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ASO Tips: How To Maintain the Effect of Keywords Permanently

Apr 2 2021

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For developers, the basis of ASO is keywords, through a series of optimization means to improve keyword ranking, so as to bring more downloads and conversions for the app, but the keyword ranking up, how to be more directed, more fine, more long-term maintenance of keyword effect, for app is also very important. Today ASO World will share with you a few tips to provide some reference for you to maintain the long-term effect of keywords.

Identify the attributes of app products

Define the attributes of the App


Any kind of promotion method must be combined with the product itself to do, otherwise the most effective method, it is impossible to play the maximum effect. Therefore, understanding your product attributes is the prerequisite to do app optimization, what are the qualities of your product, what category it belongs to, and only after it is determined can you find out the corresponding pain points for different target users.

Competitor and high-quality app analysis

App promotion is increasingly difficult in the current market where mobile Internet traffic is increasingly difficult to obtain, so it is very important to do a good analysis of competing products to find a suitable market angle to enter. As the saying goes, knowing oneself and one's opponent is the only way to win a hundred battles, and the analysis and consideration of competing products can make app products find their own unique selling points more precisely and avoid meeting the Waterloo in the market with highly homogeneous products. The following chart is a set of methods that ASO World has put together for you to better analyze competing products and high quality apps.


Analyze competitive products


Visually Optimization


Visually Optimization


We know that the elements to be displayed in an app product start from the icon and the app screenshot, so it is important to communicate the qualities of the app to users through these two, and it is necessary to design a good icon and an app screenshot that is attractive enough to users.

Establishing an optimization tracking program

ASO is not a instant procedure, the app Store itself is very large, including most of the world's apps, and changes at any time, so the "optimal plan" needs to be tracked continuously.

At the same time, in order to explore the traffic potential of your own app in the app Store ranking and keyword search results, the captain has compiled three methods for your reference.



How to dig deeper into traffic

  • Don't blindly put high traffic keywords: Although these keywords can bring more downloads, but the premise must be related to the function of the product itself to be high, at the same time, high hot words means more competition and higher cost of placement.


  • The ultimate purpose of competitive analysis: through long-term data records combined with targeted detailed analysis, and according to and according to the results of the analysis to compare their own strengths and weaknesses, to understand the direction of product optimization, which is the ultimate purpose of analyzing competitive products.


  • Many developers are doing ASO, but often ignore the long-term effect of keywords in the app Store. Driven by the app Store's search algorithm changing again and again and apple's demand for excellence in search intelligence, the fine cultivation of keyword ecology is especially important.

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