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Case Study: How To Help Financial Payment Solution Apps Standing Out

Mar 22 2021

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We’re right in the thick of the digital age. More and more people are comfortable with an online-only bank and rarely need a brick and mortar location. For any app, including the finance category, if you want to ensure longevity for your company nowadays, you need to be capturing the younger generation

How to be standing out and breaking the convention

Financial and economic news has always been what most people want to pay attention to, whether it is personal investment, or catching up on hot news, or understanding the industry's point of view and analysis, everyone's will have one or more financial and economic Apps on their cellphone. In 2021, with more and more people paying attention. You may be confused by the question as how to make your finance app be standing out and breaking the convention. Work with ASO World team to find the answer and get the ASO insight for your Finance category app.

Case study: How ASO World help financial category app ranking to the top ten

payment method solution ranking

As it shown above, payment method to solve the problem of the app at present is a rigid demand, so when installing keywords, we will suggest our clients to choose from the basic keywords, so that the keywords installation can be guaranteed in the basic search app store traffic of this app.

Developers and banking professionals need to take time to perform market research, create keyword and marketing strategies, and give their app a solid introduction to the world when it's first listed for download. That includes a competitive analysis and complete technological and marketing audit, including fully understanding customers and their needs. A strong start will help create momentum, drive keyword relevance, and push the app toward the top of search results.

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A Relevant app name kept your app in users’ mind

In the past years, a financial app might simply be called "Mobile Banking" or "Mobile Accounts". That era is bygone for a reason: It was simply too hard for a customer search to find the right application for their financial needs. In the modern era of ASO, the appropriate approach is to pick an app name that is inclusive of targeted keywords. Both the Apple's apple store and Google Play allows developers to submit an app with a short name for display on the home screen, and a longer name that is used for search discovery.


Proper localization is very important because the main content of our client's app is a payment solution, so more business content is involved in local relevance. Covering more locally relevant keywords in the keyword set-up will have a great impact on the ranking of the app and the visibility of the app when users search for it.

The short name should include the app’s name and a one-word description of what the application does. The longer name should use a few words to describe what the app does with keywords. Good keywords are localized, relevant, and descriptive, whether they're being used for ASO.


How to say more in the subtitle?

The subtitle is also very important, it is a supplement to the main title, then the title does not reflect the characteristics of the app, the role and some other aspects of information, can be added in the title. So a suitable subtitle is also very important. For example, the subtitle of a financial app can surface the direction the app focuses on, or the field it is involved in, and some of its features, all of which can be mentioned in just a few lines of the subtitle.

App description: simple, clear and easy to understand

The app description is not only a description of the key features, but also an important way to sneak targeted keywords into the app store listing. Carefully craft a useful, easy-to-read, keyword-rich app description when listing the app.

Don't be afraid to change this description over time, as many times as needed, to optimize its relevance and the app's ranking in targeted searches.

As we can see in above, the app ranked from the 40s to the top 5 in the category. The process shows how we improve keywords coverage so the users could find our client’s finance app easier.

How to differentiate yourself from the market


Social Proof

About 11% of apps in the Finance category are using social proof elements within the first impression. This shows the theme of Finance in general that people need trust in order to decide to use a financial product.

The question is whether the best way to convey trust is through the number of users using the app? It might be worth testing the combination of this message with a lifestyle design trend, to make it more powerful.



Very few apps are leading with a message around security (less than 6% of apps). Maybe it's the elephant in the room that nobody wants to mention or just seeing the word ‘secure' frightens users?

It's worth noting that several apps are perceived as more sensitive than others (investment/trading apps, bank apps, money transfer apps). It seems that according to the current trend, this isn't a prevalent message that the top apps lead with.

One approach that we've seen in the category is highlighting the Touch ID or Face ID features for secure access. Another approach is to speak directly about security without tying it to a specific feature (such as the right screenshot in the example above). But the social proof message basically serves that purpose. By showing that several million people are using the app, users are able to understand the app is likely to secure and can be trusted.

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  • Roberta Richards
    How to choose my first Google Play ASO keyword? Reply
    • Catherine Conner

      @Roberta Richards If you are just getting started with App Store Optimization for Google Play, some of the concepts can be a little confusing and maybe even a little counterintuitive. Reply

    • Catherine Conner

      @Roberta Richards Just because you add a keyword to your app’s metadata, does not mean that you will automatically rank for it. Some app publishers add a target keyword to the description of their app multiple times and wonder why they aren’t ranking. Reply

    • Paulette Rodgers

      @Roberta Richards It is because there are many other factors that go into search rankings, in addition to the presence of keywords. Things like number of downloads, ratings, uninstalls and engagement all play a role in determining the overall rankings strength of your app. Reply

    • Catherine Conner

      @Roberta Richards On top of this, nobody knows exactly how Google ranks apps. The algorithm is a closely guarded secret. Reply

    • Catherine Conner

      @Roberta Richards But we do know enough of the major factors to make App Store Optimization very worthwhile. Now that you understand what to expect from this process, here are the three primary criteria you have to look at when choosing your first keyword. Reply

    • Catherine Conner

      @Roberta Richards But we do know enough of the major factors to make App Store Optimization very worthwhile. Now that you understand what to expect from this process, here are the three primary criteria you have to look at when choosing your first keyword. Reply

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  • Rogelio Mcguire
    Why paid promotion is important? Reply
    • Elizabeth Neal

      @Rogelio Mcguire Organic reach on social media is down. Paid gives you fast results. Typically, organic content on social media is used for branding or creating brand awareness. With paid advertising, you are guaranteed reach and can utilise your content to elevate your brand with specific targeting and obtain more qualified leads. Reply

  • May Kim
    How do you make an app go viral? Reply
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      @May Kim Offer something meaningful to share. Be transparent about what your app is sharing and whom it is contacting. Connecting with friends and inviting new users should be at the core of your app. Reply