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ASO Creation Strategy: How to Create a Perfect Name?

Sep 15 2021

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Let's  start your basic app store promotion from a perfect app name here. Give your apps and games a perfect name for users to remember and interact with. In this article, ASOWorld’s tech team will focus on the creativity of app name under app store on-metadata & off-metadata optimization, and share how to create a perfect app name.


Creating and deciding a good name for your apps and games in 4 simple steps is not only a good start, but also a solid foundation for your app ranking and acquiring organic traffic in the future.


Marketers must be familiar with the fierce competition in the rankings of millions of apps and games. There are 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store and 3.4 million apps in the Google Play Store currently. How to obtain the optimal opportunity or gain exposure in each section of the app store has always been the focus of individual developers and marketers.


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Why is your app name important?


A concise name is critical to succeed in the App Store and Google Play.


The app name and app icon are the first message about your app for potential users. If it is not attractive enough, they may not download and your conversion rate will be affected as well.


In addition, both App Store and Google Play put app names into their ranking algorithm. If your app name contains valuable target keywords, as these target keywords getting a good ranking opportunity, your apps and games will reach your target user population more broadly.


For example you are creating an app for users to make LOGO conveniently. We chose two app names from the Google Play to compare. "Logo Maker Plus - Graphic Design & Logo Creator" and "InstaLogo Logo Creator (Lite)", which one is better?


With the information we just shared above, "Logo Maker Plus - Graphic Design & Logo Creator" may be a better choice because it explains the functionality and contains popular keywords at their industry, “Logo Maker”, “Graphic Design”, “Logo Creator”. You can extend a lot of long-tail keyword combinations and have a better chance to gain searching ranking through the keyword segmentation algorithm of app store ranking algorithm.


How to decide the perfect app name in 4 simple steps?


Does making a app name make you anxious? We have prepared a practical guide for you to create a perfect app name easily with 4 steps.


1.Brainstorming app name ideas


The first thing you need to do is to think about your application. What does it do and why should anyone download it? Who is your target audience? How is your app different from other solutions in the App Store and Google Play?

The initial brainstorming is very important and should help you come up with some potential app name ideas.


Keyword Research


What keywords and phrases will your target audience type in the search bar? As we mentioned earlier, both App Store and Google Play evaluate the application name when deciding how to rank an app in search results.


If your app helps users to find a driver, you may want the keyword "driver" in the app name. This is the main keyword your target audience will search for.


Also consider relevant keywords and phrases. For example, if you created a dating app for busy professionals, “dating” might be your main keyword. You should also consider keywords and phrases such as “chat”, “meet new people”, and “make friends”.


Competitor Research


Next, take a look at other apps in the category of your app in the app store.


Competitor research will help you create a unique application name. You can find inspiration and unique information that distinguishes your app from the name, icon, description and other related information of the competing product. So you can complete your own unique design and creativity with that.


App name Generator


If you haven’t find the perfect app name after researching your keywords and competitors, don’t worry. Throw whatever you know, specific keywords or phrases you might like, and your understanding of what your competitors are doing, into the app name generator.


With app name generator, you only need to enter a few words and then filter the results. It's very simple and interesting honestly!


Let us assume that we have made a cooking app and need to name it. We know that our main keywords are "cooking", "chef" and "recipe". If we enter these words into an app name generator (such as the Business Name Generator), we will get the following potential app names:
Smart chef
Recipe connection


Then we can choose app names we like and compare them with other apps in the app store.


2.Consider character length


App Store provides developers with an app name of up to 30 characters, and Google Play is limited to 50 characters.


From our experience, you can use this formula within Google Play character limitation: brand name + 2~3 key target keywords. The keywords which are connected are weighted more on ranking authority and easier to improve a ranking position than those separated by special connectors in the middle.


There is also the position of the keyword that appears in the application name to notice. The more the position appears to the left, the more weighted the ranking authority.


3.Unique creativity


Do you know that 31% of users download apps because the name sounds cool? So don't choose a boring name. Make your app name unique!


There are several different ways to do it. One way is to change the spelling of common words.
Apps like Lyft, they didn't delete the letters, but changed them in a meaningful and seemingly cool way.


Another way is to combine two words into one. The most famous example of this is Instagram, which combines the words "Instant" and "Telegram" together.


Whatever you do, please remember the following three points:


  • Your application name must be related to your application. Don’t choose a unique name no longer related to your app’s functionality or gameplay.
  • Do not use special characters. Hyphens, dashes, etc are unnecessary, unless you use them like Dropbox to separate the app name from the description.
  • Beware of explicit language. Any app names that contain curse, sexually suggestive, and offensive terms often perform poorly in app stores.


4. Optimize your application name


Now that you have an app name, it’s time to optimize it.


  • Research keywords and insert them into your app title;
  • Research your competitors to understand the trends you might want to take advantage of;
  • Try to reduce the number of characters to add more keywords;
  • The brainstorming method makes your app name unique and makes it stand out;
  • Track your results and adjust your app name if necessary.




Make sure you create a name easy to remember, unique, and specific. This is not the easiest thing to do. However, if you follow the above process, you will be able to choose a great app store name.

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