algorithm updates, list exceptions, policy adjustments, competitor power, etc.

Develop optimization plan


Optimization influencing factors

Every factor affecting ASO optimization cannot be ignored, any small point will affect the optimization effect, so we must go to analyze the impact of these factors on optimization while developing the plan.

Product attributes:

Product attributes are different in the face of the industry market audience are different, the goal of optimization is naturally different. For example, the popular mainstream industries and niche vertical industries in the keyword coverage and hotness on the difference.

Popular industries cover a large number of keywords vocabulary, the corresponding keywords are hotter than niche vertical industries. Popular industry keywords may be tens of thousands, and the hotness of certain words may even exceed 10,000, while niche industry keywords may only be a few thousand, and the highest hotness of industry words may only be 5,000+.

Download volume demand:

Although the ultimate goal of optimization is oriented to download volume, products have different needs for download volume. Some need long-term and stable downloads, which requires optimization to focus more on cost effectiveness.

Some products have other channels of marketing or promotion in the near future, to short-term and a large number of new users, which requires a lot of exposure in the App Store, and quickly improve the search ranking of various hot terms.

Budget Support:

ASO optimization will involve simulating search downloads to improve rankings, which requires a certain budget to support. How many terms to optimize (and how difficult they are to optimize), what rankings to optimize for, and how long the rankings last all affect the budget required.

There are many other aspects that limit or affect ASO optimization, such as titles to match recent activities, it will not be possible to cover the target keywords and subsequent optimization (but help the conversion rate); then there are factors such as the optimization experience of operations.

Determine the optimization plan

The optimization effect is generally reflected in some data, which will become our optimization target. For example, keyword coverage, TOP3/TOP10 keywords, keyword ranking, list ranking, etc.

ASO is the process of improving the ranking of APP in various app market rankings (list ranking) and search results. app gets more traffic display through ASO, which eventually translates into app market downloads.

The increase of downloads in turn promotes the improvement of the ranking of the list, and these two influence each other. Improving keyword coverage and boosting keyword ranking is the way to improve APP search result ranking. Keyword coverage and ranking improvement are in turn influenced by their relevance, hotness and difficulty.

Clarify the current situation of optimization and optimization target, determine the measurement index of optimization target, combine the factors influencing the optimization target, and then develop a suitable optimization plan for yourself.

For example, if you want to optimize your keyword ranking, you can first communicate with the service provider to confirm whether the keyword target ranking contains advertising space, the approximate volume of keywords to reach the target ranking and the daily volume arrangement, how long is the expected duration of placement? Is the budget sufficient? Pay close attention to the keyword ranking changes during the volume period, and track the changes in the download volume of the ranking changes.



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