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App Promotion: Does the Interactive Experience with Users Matter?

Jul 14 2021

Interactive Experience with Users Matter


Digital marketing is the most important strategy to attract, engage and convert internet users into loyal customers.

The presence of digital channels has become so important that many companies devote a large portion of their budgets to increasing brand exposure.

But to truly build your business authority and create a competitive advantage, it is critical to provide unique, quality content to your audience.

An interactive content strategy allows you to engage and educate your market through a completely organic approach.

If you successfully apply good technology and provide a great user experience, visitors to your blog or website will quickly connect to your brand and become qualified leads.

This means higher conversion rates, better ROI and the possibility of creating a base of brand advocates.

But to reap all these benefits, you need access to the best practices and tools available, and that's where marketing apps come in.

If you want to succeed in such a competitive environment, you have to rely on the right technology.

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What is the interactive experience between the app and the user?

Marketing apps are tools that provide the right conditions for marketing strategies to achieve their goals.

Some of the most common examples of these applications are related to data analytics.

If you have a website or use social media for your business, you've probably managed tools like Google Analytics and Instagram Insights.

They provide relevant information about the progress of your strategy, enabling you to identify problems and make better decisions about investing your time and money.

The examples we've just shown are key to generating insights and monitoring specific KPIs.

However, the current digital marketing landscape requires more than that. That's why marketing apps have evolved.

Now, complete solutions can be found that allow your company to not only collect data, but also take action to improve your strategic results.

Why is the interactive experience matter?

Developing interactive content from scratch is a task that requires advanced coding knowledge, but using a best-in-class marketing application will eliminate the need to hire a developer to perform the project.

These applications often offer customizable templates that allow you to develop and publish your content intuitively.

Their platforms are filled with resources that you can explore to diversify your materials and achieve business results.

Below, we've listed some of the main advantages you'll find!

Improving users’ engagement

Marketing apps allow you to create interactive experiences and increase audience engagement.

Instead of limiting its efforts to blog posts and social media campaigns, your company can create pieces that bring real value to the public and inspire them to take action in real time.

For example, developing quizzes is a great way to engage your buyer personas in a fun and educational experience that will get them to interact and ultimately improve their perception of your brand.

On the other hand, every point of interaction is converted into data. By using the right tools, you can turn your material into a primary information collector, enabling your marketing team to better understand how your ideal customer behaves.

This creates a cycle of improvement that is sure to lead to ever-increasing engagement rates.

The data collected can also be used to improve the content experience.

For example, imagine customizing your materials based on the past behavior of your visitors. This will create the feeling that your company truly values them, which will increase retention and return rates.

Speed up the process

You can't afford to waste any time on your content strategy without consequences.

Then, if you have an idea for creating content, you want to include it in your editorial calendar as soon as possible.

A marketing app will speed up your internal processes and enable you to develop and publish your material faster.

In a recent study published by Bubble, 71% of respondents said that agility was the main reason for using these apps.

As we mentioned, the right tool will provide pre-made content and allow you to edit its design and information with actions as simple as drag and drop.

Even if you prefer to create materials from scratch, there are ways to do this without having to write any code.

Interestingly enough, when we talk about faster processes, we also mention higher ROI.

After all, to be successful, a content marketing strategy must be consistent and explore multiple channels.

This means creating diverse and numerous pieces of content, which can be extremely difficult and expensive without the proper resources.

Ensure the best user experience

A good user experience is critical to retaining visitors and targeting the highest positions in SERPs.

As any experienced digital marketer knows, this is one of the reasons many companies invest in interactive content.

Interactivity is directly related to the quality of the digital experience, as modern consumers want to be actively involved in their own experience.

However, it's important not to sacrifice other aspects of the user experience to make it interactive.

For example, if you want to turn a static e-book into a white paper, you need to do so in a way that doesn't interfere with page loading or create barriers for visitors.

It can be difficult to avoid these issues if there is a lot of coding involved in the process.

The good news is that marketing applications are designed to ensure the best user experience. You can build a variety of content and run specific tests to ensure they are ready to withstand high traffic from different screen sizes.

Yes, being mobile friendly is critical to a good user experience.

Enables collaboration between app promotion and marketing team

A proven marketing strategy must work directly with the sales team in what we call the marketing approach.

It helps to speed up the process and increase success rates. If you're struggling to get to that level, using an app may be the missing key.

Thanks to its integrated features, the best option will allow your sellers to directly connect with marketers, share insights and find ways to improve their strategies.

What's more, marketing apps will generate data that is of tremendous value to both departments.

With access to in-depth reporting, you can improve the way you approach prospects and accelerate their journey through the sales channel.

Your sales reps will get more qualified leads, resulting in higher conversion rates.

In return, the strategy team will continue to learn about consumer behavior and preferences, translating that knowledge into better content.

How do marketing apps work in practice?

Now that you understand what a marketing app is and understand some of its benefits, let's talk about how it works in practice.

As we defined, these apps should facilitate the creation of interactive content and ideally provide you with the resources to monitor, analyze and optimize your strategy.

In addition, they should ensure the best user experience without requiring you to write a single line of code.

What to consider when choosing a marketing app

Before presenting some of the main options for marketing applications, we think it is important to highlight the main points to consider when choosing the best solution for your situation.

First of all, it is crucial to check if the tool offers the features you need to truly enjoy its benefits.

Is it easy to create and publish content? Does it give you access to editable templates? Can it integrate with your team? Will it generate valuable reports?

If the answer to all of these questions is "yes," then you're on the right track. However, it is always essential to gather more information about the solution before adopting it.

Find previous customers and find out what they think of the application. This is the most honest feedback you will find, and can be found on social networks and specific forums.

Also, contact an application representative to find out how effective and useful their support is: you never know when you'll need it.

Once you've covered these points, you can move on to more specific issues.

If your strategy focuses on creating specific types of content, make sure the platform supports its development.

If the idea is to diversify, look for solutions that offer multiple formats. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a tool that fits both your needs and your goals - and, of course, your budget.

Marketing apps are an important part of any modern content strategy. In order to highlight your brand among your competitors and attract the right audience for your channel, you need to provide qualified interactive content.



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