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WWDC 2021: iOS 15 Total Rewind -- What Developers and Users Need to Know

Jun 10 2021

wwdc 2021

On June 7, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2021 was held online as scheduled. In this keynote speech, iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and other five major operating systems made their appearance in full.

Although many people commented that this iOS 15 is just some functional enhancements, Apple has made some solid major updates in the App Store, giving developers full sincerity!

The ability to display in-app activities directly in the App Store

One of the major updates Apple has introduced to the App Store is that the App Store for iOS 15 will support the display of in-app activities.

Developers will be able to attract users to download or use the App by displaying related activities.

Apple has made some of the information about in-app activities public, so let's quickly learn about them.

What are in-app activities?

In-app events are "just-in-time events" within the app/game.

By "timely events", Apple explains that they should preferably be current/upcoming major events, such as game tournaments, new movie premieres, live experiences, etc.


iOS 15 Total Rewind


Where can in-app activities be displayed?


In-app activity can be displayed in search results, as well as in editorial picks and personalized recommendations in the "Today", "Games" and "Apps" tabs.


App Promotion with wwdc 2021


It is important to note that when a user searches for an app, the app's activity card will only be displayed along with the app to users who have downloaded it.


If users have not downloaded the app, they will still see the screenshot. Alternatively, users can search for in-app activities directly.


in-app activities


How to set up in-app activities

According to the current information, in-app activities will go live with iOS15 in the fall, and there is no corresponding setting portal in the iTC backend yet.

However, Apple has already announced the considerations when creating in-app activities.

Metadata: you need to add metadata for the activity when you create it

Campaign name: Choose a unique name of up to 30 characters. Avoid using generic terms or descriptive language.

Description of the activity: within a maximum of 50 characters, a brief summary of the activity is required and this information is displayed on the activity card.

Detailed description: up to 120 characters, this information will be displayed on the event details page.

Promotional image or video: an image or video can be added for the event within the app. The video will loop for up to 30 seconds and requires a poster frame.

In terms of configuration and presentation.

In-App campaigns can be submitted for review independently of new App versions, up to 10 In-App campaigns can be created and up to 5 can be published within the App Store at a time.

When selecting a start and end date and time for an in-app activity, you also need to select the date and time it will appear in the App Store.

In-App campaigns can last up to 31 days and can be promoted for up to 14 days prior to the start date.

The ability to set up the campaign to be available only in specific regions, with custom dates and times for each location.

Possibility to specify the priority of event display: events will be displayed in chronological order based on the start time, with priority given to the earliest start time.

The ability to promote in-app events across more channels, such as using email, advertising, social media, etc.

Users can learn more and download the App through links on specific event detail pages

Users can share in-App activities with others. Users also have the option to receive notifications from the App Store when an event begins

App Analytics in App Store Connect can be used to understand the data performance of in-app activities.

See data on the number of displays, campaign page views, engagement and conversions, and the number of users who have opted in to receive notifications when a campaign begins.

Customize product detail page and A/B test for metadata

In addition to the ability to display in-app activities directly on the App Store, Apple has also introduced two more beneficial updates for developers: customizing product detail pages and A/B testing of metadata.

These two updates not only help apps attract specific user groups, but also help developers test different metadata, such as app icons and screenshots to optimize product pages and improve download conversions.

Custom product detail page

Apple explained that later this year developers will be able to create different versions of product detail pages for the app to showcase different features or content, such as specific campaigns, characters, shows or game features, to attract users who may be most interested in them.

Each version will have a unique link for each version. While Apple has not yet opened the backend settings portal, it has released details about.

Custom product detail pages will be able to include different promotional text, screenshots and preview videos than the default product detail pages.

The ability to use its unique URL in promotional campaigns to direct specific audiences to the relevant product detail page.

The ability to create new pages at any time and submit them to Apple for review independently of the updated version of the app.

The ability to publish up to 35 custom product pages at a time.

Can view the number of product detail pages displayed, downloads, conversions, etc. through App Analytics, monitor the conversion rate of each custom product detail page, etc.


product pages display


A/B testing of metadata to optimize the product detail page

Next, developers will be able to learn about user preferences by trying out different app icons, screenshots and preview videos to optimize product detail pages.

In response to this update, Apple has also given some important information so far.


A/B testing of metadata

A maximum of 90 days for the entire testing cycle.

Any metadata used for testing will need to be submitted to Apple for review.

If the test material contains only alternate screenshots and preview videos, it can be submitted to Apple for review independently of the new version of the app.

if one wishes to test additional app icons, the icons to be tested must be included in the binary file of the released app.

The ability to view display counts, conversion rates, etc. in the App Store Connect backend.

The update is similar to Google Play's detail page testing feature, where developers will be able to A/B test metadata to get a more visual understanding of user preferences, more accurate attribution, whether app icon changes result in better conversions, or whether highlighting a specific feature in a screenshot increases downloads for a specific localization, etc.

Installed apps in search results no longer show screenshots

In addition to the above major updates, we also observed while testing the App Store on iOS 15 that the installed apps that appear in the search results are no longer showing screenshots.

New privacy policy

iOS 15 introduces more privacy control options to protect user information. With device-side voice recognition, Siri-requested speech is now processed entirely on the iPhone by default, with significant performance improvements.

Email privacy protection prevents senders from knowing when recipients open emails and hides IP addresses so senders can't confirm a user's location or use the location to build a user profile.

The App Privacy report outlines how the App uses location, photo, camera, microphone and contact access granted in the last seven days, and with which domains it communicates.

App Privacy provides more details on how the App uses the access it has been granted.

Other important updates - what interest to developers and users


Tools to stay focused

iOS 15 releases powerful tools to help users stay focused and reduce distractions.

Focus Mode is a new feature that filters notifications and apps based on a user's need to focus. to stay focused, users can set up their device by creating a custom focus mode or choosing a suggested focus mode, which uses device-side intelligence to suggest people and apps that can send notifications to the user.

Focus mode suggestions are based on the user's environment, such as their work hours or bedtime, and setting focus mode on one Apple device is automatically applied to the user's other Apple devices.

Users can create dedicated home screen pages through apps and widgets for when they need to stay focused, and only relevant apps are displayed to reduce distractions. When a user is in Focus Mode and a notification comes in, their status is automatically presented in the Messages app, indicating that the user is unreachable at the moment.

New notification experience

The redesigned notifications add contact photos and larger App icons for easier identification by users.

To reduce distractions, a new notification digest collects non-urgent notifications to be sent at more appropriate times, such as mornings and evenings.

With device-side intelligence and based on user interactions with the App, notifications are prioritized, with the most relevant notifications being elevated to the top.

Urgent messages are delivered immediately, so important conversations are not included in the notification summary.

In addition, users can easily temporarily mute an App or message dialog for the next hour or day.

Device side smart technology drives live text, improved focus search & other features

Live Text recognizes text in photos for user action through smart technology on the device side. For example, users can search for and find a photo of a handwritten family recipe or capture the phone number of a store in a photo and choose whether to call it.

With the power of Apple's neural network engine, the Camera app can also quickly recognize and copy current text, such as a Wi-Fi password being displayed in a coffee shop.

With Image Search, users can learn more about popular artwork and landmarks from around the world, plants and flowers found in nature, types of pets, and even find books.

Now, Focus Search can search images based on location, people, scenes or objects through smart technology, and with live text, Focus Search can find text and handwritten content in photos.

Focus Search now offers a huge number of web image searches and related information about actors, musicians, TV shows and movies.

Enhanced contact search results show recent conversations, shared photos, and even location information if the person has shared their location in the Find app.

The biggest update to the Memories feature in the Photos App introduces a new look and interactive interface and incorporates Apple Music, which uses device-side intelligence to customize song recommendations and bring memories back to life.

Live text uses device-side intelligence to recognize text and enhance the Photos App experience.

Spotlight Search now searches for images by location, people, scenes and objects.

Explore the world with the Maps App

Apple is committed to making the world's best maps, and iOS 15 takes the Maps app one step further with a new way to navigate and explore.

Users can experience significant enhancements to city perimeters, business districts, elevations, buildings, new road colors and signs, custom-designed landmarks, and a night mode with moonlight. Explore the world in a whole new way with the Maps App.

The Maps App brings a new city navigation and exploration experience with more realistic and colorful details.

New road details in the Maps App help users better see and understand important details like turn lanes, medians, bike lanes and crosswalks when navigating with iPhone or CarPlay in the car, giving users a 3-D urban driving experience.

Transit riders can more easily discover nearby stops and can also mark frequently used routes. The Maps app automatically follows the selected transit route, notifying users when they are approaching their destination, and riders can keep track of their movements with their Apple Watch.

With iOS 15, users can simply lift their iPhone and the Maps app generates a highly accurate location, providing detailed walking directions through augmented reality.

Redesigned weather app and memo app

"Weather" includes a graphical display of more weather data, a full-screen map and a dynamic layout that changes according to the situation.

Beautifully designed animated backgrounds more accurately reflect the position of the sun and rainfall, and notifications are sent when rain or snow starts or stops.

The redesigned Weather App has data and layouts that change with the conditions, such as heavy rain.

The Notes App adds user-created tabs for quick sorting of notes. The "mention me" feature allows members of a shared memo to notify each other of important updates. A new Activity View allows users to view recent history in Shared Notes.



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