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ASO Tutorial: How To Handle Your Keywords Set-Up

May 14 2021

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6 basic principles

Keywords Weighting: App Title > Keywords > App Description > Iap Item Name/description I.E. Application Name > Keyword Tag > Description > In-App Purchase Name or Description.

APP Title and Keywords keyword ranking weight: When the same keyword appears in APP Title and Keywords, the weight cannot form a superposition effect and will only be counted once.

Therefore, if the same keyword appears in Title, it should not appear again in Keywords to avoid wasting characters.

Use subtitle to strengthen keywords: APP Title adopts the form of main title plus subtitle, and subtitle should not only take the function of introducing the role of APP, but also focus on mentioning keywords more.

rotation tactics: with reference to the weight ordering of principle 1, we can optimize each core keyword in turn when updating the version, and when there are already core keywords ranked optimally in front, other core keywords can be selected to continue to optimize.

the more weight the keywords in the Keywords are in front of each other.

There is no limit to the number of words in the description, it is recommended to control the number of words at 300-500, to ensure that the core keywords appear 8-12 times, and it is best to appear company contact information, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, etc.

The 3 basic concepts

  • Relevance: the relevance of a specific keyword to the application/target user, irrelevant keywords are difficult to generate effective conversion.

  • Difficulty: The degree of competition for a particular keyword, the higher the corresponding value means it is more difficult to enter the top ranking.

  • Traffic: The higher the number of times a particular keyword is searched for in a search, the higher the corresponding value is, which is often referred to as a high-temperature term.

The above three dimensions of the setting of the problem or APP itself no considerable new increment, keyword ranking outside the 30 is very normal, you must chase high hot words in conjunction with the current situation of APP analysis, ASO World to provide you with a set of key keywords integration formula.

High relevance + moderate difficulty / flow + placed in front = keywords introduced high download volume

Here we will address the operation of the above concept in detail.

Specific operations

1. How to choose high relevance keywords?

Discover the ideal keywords with high relevance along the lines of brand words-associated words-competing words-competing keywords.

2. How to choose the keywords of reasonable difficulty?

When setting keywords, if you can target a few "dark horse words" with low difficulty and high traffic, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

How to analyze whether the difficulty of keywords is reasonable or not, ASO World gives two dimensions to judge: one is the number of related APPs and the hotness of the APP itself; the other is the hotness of keywords.

3. How to choose the keywords with appropriate traffic?

The determination of traffic can be combined with App Annie index and Baidu mobile index for comprehensive determination.

4. How to track keywords?

Keyword tracking needs to focus on the data: ranking of APP and keyword hotness. Use the tool App Annie (tracking keyword historical ranking).

App Annie mainly tracks the trend of keyword ranking, you can add the keywords you want to track and can be top, play around with the tools of each platform, can maximize our work efficiency.

To sum up: keyword optimization is tedious and delicate, and it is necessary to correct it from time to time and not to forget the original intention. Mastering the necessary skills and operational tools will allow you to quickly find the right direction and become more and more comfortable with it.

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