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App Promotion Strategy for Dating Apps,Make the Most Out of App Store Ranking Algorithm

Jul 2 2021

Your app offers great functionality and still doesn’t have thousands of installs. So what to do? Probably, you selected the wrong strategy for your app promotion. Use the strategies below to promote your apps. 

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1. The first stage - Main Metadata 

According to our test data, for a new app, the optimization of main metadata in the app store is very important for keyword coverage. It is necessary for beginners to follow the rules in previous part to do the optimization of title, subtitle, keywords, description and screenshots or videos. 

2. The second stage - Advertisements & Direct Installs

After completing the basic information of your app, using advertising such as social media, and streaming media to introduce a large number of installation packages to direct install, or choose to pay to purchase application installation packages. Your app will enter a positive life-cycle after it gains early application visibility improvement. As a conclusion, advertisements and a certain amount of app installs can quickly make a app improve the ranking, have basic keyword coverage and introduce more natural downloads and value users. 

How many direct installs you need in this stage? It depends on app’s category, your competitors , retention rate and others factors. You can get professional suggestions from ASO World.

3. The third stage - Advertisements & Keyword Coverage

The keyword coverage we discussed here refers to the opportunity for your application to be displayed by visitors through different keyword searches within a certain period of time. 

From the algorithms’ point of view, the algorithm tracks the connection between the search requests and the applications it will show by the keywords associated with the request. When one app gets more clicks and conversion into downloads from that search than any other app, the algorithm considers it more relevant and moves it up the search. This way, it gives higher priority.

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How to promote your app by keywords?  

Find proper keywords. 


Write down all associations that you have with your product. Your keywords should describe your app’s features, mechanics, technical characteristics. Then using ASO tools to get the keywords you are indexed for. When the application is out of the index, you cannot buy installs for these app store keywords. Consider searching keywords from your competitors, because they have a great influence on you. 

Run a test campaign to determine the optimal number of installs. 


Select several keywords you want to promote at this time and make an order of two days with 20-30 installs for each, then check the change of ranking of each keyword. If some keywords’ ranking has been in decline, it means that 20-30 installs are not enough and need to add some more.

Create a 7-days campaign to achieve your first target. 


Make appropriate adjustments for the installs numbers of each keyword according to the results of the test order, then place a new 7-days campaign. You will see the ranking of some keywords can achieve your first goal, but some are not and need to adjust again. If you want to a keyword get to top 10 position, it will take longer time. 

Create a 5-days campaign for your ultimate position. 


Increase the number of installs by the keyword 1.5-2 times every 2 days til you get your final target.  

The main principle is to start with 20-30 installs for the first two days. It gives you the idea whether the keyword can ever draw with the installs. We will continue to promote with this number of installs per day till we get to first target positions. After that, we increase the number of installs by the keyword 1.5-2 times every 2 days till we get the final target.


App Ranking


In this stage, advertisements are still necessary, because the combination of advertisements and keyword installs will magnify the optimized result several times. Keyword coverage and ranking are not ideal, here we say ASO is a gradual process as the above picture showing, there is no way to make the product at once to achieve the ideal state, even experienced optimizers do not dare to guarantee a step in place, the more experienced optimizers know what is called steady and stable, operations need to combine APP and application market real-time situation, constantly test and adjust the optimization program, so as to ensure the safety of the product itself can also continue to improve the weight of the product.


4. The fourth - Ratings & Reviews

User reviews can directly influence potential users' judgment on the quality of your services and products, thereby affecting conversion. The more positive reviews an app has, the higher its chances of getting a high ranking. This is because both Apple and Google know that the reputation of an app is actually quantifiable. 

When you order reviews, you get installs+ratings in one promotion campaign. If you mix them with your keyword installs promotion, it makes a large impact on your app positions in search, organic traffic flow, and overall conversion into downloads.

Android reviews are removed more often. Google Play analyzes more metrics concerning the account of the user and the review itself. Currently, Google Play requires these steps to make a review with a high probability to stay at the app page: Google Play account should be created and have some actions in it for the last 10 days at least.

Here are some general tips:

  • Do not add tons of rates and reviews for new apps or to apps with a small number of installs. 
  • Do not order more than 10-15% of total number of installs in rates, use 5*+4* stars selector. 
  • Do not order more than 5% of total number of rates in reviews. 
  • Do not add repeated reviews.
  • Do not make the review content too short.
  • Better keep daily ratings and reviews quantity 3 to 5 which is more safe and natural.

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