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How to Choose Keywords to Boost Your App's Ranking to The Top?

May 17 2021

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  • How to properly optimize your app's keywords
  • Title, subscript and keywords
  • How should keywords be chosen?
  • How to set keyword division


For small and medium-sized teams, operations = planning + copywriting + promotion + customer service + product, to be able to draw prototypes, analyze data, both with developers, more in-depth understanding of the user, but also comfortable in the channel, in the case of insufficient budget, more open source, but also must be free.

When doing ASO, we are concerned about ranking and keywords, keywords are manipulable, by optimizing keywords, we can improve keyword ranking and get higher ranking in AppStore search results, so as to improve the exposure of the application in the search results and the chance of being downloaded by users.

For example, you want to download a photo app, if you don't know about photo app, if you search the app with "selfie" and "photo" as keywords, when you search thousands of apps, but how many apps will you check carefully?

In most cases, users will roughly view the top10 apps, select the top5 apps to view the details, and tend to download the top3 applications, according to show that the top three search results of each hot word divided the traffic of the hot word 70%.

So picking the right keywords and optimizing them is a necessary channel to boost your own app.

ASO World app ranking service

How to properly optimize your app's keywords

The advice for people who are just starting to do ASO is: first lay down the volume, then optimize.

In the case that your app doesn't cover too many keywords, choose more keywords related to your app to increase the number of keywords covered, then filter for keyword ranking trends and effects, select key development objects and cultivate them properly.

First of all, where to get the keywords from?

Application name, keywords, description, comments

The weight of the application name > keywords > description > comments, description and comments are relatively low weight, and the title, subscript, keywords, description of the weight can not be stacked, but the weight of the comments can be stacked.

Title, subscript and keywords

The application name allows 255 bytes, but the weight is very high, if only the application name will be a waste of resources, in order to cover as many keywords as possible, in general, can be split into title and subscript, such as "ASO World Resume", changed to "ASO World Resume - job search, more professional recruitment social app", so that the keywords covered more, after all, the application name weight is high.

As an example, it is very intuitive. After adding the subscript, the keywords change from 3 to 19, the more the better! However, you can't just pile up words in the app name.

There are 100 characters of keywords, and you can fill them in according to your own needs.

How should keywords be chosen?

When choosing keywords, they can be categorized as: brand words, generic words, industry words, competitor words, and if there are some recently hot words, they can also be set as keywords.

How to choose keywords?

As we mentioned above, you can generally choose keywords from brand words, generic words, industry words, competing words and hot words.

Brand words and competing words are ASO basics, which we have talked about in our past blogs. The ASO tools are many, so developers can choose according to their needs.

You can select the category to view the keyword ranking, for example, select "photography and video", the following results appear.

You can see that the competition in the photography and video category is quite fierce, the top 10 keywords have been dominated by other product names! Until after ranking 30 to see the industry words, generic words.

1. Check the keywords of competing applications to find out the industry words and keywords that match your own application, for example, search for competing products with ASO keywords, check the list of competing keywords, and filter the keywords you need.

2. use keyword expansion, enter a keyword, you will get the corresponding expansion of the word, to "photo" for example, the keyword lineup expanded again.

Listed a bunch of words, how do I know whether to put these words? This time you can refer to the search index of these words, that is, the heat, is this.

In general, the search index of a newly included keyword is 4605, the more times it is searched, the higher the search index.

Search index of 5000 to 6000 keywords is easier to get on, 6000 to 8000 is a better word, more than 8000 words competition is very fierce da ~ so it is more recommended 5000 to 6000 heat keywords, heat is too high, not easy to do up.

How to set keyword division

Because the keyword requirement of App Store is 100 characters, the keywords can be separated by comma. If you separate the keywords with commas, you can accurately divide the keywords, and it is not easy to miss mistakes, but it will take up characters.

If not separated by commas, although the full use of the characters, but the word may not be so accurate, out of the word may be irrelevant, but there is a rule, for example, "selfie, photo", combined into "selfie", Apple will also be divided into "selfie", "photo" 2 keywords.

Of course, at this time, you can still use the ASO tool for word separation, but only for reference, after all, not the official App Store.

For example, APPBK's "ASO test" can divide words and show the recommendation, search popularity, competition and other related information of each keyword, so you can refer to "recommendation" and "competition" to choose words at your discretion.

Different ASO tools will have different algorithms for word splitting (also each ASO tool speculates on the App Store's algorithm, so it is not entirely accurate, just as a reference), using ASO tool to split words, you can also get related perfect suggestions, such as character supplementation and keyword replacement suggestions.

You can try some more ASO tools and choose the ones you find convenient and effective to use.

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