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How to Achieve Ideal ASO Performance with Limited Budget for App Promotion?

May 18 2021

aso with limited budget


Checklist for a low-budget app marketing

  • Make a website and social media accounts in advance: Free but brings more organic traffic
  • Reach out to the media
  • Choose media for your target audience that could attract users
  • Compile a media kit
  • Owned media channels for free
  • The word-of-mouth effect can make people promote your app for free
  • Do content marketing, try different platforms, engage users, and use UGC.
  • Viral content
  • Affiliate marketing: Help others and get your app promoted for free
  • Looking for new ideas that boost your traffic
  • Update continuously
  • Integrating your app more into local culture and environment can make locals more willing to use your app
  • Localize your product 
  • Track user behaviour
  • A/B Test your new elements
  • Create a promotional video


Specific process of ASO: the process of conducting ASO

We all know that many ASO marketers are short of money or budget when they are faced with promoting apps, so how to break out from the competition is always a problem to consider.

In the Internet world where traffic is king, developers, developers of all kinds of games have used all kinds of methods to get more traffic.

The most direct way to get traffic in App store is to increase the exposure of App, and the users will have the exposure naturally, so the various display positions of Apple naturally become the place where the soldiers must compete. So how should we do a good job of optimization for effective exposure?

ASO is one of the most simple, direct and efficient methods, and is also the most cost-effective promotion method. But perhaps some people feel that ASO is not cost-effective, such as many people spend money, but can not achieve the effect, or spend too much money to will achieve the desired effect.

How to get rid of this elusive situation that you can never achieve the expected results within a reasonable budget? After reading this maybe you will have the answer.

ASO World app ranking service

The specific process of ASO is roughly as follows

Basic ASO optimization of 100 keyword characters → submit the version → improve the coverage area → improve the initial ranking of keywords → how much to spend and how much to bring → improve keyword ranking → make the App get higher App Store ranking → get more exposure → promote conversion and increase the number of downloads

To simplify it into two steps are:

ASO basic optimization, including the subtitle, screenshots, description, comments, keywords familiar to all of us.

Title: Include as many core keywords as the founding team would like.

Screenshots: search display the first three, detail page display 1.5, UI with the adjustment, to determine whether the optimization of the visual appropriate, some details to pay attention to, such as fonts, color scheme, etc.

Description: various endorsements, highlight the Arabic numbers and the existing scale of the product, functional overview do not use large paragraphs of text, pay attention to punctuation.

Comments: too many negative words, the impact on the App overall being searched weight is great, but also need to do their own volume offset to balance out.

Keywords: build a thesaurus, record the logic of word selection, establish a long-term keyword monitoring mechanism and so on.

ASO basic optimization

Make a website and social media accounts in advance: Free but brings more organic traffic

Content marketing can work wonders, but the result isn’t immediate as you may start to track it at least six months later. The sooner you start blogging, the better. Even before the release, you should have a website with a news section, links to social media, and a media kit (we’ll elaborate on it later). After the release, what’s left is to add links to app stores on your website. Try different platforms: over time, they’ll become a powerful traffic source. 

What should you pack those with? The development process is the most obvious source of content at the beginning of your journey. Feel free to show ‘behind the scenes’ as your team that shares the workflow may inspire trust among customers and provide a sense of brand identity. If you don’t have the ability to make a lot of content, consider how to adjust it for different platforms. 

Reach out to the media

It is well known that media attention is the way to gain exposure and target larger audiences. Prepare your press KIT and be ready to get in touch with the media and journalists. You can also attend conferences and share your product with the attendees. Guest posting is also an effective way of establishing powerful relationships with important companies in the sector and therefore promoting your app among their customers. Prepare a post highlighting your features and functionalities and share it.

Choose media for your target audience that could attract users

With a media kit in hand, it’s easier to communicate with the media. Here you can read about how to get a review for your app – we have collected more than forty publications and Youtube channels that produce reviews. Don’t limit yourself with mobile industry media – look for media suitable for your target audience. Have you made a handy pedometer? You need a hit on a sports magazine selection or a review by a fitness blogger. 

Don’t neglect podcasts as analysis shows that podcast ads are getting more and more effective. If you don’t have a budget for promotion at all, you can get into the podcast as a speaker. You will need some stories and expertise. At the same time, many small but promising channels appear every day. At the initial stage, their advertising will be affordable. Moreover, such podcasts are a long-term source of traffic. New listeners will return to past recordings and follow the links (the main thing is to agree on a link in the description before you get into it). 

Compile a media kit

Your website should have a capacious media kit that makes it easy to understand what your app is about. Think of it as a CV for your brainchild. Briefly describe your app and its key features, post logos, icons, and screenshots in an easy-to-download form, provide links to social media, a promo video and main contacts.

Owned media channels for free

Make a good use of the channels you have under your power.

If you have a website, use it to inform visitors about your app and how they can benefit from it. Locate the app and the link to download throughout the web on good spots – places that visitors are likely to see. You can also make use of email newsletters – this is a powerful channel to inform users about new features or opportunities within your product.

And, in addition, promote your app across your different social media channels or profiles. It costs nothing and you can create call-to-action campaigns inviting people to discover and download. But don’t focus on only naming your app. Create attractive banners and select your target audience. Think carefully about your features and plan out how to highlight them and who to attract with them. Social media helps new products go viral, so don’t miss the chance.

The word-of-mouth effect can make people promote your app for free

Word of mouth

Take advantage of this double sided tactic. You can reach out to your family and friends and ask them to promote your app by posting it on your social media or by spreading the message across. And, on the other side, you should include a social component to your app. There are many ways of pushing your users to promote your app, here we list some:

  • Ask users to share features of your app or their own achievements with their friends.
  • Run contests and reward them.
  • Encourage them to invite friends and give them a prize in exchange.

Viral content can get everyone to promote you for free in an instant

Do content marketing, try different platforms, engage users, and use UGC.

Stale content rarely helps a new app. Cover the blogosphere! Hire bloggers and writers in advance to boast about your app. Publish articles on widely read publications like Moz, Mashables, Forbes, etc. Sharing content with an active audience would keep your users updated and excited about your app. Plan your publicity, tell the press, and spread the word around.

Viral content

Users should be able to share your app with their friends from within. The more channels you offer, the better: social media, all kinds of instant messengers, and email. Choose the right time to ask your users if they’d like to share. It should be not too early for the users to appreciate the merits of the app and not too late so that they do not lose interest. Most importantly, your call to action shouldn’t get in the way of operation.

The Nike Run Club app is a good example. It allows you not only to share your routes on social media, but also to customize your future post. Another example is the Calm meditation app. After the session, you are offered a quote of the day that you can share with your friends. Users are sharing more meaningful content that reflects their values than just praise. Complimentary reviews can be rewarded with a discount, access to an additional feature, or in some other way. 

And a little about getting viral. People are ready to actively share the content that evokes strong positive emotions (funny, entertaining, inspiring). Feel free to experiment and invent various formats. Maybe your Instagram mask will go viral?

Affiliate marketing: Help others and get your app promoted for free

Looking for collaboration -- affiliate marketing

A small budget is a reason to arrange all sorts of collaborations to exchange an audience: from guest posts, joint broadcasts and webinars to going offline. For example, App Clips do not require installation and can be accessed, for example, with a QR code. This is a good reason to partner with a local bar or cafe. Think about how else you can go offline. Where are the people who need you? You can search for an audience of a meditation app, for example, at book club meetings, but it would be better if you did it in a noisy dining room of a business center.

Looking for new ideas that boost your traffic

Marketing requires creativity. By the way, the smaller the budget, the more creative you are. Where to get new ideas? Good artists copy, great artists steal. Look around: what are your competitors and other developers doing? What’s new in the mobile world and how can you use it for promotion?

Update continuously

A way of promoting your app and getting you users hooked to your product is by sweeping away your bugs and launching updates frequently.

You should especially do your best to address the issues that your customers are pointing out in your Reviews section. If they feel like you are trying to make their experience better, they would continue using your product.

Let them enjoy the new and fresh content, catchy features and mind-blowing functionalities. In that way, they will promote the app by themselves, without even being asked to do so.

Integrating your app more into local culture and environment can make locals more willing to use your app

Localize your product 

If you want to grow you need to localize your app in different countries. You could use the same low-budget promoting methods while reaching out to more countries and people. Users are more likely to engage with the content that is provided in their native languages. The multiple benefits of localization also include reaching out to wider audience, winning over more user segments and getting demand from unexpected places.

Maybe you are missing out some fans because you are not thinking globally.


Track user behaviour

If you only have some dollars to spend, it’s better if you spend them wisely. Understanding how your users behave (how much they spend, what is the functionality the spend most of the time at, at what time do they use you app, etc) is essential.

Information is power. You will be able to plan out what to improve, when to post updates, and how to make your users spend more time in-app.

A/B Test your new elements

Imagine that you become extremely popular among customers because you changed your features? You have to launch out and test new visual assets, description, keywords and anything you can. Monitor and detect what your users like the most.

Create a promotional video

If you don’t have much money you could use your team members to create and launch a video about your app or game. You should then post this video in all your own media channels and also include it in your press kit, guest posts or you could also ask your influencers, family, friends and partners to share it.

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