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Aso Technology: How To Improve App Conversion Rate and User Experience

Apr 18 2021

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For app developers and operators, the so-called ASO is the optimization of keywords so as to improve the ranking of the app in search results and bring more exposure. But with advanced ASO, increasing exposure is only part of the equation, rather the ultimate goal of ASO is through high exposure and converting into actual downloads. So how can we effectively improve the conversion rate of APP?

To boost the conversion rate of your app, if your app is already running well and the keywords are showing up in the user's search results, then all you have to do is to stand out in the results because in the results users can see multiple apps, each with an ICON, main title (app name), subtitle and screenshots. So these are the first steps to optimize and make users choose your app over others.

Optimize ICON

ICON, also known as the app's icon, takes up a lot of visual space in the search results list. This is the biggest opportunity to attract users' attention and increase their clicks. By designing simple, relevant and less abstract icons, and using different colors from your competitors, you can improve the chances of attracting users' attention.

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Optimize the app name

When your app icon has captured the user's attention, you need to quickly describe the app name to boost the user's interest in continuing to learn about this app, unless you are a well-known brand, your name itself doesn't stand out. This is where a descriptive and concise app name comes in handy. Optimize your app name by using its name along with very short (3-5 word) sentences describing its main features. For example, the name LittleWeather should be optimized as LittleWeather: Weather Forecast and Alerts.

Your app name is also a good place to add keywords. If you do this, be sure to use keywords that describe your app, not someone else's generic or trademark.

Optimize subtitle

The App Store provides developers with another opportunity to describe your app - the subtitle. While a subtitle is not required, this is a great opportunity to provide potential users with more information about your app.

What do most existing users think of your app? What are the main advantages of your app? Summarize this into a three to five word sentence and you will have a powerful subtitle.

Optimize screenshots

Very similar to the name and subtitle, screenshots are where you "showcase" the app and give users a chance to see what they can get when they download it.

There are many right ways to do this visually, so we won't get into the design. Optimizing screenshots isn't just about design, it's about making them stand out from other search results.

Use unique colors and clear screenshots. If the screenshots themselves are not very intuitive, and most of them are not, then adding captions may help. If you decide to do so, make sure your captions are very concise and focused.

Apple allows up to 10 screenshots and Google allows up to 8 screenshots, giving you plenty of opportunity to highlight all the main features of the app.

Create videos to capture attention

Both Google Play and the App Store support video. Creating videos has three very important goals.

Videos will show users how the app provides value to them - users download the app to solve a problem, or to help them get something done more quickly or easily. Use the video as an opportunity to show them that your app will help immediately.

Grab attention with autoplay - Moving images always grab more attention than still images. This means that no matter what the video is, the app with the video will automatically get more attention.

Video as an additional screenshot - Before autoplay, the video displays a cover image that can be used as another screenshot. apple allows you to choose a poster frame, which can be any frame in the video. Make sure to set the poster frame to show the footage of the app.

When capturing your video keep in mind that attention spans are short, so start with the most interesting content to show your app. Whether it's a specific feature or a game it's simple.

Videos shouldn't try to "sell" with words and title cards, but rather focus on the action. Audio definitely helps keep viewers engaged, but autoplay videos don't play sound, so it doesn't matter.

Localize App Store pages

There is no doubt that English is the most common language, but it is not the main language for millions of users around the world.

An easy way to stand out and get new users to download your app is to localize your app name, screenshots (if they contain text) and description to the primary language they are most familiar with.

To help you get started, these are the top languages for app store page localization (English is not included)

Maintain a high rating

An easy way to improve your ratings is to let users rate your app. A lower average star rating means a not-so-great app, and no one wants to download a not-so-great app. Seventy percent of the top 1000 free apps in the US and 50% of the top 100 apps have an average of 4 stars or higher. This is an easy way for users to resize the app and decide if they want to download it.

Handle negative reviews

Users read reviews to make sure there are no problems with the app before they get it. In an ideal world, your app would only have positive reviews, but in the real world, negative reviews are very common. Some users don't understand how the application works, some encounter errors, and others have feedback.

There are two aspects to responding to negative reviews.

Turn a confusing experience into a positive one - Some users need help with your app. When you reply and help them understand how to get what they want, they can turn their negative review into a positive one.

Show new users that you're there to help - When new users look at your reviews and see negative reviews with helpful replies, they know they can get help if they have a problem. The opposite is also true. When users see negative reviews that are not answered, they are more likely to think the app is abandoned and find a different app to download.

Pricing your app

The price of your app is an important part of a user's decision to download it through another app. However, unlike icons or screenshots, it is not easy to change, so this section focuses on new applications that have not yet been released.

Paid apps tend to create a lot of friction, but the actual cost does not usually cause friction. Take for example the paid app for professionals, which costs $49.99. This may not be too high a price for the professional who will be using the app to make money.

However, if there is another app that offers similar features and a free trial, many users will at least try the other one first if it meets their needs for an upgrade, without even trying the paid app.

There's a lot more to pricing, but it's important to optimally consider how pricing reduces download friction. Changing the pricing of an app is not simple and can only be done through careful design. If you believe that the current pricing is not appropriate for your target audience, we highly recommend that you check out the options.

Statistical tracking

Optimization is all about making small changes over and over again. That's why it's critical to track your efforts. We recommend that you start by establishing benchmarks for ratings, rankings and conversions. This will allow you to benchmark your efforts and see what works and what doesn't.

Remember, ASO optimization is a long-term success strategy that takes time to build, but if done well, will provide a solid foundation for future growth, so don't get frustrated if you don't see results right away.

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