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How APP Refreshing Affect ASO Result?

Dec 9 2020

At present, Apple has very strict management of the behavior of refreshing in the App Store. In the first half of this year, it has adjusted the algorithm and rules many times, but the behavior of refreshing the ranking still exists, just like the behavior of Amazon. The effect is significant. After the ranking, it has made a great contribution to the natural download volume, and the download volume is also an important influencing parameter of ASO. Although Apple has increased the priority of evaluation weight, the weight priority of download volume is still the most important.
How APP Refreshing Affect ASO Result

According to our test, as long as the keyword strategy is selected correctly in the early stage, the ranking can greatly increase the coverage of keywords.

Can the APP download ranking list be refreshed? How to do it?

This is a unique promotion method in the OS environment. Because the Apple App Store will have free lists, paid lists, and best-selling lists, each CP will find a professional ranking company to do the ranking list. Downloading a certain app or mobile game through a large number of App Store accounts and obtaining higher downloads and payments will rush to the top of the list.

Refresh the ranking

1.How to do refresh?

This kind of promotion is very popular in some countries and regions. After all, most Apple mobile phone users will use the App Store to download APP. If your APP rushes to the top of the list in a short period of time, of course, you can quickly get the attention of users and at the same time get a higher amount of real downloads.

It is risky to refresh the rankings. For new applications and applications with mature traffic, strategies are very important. The App Store undertakes the most important task of helping users discover interesting applications, but the emergence of the ranking list has made the value of the ranking list constantly questioned by users and developers. Scrubbing has gradually replaced the fair and benign value of the App Store itself, making "money" a new channel rule, which is unfair to developers and users. The real Offer Wall may be safer in comparison, but the cost is too high. In fact, due to cost and final effect considerations, the way to directly purchase downloads and Offer Walls is always in a state of one after another.

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What does download purchase mean?

1. What are the benefits of buying downloads?

Many friends will certainly ask, what are the benefits of buying app downloads? One is the improvement of ranking and application visibility, and the other is the good-looking data. In addition to paid advertising spaces in major markets, all ranking display opportunities are for applications with high scores for major weight factors such as downloads and reviews. This download amount may be the total amount of downloads in a month, or the total amount of downloads in a week, or even the amount of downloads in a few hours of the day, but this requires a large amount of downloads to achieve the effect of refreshing the list.

2. Why is it efficient? This is about Apple's priority scoring.

Apple has its own set of algorithms, which is nothing more than a few weight ranges: DAU, new downloads, uninstall rate, payment rate, and praise rate. Apple integrates these elements together to evaluate a product. Which one has the highest weight? There are different opinions. However, why can the apps that buy downloads have been able to enter the list efficiently and at low cost, because they always hold the highest weight recognized by Apple? Apple’s purpose is to make money, so payment is king, so the weight of paid accounts is only the core! The weight priority of paid accounts is now higher.

Suppliers that provide refreshing service have been maintaining a large number of paid accounts, and only need to operate the account to refresh the data, and provide many high-quality users to CP. The efficiency of the ranking is of course high. A so-called premium paid account is a user who has consumption habits or has paid for Apple. The priority of this user is equivalent to the weight of 10 free users. This should also be one of the future directions of the mobile platform: identifying the payment behavior of user accounts.

The cost of buying downloads and refreshing the list is increasing day by day. CPs should focus more on basic ASO optimization, and improve the ranking factors of the application store while refreshing the list. Paid promotion channels are becoming more and more difficult, and it is increasingly testing whether CPs’ basic ASO skills are solid.

In addition to downloads and comments, daily activity is also a criterion for predicting the main factors affecting the ranking of the list. Enterprise operators must focus more on the operation of the product itself and make products that users like in order to make long-term profits in the app store.

How to operate the application store ranking list?

In fact, everyone who controls the rankings has a large number of Apple devices and Android devices in their hands. Here we mainly analyze Apple devices.

If you have 1,000 Apple devices in your hand, congratulations, you can open a studio and become one of the people who are engaged in the list. But how to play, 1000 pieces each time? Download one by one? My aunt told you, it's far more complicated than this.

Everyone knows what CP settlement is operated on: unique identification codes for mobile phones such as idfa or mac. Then the supplier of the list will use these 1000 devices (for example, 5 pcs, each pc operates 200 devices) for downloading, activation, registration or trial play, etc. Action.

However, the device numbers are unique. We only have 1000 device numbers. What should we do? After brushing up, brush 1000 device numbers and 1000 IPs, and the IPs are allocated to all regions of the country. This is equivalent to a new batch of equipment.

Apple does not collect IDFA now, but looks at the Apple account. Because Apple accounts can be applied directly, you can apply in batches as long as you simply crack them. Therefore, the core competitiveness of a large-scale ranking supplier is the number of high-quality Apple accounts and the number of Apple devices.

Why the ranking is efficient

Many people regard the people who are engaged in the rankings as gods, and think that they are the ones who know Apple best in the world, but they are not as unpredictable as everyone thinks.

Apple has its own set of algorithms, which is nothing more than a few weight ranges: DAU, new downloads, uninstall rate, payment rate, and praise rate. Apple integrates these elements together to evaluate a product. Which one has the highest weight?

Why do the apps that brush the rankings have been able to enter the list efficiently and at low cost, because they have always grasped the highest weight factor recognized by Apple, the paid account! DAU is very important, and new addition is also very important, but Apple's purpose is to make money, so payment is the kingly way, so the weight of the paid account is the core! It's not that the Offer Wall is useless, but that the weight of paid accounts is now higher, and the weight of free accounts is lower.

From the topic we discussed above, everyone should know how to use the app store to buy downloads to achieve the ranking, and the refreshing is not so complicated. 

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