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Home Blog App Promotion Strategy ​ASO Techniques: 6 Moves to Solve the Problem of Frequent Rejection of Internal Purchase when The App Launched

​ASO Techniques: 6 Moves to Solve the Problem of Frequent Rejection of Internal Purchase when The App Launched

Apr 21 2021

Solution for Frequent Rejection of App Launch


Apple audit continues to strengthen, individual developer accounts and app launch more and more difficult, while the app is also increasingly easy to take down, these situations remain a problem for the majority of Apple developers and ASO practitioners in 2021, and issues related to in-app purchases continue to be rejected by Apple.

ASO World as a professional ASO data analysis and optimization platform, for the Apple insider purchase shelf problem is summarized, streamlined into the following 6 moves. 

Choosing the right Apple in-app purchase item

If developers want to unlock access to subscriptions, in-game currency, game levels, etc. in the App, they must use the in-app purchase program. there are four main types of in-app purchase programs, as follows.

In-app Purchase Programs

In-app Purchase Programs

On the product page, developers can promote up to 20 in-app purchases at once and have them ready for other approved in-app purchases at the same time.

This gives developers the flexibility to change the in-app purchases displayed on the product page based on business needs (for example, when the developer intends to launch a limited-time promotion or offer exclusive content).

Note that if your product is subject to regular renewal, then you need to select the subscription type; however, if it is a one-time purchase not to be re-subscribed, then select the non-subscription type.

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The package of inbound products and APP together to submit for review

This point is easy to be ignored, when the inbound products on the shelves must be submitted together with the App on the package for review, can not be submitted separately. 

If you choose to submit separately, the insider purchase can never be shelved successfully.

Do a good job of local adaptation of the shelves of the project in the region

In the current state of the domestic market is increasingly saturated and perfect, the overseas market has become more and more developers of the choice, even if not the main overseas market, but also the product on the shelves of other regions, in order to seize the first opportunity.

Therefore, when our products are not only on the shelves in one region, but also in multiple regions or even multiple countries, then if there are too many regions on the App shelves, the corresponding products on the shelves, including the in-app purchase items, should also do the corresponding localization adaptations.

For example, if your product is on the shelves in Russia, France, and the United States, then the language of the in-app purchase items on your shelves should also include Russian, French, and English.

The App Store review terms also state that "if we can't understand how the App works, or if the in-app purchases are not as clear as they could be, the review will be delayed and may result in the App being rejected.

So, if your product is available in multiple regions, developers are advised to localize in-app purchases to avoid rejection.

Form four types of statement terms

User Agreement and Privacy Policy

In the App login page and product purchase page, there must be two things: user agreement and privacy clause.

Continuous monthly agreement description and auto-renewal statement

If you have automatic subscription product type in your product, you need to include the continuous monthly subscription agreement statement.

Also, include an auto-renewal statement on the App product page.

Add automatic subscription description in the app description

After doing the above, if you are still worried about the rejection of the purchase item in the App, you can choose to add the description of automatic subscription in the App description, so that the Apple reviewers can see the situation of the purchase item in the App more intuitively and clearly.

Do not add third-party payment SDKs for virtual products

If you have prepared the above, please note that if your in-app purchase items are virtual products, not including physical products, please do not add the SDK of third-party payment, otherwise it may be detected and rejected.

Tips: Since the product ID of the purchased items in the App is unique, i.e. you can't generate the same ID again after generating it once, including deleting it and using the same ID.

Therefore, when choosing the product type and filling in the product ID, you need to pay attention to avoid filling in the wrong one or deleting it by mistake.

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