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ASO Tech: How To Write a Great App Description to Attract More Users

Apr 15 2021

how to write app description


The purpose of ASO is to bring in a large amount of natural traffic and app downloads, but in the actual process of operation there are many different factors that affect the results of ASO, of which the app description is one of the most important factors.

When users start to read your app description, it actually means that they have found your app through keyword search, and the app title and screenshots are enough to attract users to read the app description further.

Many people try to attract users to click the "download" button with beautiful images and app descriptions, but does anyone really read these descriptions?

The answer is yes. In fact, the app description is second only to the name of the game. In the App Store, text has little impact on an app's ranking, but accurate use of keywords can help it rank well under Apple's App Store algorithm. What's more, well-designed and interesting descriptions help boost downloads.

How to form a description to boost downloads?

In order to get customers' attention and promote higher user downloads and retention, the app description must be precise and attractive.

It can be said that the app description of an app is used to help users understand what the app is for, what it does and why they should install it.

ASO is of extraordinary value to both developers and their apps, but how do you do it well? It's not simply about driving traffic, and if it doesn't contribute to downloads, all we do is nothing. 


The description should be closely related to the product

First, your description needs to fit the tone of the product. Take the game app as an example, if a game is fun and interesting, then the text description should be witty. If the game is complex, then it needs to be complicated and simplified to make it more relevant to the game. 

While Apple advocates keeping app paragraphs and feature lists as simple as possible, no one likes a one-size-fits-all model, so this "truism" doesn't apply to all games.

While it's important to be funny, unique, and even top notch, it's also important to be extremely careful with your wording. As we mentioned earlier, ASO does not read keywords, and overuse can lead to long and smelly descriptions. Therefore, keywords must be chosen around what is integral to the game and used in context throughout.

Emphasize the features of the app

Maybe your app will have several features, then all you have to do in the app description is to present a few of the most prominent and representative features. 

The following tips can help you better demonstrate the features of the app:

  1. Use up the maximum character limit of the major markets to describe your app
  2. Put the two most important features in the first place, and the third important feature in the last, such as pointing out the functional features of the app at the beginning and leaving the contact information at the end
  3. Don't repeat the words in each paragraph
  4. Mention your app by relevant words about 4-8 times in the whole description

Avoid routine mistakes

There are a lot of potential problems in the process of ASO optimization of app descriptions that can be overlooked, and these mistakes often lead directly to negative reviews and a poor user experience, so please check carefully if your app description also has these problems.

  • Typographical, spelling or grammatical errors - get a professional copywriter or at least double-check before you hit the shelves
  • Incomprehensible descriptions or lack of localization - if users can't understand it, then they won't download it
  • Exaggerated or misrepresented facts - once users download it they will find out the truth, so don't lie
  • Repeated keyword stuffing - keywords need to be arranged rationally, not haphazardly shoved into the description, which looks annoying and uninteresting
  • Writing to the wrong target users - always remind yourself of the target user portrait
  • Leaving out important details - the size of the app or the price of the app

Localize the description

Localizing your app description can bring obvious positive effects to your app, after all, most people tend to use products described in their native language.

You can also consider the localized downloads as a market expansion indicator, if the localized app description has high downloads, then it means you can localize your whole app; even if you can't localize the app completely, it still has an indelible important role for the downloads and sales in overseas markets.

Update the app description in time

Every APP will keep digging new features and version updates, so don't forget to pay attention to whether your app description also needs to be adjusted in time when each version update.

The application description should be the latest and most important features of the APP, when you release a new feature, you are also to sell this feature.

How to write a good description of your own app is actually very simple, summarized as basic information, feature description, contact information, localization and timely updates. This will inspire users to have the desire and motivation to download after reading your description.

Too much fancy language will affect the localization effect

When writing app store descriptions, be sure to take into account the localization of content in other markets. Too much fancy language will affect the quality of translations in each market, and if it can't be grounded in each country, then it will all be knocked back. You may rely on the English version for the majority of your downloads, but as international markets continue to grow, you'll appreciate the need for content localization.

Sales first

When potential audiences follow your words to eventually generate downloads, make sure they don't get lost in the middle. Make a nice traction with some quality reviews. Also, don't be shy about using some cool characters to hype things up. Keep in mind that you don't need to get it perfect in one step, you can always "rewind" and keep optimizing.

Keep on ASO

Writing an effective app store description is no easy task, and you need to keep revising it over and over again like a doctor. Maybe you'll add some great results, or replace some keywords that perform better. 

If you want to release a new level or feature, it's best to let players know about it through the description. Keep in mind that descriptions can never be written in one step and need to be adjusted regularly.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all template that works for all games and developers. You will need to find a style and voice that fits your own through constant experimentation. Most importantly, be true to yourself. Only then will the player's gaming experience match the description.

The description of the product in the app store is the beginning of the promise to the player, and the more the user's experience is inconsistent with the preconceptions during the actual use of the app, the shorter the user's life cycle will be. Therefore, the description should not be over-exaggerated, and the optimization of the product should keep up with a good product at the same time.

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