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App Store Spotlight: How To Accelerated App Review by Email to Apple?

Jul 27 2021

App Review

In today's blog, we've previously organized the entrance to contact Apple and the operation guide of the corresponding board. Today, we'll continue to summarize the editing points of common emails such as application for accelerated review, promotion report, fine recommendation and complaint about competing products.

Application for accelerated review


Application for accelerated review

Application steps


  • Login to the Apple developer website, pull the page to the bottom and click [Contact Us]
  • Click [App Review]
  • Click [Request for accelerated App Review]
  • Click [Contact App Review]
  • Fill in [Contact Information], [App Information] and [Description]


Description points

A common reason for developers to contact Apple for an expedited review is to protect the user experience or achieve optimal promotion, such as when a product contains bugs, has privacy risks or other hidden concerns, or is developed for a holiday.

Product bugs, risks and hazards

If the issue is a product bug, risk, etc., it needs to be reflected in the email.

  • The consequences of not fixing the product vulnerability in time
  • Remedial measures

Festival development

If it is developed for a particular festival, it needs to reflect.

  • The product is poured into the effort
  • The expectations of users

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Promotion reporting

Application steps

  • Click [App Review]
  • Click [Other App Audit Questions]
  • Click [Contact App Review]
  • Select [Provide the requested information]
  • Fill in [Contact Information], [App Information] and [Description]

Describe the key points

When the app is promoted through channels and activities, the download level will rise massively. In order to avoid being misunderstood by Apple, you need to report to Apple in advance. The reporting email needs to reflect.

  • Reasons for increase of downloads
  • The importance of the various Apple regulations


App recommendation

Application steps

  • Login to the Apple developer website and click on [Contact Us]
  • Click on [App Settings and Distribution]
  • Click [Featured in the App Store]
  • Click on [Email]
  • Fill in the required information

Describe the main points

The benefits of getting a recommendation on the App Store are not only Apple's recognition of the app, but also high exposure and downloads for the product, so it is important to write a good self-promotion letter. The self-promotion letter should reflect.

  • Company background, business, advantages and other information
  • The product has been recommended by Apple for many times
  • The product's dedication


Report a competitor

Complaint Flow


  • Log in to the Apple developer website and click on [Contact Us]
  • Click on [Report a Problem]
  • Click on [Report a Fraud Problem]
  • Click on [Email]
  • Fill in the required information


Describe the main points

The App Store opposes any behavior that affects the ranking by abnormal means. If a competing product shows abnormal rise in ranking or surge in downloads, you can request Apple to check the corresponding product while your own product complies with Apple's rules. 


The complaint letter must reflect:

  • The name of the competitor and the link to the application where the anomaly occurred.
  • Point out that Apple has always been fair and just, and will not allow this phenomenon to happen.


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