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ASO Hack: App Got Banned Frequently, How to Promote Your App with ASO Technique More Safely?

May 25 2021

ASO risk


Recently, a number of customers have reported that they were optimizing in ASO and as a result the app was cleared from the list. As reiterated many times before in the article, inappropriate ASO conduct is risky. So how should we do ASO to be safer and smarter?

ASO keywords install tips

In fact, we do ASO placement, in the process of communication with customers understand that many developers still have a great misunderstanding of ASO, that ASO is the use of bot, machine brush faster and better than the results of the integral wall, in fact, the integral wall is also the same risky.

How to conduct your ASO programme safely?

First is the developer backend, the first step to do is to do a good job of metadata optimization, such as a good title 100 characters, etc..

After these optimizations to continuously improve keyword coverage and app weight on the store list.

The essence of ASO is to achieve the effect through the machine and series of cracking apple or Google's algorithm finally.

High volume - fast - low quality - Low security

When purchasing ASO services, there are some ASO solution providers who will ensure that the client achieves certain installation and ranking rise in a short period of time and finally reaches the desired position.

However, although this can quickly get your app ranked in the app stores and achieve the desired results, but a sharp increase in the number or instability may offend Apple or Google algorithms, so the risk associated with such a process is also relatively high, your app could face the possibility of clearance of keywords, list , or even taken down from the app store any time.

ASO World app ranking service

Low volume - slow - high quality - high security

A low-volume, high-quality ASO process will lead to a steady rise in rankings, and the process will be more natural and in line with Apple and Google's algorithms and rules. And your app is less at risk.


Sustainable growth of the app

Optimization of app is a long term process, and to get your app ranking up steadily in the long run, you must make the ASO process more natural to ensure Sustainable growth of the app.

Keyword selection

First of all, there must be a strong sense of protection in this area of the brand word.

Brand words and brand words of the wrong words, pinyin, etc. should be done top 1.

Secondly, the industry word is a project that each family will go to compete, especially the industry's big words.

For example, financial, live, etc., in the industry word, big words and the association of big words is the priority.

Finally, about the choice of competing words. Already have a very high visibility of the competition or the current competition is doing a lot of exposure is what we need to give priority to, you can take the head of the industry as a competitive word. 

In a word: Competitive words to choose a product with visibility.

Keywords installment volume estimation

CPs can estimate the amount of keywords and apps based on their hotness, check the trend of hotness in the last six months, and check the amount of competing products that are hit.

The current ranking of the volume is like this: Top 1 brings the most traffic, Top 2 is about half of top 1, Top 3 is about top 2 in general, hot keywords, Top 10 can bring a certain amount of traffic.

In different time nodes, the effect of the product is also different, such as Black Friday and so on, CPs need to adjust the ASO placement efforts according to the characteristics of their own products.

If the keyword optimization is very good, but not ideal, we should pay attention to the title, subtitle, application screenshots, comments and other basic optimization to improve the conversion rate; in addition, word selection is also very important, some keywords after the product optimization up to bring the traffic is really not ideal.

In any case, do not be anxious, because these are needed to test, because ASO itself is a long-term process, I hope that all CPs optimize your app with care.

Suggestions for word selection and estimation:

  • Increase the quality and accuracy of word selection estimation

According to the current budget, select the appropriate keywords

  • Apple algorithm, iOS latest news timely synchronization


  • The explanation of ranking list locking, keywords locking and list clearance


  • Timely notification of competitive keyword optimization news


Different ASO stages of an app

App at the early stage of development or not launched yet

As the product is relatively new, there are actually very few users who have downloaded it, and for most of the ASO channels, the amount of users is sufficient.

So the solution that wants to both save cost and be optimal is to find channels with good reputation in the industry, but the overall scale is not particularly large, trying to retain customers with preferential prices and quality service efforts.

These channels are usually more reasonably priced, and can stand in the customer's perspective, from keyword coverage, improve weight, hit the list, maintenance and other aspects of comprehensive customer service.

Apps in the middle of development

In the case of ample budget, choose a larger or medium-sized platform, but if you are sensitive to the service response speed and price, a medium-sized platform is more suitable.

These platforms can be optimized step by step to cover and weight, as well as top ranking words.

Of course, try to choose the channel to ensure the effect, although the unit price may be slightly higher, but in the cooperation results will be more secure.

App in the middle of development

When cooperating, you basically do not need to consider whether to ensure the ranking effect, but choose some channels that are more familiar with trust, have the advantage of unit price, and ASO solution provider can provide real users in sufficient quantity.

This use of their own optimization team to carry out the selection of keywords, the amount of arrangements. And by the cooperation company to ensure the quality and quantity of completion can be.

Apps that want to top the free or paid charts, want to quickly absorb the volume and pursue security

This kind of app is recommended to choose a large scale and high reputation platform, which has a very large amount of users and is more effective in controlling the ranking. (In the case of paid list, medium-sized platforms can also be completed with high quality because the volume of users needed is relatively not so large).

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