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App Promotion: How to Master ASO in 2021

Aug 2 2021

App Promotion

The app market is one of the most competitive spaces with approximately 2 million iOS App Store apps and 4 million Google Play Store apps. Successfully acquiring and retaining users is more challenging than ever.

According to Apple, half a billion visitors come to the app stores each week and 65% of app downloads come through organic searches on the iOS App Store.

ASO is the ongoing process of testing and measuring updates to app store marketing assets, with the goal of increasing visibility and driving more downloads.

Organic search is more important than ever with the impact of IDFA deprecation which reduces the impact of paid advertising as advertisers lose access to user level data. Mobile market data is critical to fueling an insightful marketing strategy for both paid and organic efforts in this new environment.

Pick the right keywords

Monitor how the difficulty and search volume have changed over time to pick keywords that get the most traffic for you.

Leverage branded keywords as they dominate organic search traffic

Across global markets, branded search terms dominate the top keyword charts by search volume, in the US, all but 1 of the top 20 keywords by search volume were branded on iPhone.

You can offensively target competitor branded keywords through paid ads or defensively ward off competitors by bidding on your own search term to maximize your presence on the results page.

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Incorporate both English and local keywords

In Japan, Thailand and Indonesia, the top keywords by search volume were English Brand names.

Consumers in Korea tend to search in Korean over English, markedly different to other countries in APAC.

Don't forget misspelled keywords

You can leverage these strategically to garner share of search traffic and improve your app's visibility in the app stores.

Breakout keywords indicate the shifts in demand over time -- ASO is a process that needs to be continually monitored and refined, especially as trends in the market shift.

Leverage intelligent machine learning to unearth keyword opportunities

Aligning your offering with the keywords that people are searching for online will be essential  to generating app downloads from a valuable audience.

Thanks to machine learning, we can suggest new keywords if you simply type in a few seed keywords to point our algorithm in the right direction.

Monitor the competition's keyword strategy

Monitoring paid search ads gives you evidence of how a competitor's ASO and paid user acquisition strategies are evolving.

It also gives you a window into who could be driving up CPI's, if you're being outbid and where you may be losing out on potential audience share.

Optimize frequency of app updates

Leverage timely updates to maximize your discover-ability and keep tabs on competitor's updates to keep tabs on their strategies 

Update frequently & strategically

Frequent updates (changes to icon, name, description and version) can improve your apps discoverability with targeted keyword additions and increase your app store conversions to downloads by highlighting new features and value propositions.

Data shows non-gaming apps update more frequently than games across both iOS and Google Play.

Implement desired features in updates

Meaningful differences arise across apps and games as well.

The top 100 apps on Google Play updated their app descriptions -- typically associated with new features additions -- 25% more times on average than top apps on iOS. For Games, this was 70% more on average.

Maximize impact of App Store assets

Take stock of your app store assets, utilize your user reviews, screenshots and description to convert traffic to downloads

Optimize your App Store page

Your app store page is the best place for customers to get a first glimpse of what you offer. Include clear names, screenshots, descriptions and even short videos to convert window shoppers to users.

The key elements you need to review: your app name, app subtitle (iOS), keyword field (iOS only),
app description, app promotional text (iOS), app icon, screenshots, featured graphic, app promo video, in-app purchases (iOS), and Google
tags (Google Play).

Encourage ratings & reviews for your app

Getting user feedback is a top priority as well as a treasure trove of information. Your users will help you figure out what the strengths and weak-nesses of your app are so you can bake this into your product roadmap. For instance, you can regularly ask for feedback within the app: you can use best practices for prompting users to leave a review for your app.

In order to see if your app generates a good number of ratings & reviews, compare the number of ratings (or reviews) generated with the number of downloads generated in a given period. You can then compare this percentage with that of your competitors.

Maximizing global reach: App Store differences

Pay close attention to the different requirements between the Google Play and iOS app stores.Tailor your strategy to their guidelines to maximize impact. 

Language support is critical for maximizing the App Stores' reach

A global ASO strategy is important for scaling globally and expanding into new markets. Are you reaching your full mobile potential?

On iOS, non-gaming apps support an average of 6.6 languages while games support an average of 9.6 languages. These are important benchmarks to factor into your global ASO strategy.

Optimize for App Store submission differences between Google Play & iOS

Pay close attention to the different requirements between the Google Play and iOS app stores.  Tailor your strategy by following the iOS app store guidelines and the Google Play guidelines.
The small details can make all the difference.

For instance, your app name can only be 30 characters on iOS compared to 50 characters on Google Play -- a critical difference when leveraging high value keywords in your app name.

Maximize organic App Store traffic from being featured and assess it's impact

Being featured on the app stores can have a big impact on your app store page traffic. Every visitor to your app store page is an opportunity to convert them to an app user. Make sure your app store assets are A/B tested to give you the best conversion rate off the bump in traffic. 

Monitor the impact being featured has on apps in your competitive group, and how long that organic lift lasts. 

Leverage strategic ASO updates

Leverage strategic ASO updates to achieve a strategic boost in organic downloads. 

Incorporate in-demand feature updates to cultivate sustained growth
App descriptions are valuable real estate for showcasing key feature additions -- features that can tip an undecided visitor over to a download and engaged user.

Go all in on strategically timed events

Flash sales and timely events offer a strategic avenue for user acquisition. Your App Store creative inventory are powerful marketing assets-- a coordinated update can help make a big impact on discoverability and conversion to downloads.

App icon updates combined with strategic feature additions can be a powerful signal to prospective and current users

Paired with an app icon update, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp updated strategic elements in its game: allowing users to change their player name, adding beginner's goals to 'stretch goals' and adjusting design elements, and saw a sustained boost in daily downloads following the updates.

A dramatic color update to an app icon can also signal a major change to current users, prompting them to re-engage and explore the update.

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