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Where can I buy keyword-based Android installs?

Dec 25 2020

When you are asking where you can purchase keyword-based Android installations, I believe you already have some knowledge about app store optimization, and you know that keyword installations have a very high weight in the app store’s algorithm, which will directly affect App ranking and keyword coverage. Let’s discuss this topic together:

  • What are the specific benefits of keyword installation?
  • How to optimize App keywords better?
  • Where can I buy the cheapest Android application installation?

buy keyword-based Android installs

What are the specific benefits of keyword installation?

The benefits of buying a keyword-based Android installation:


  1. The purchase of keywords to install will increase the natural factors of the application, and will affect the Google Play store CPI ranking.
  2. The increase in app installs increases your visibility in the Google Play store, and with it comes the increase in real organic installs.
  3. The more the app is installed, the better the chance of getting reviews.
  4. Obtaining a large number of real app reviews through app installation can improve your app’s ranking in the Google Play store, thereby promoting word of mouth and social sharing.
  5. Google will mainly count the number of installs when you pay. Therefore, you should purchase keyword application installations to increase business through Android applications.

The Google Play Store calculates the ranking of apps based on CPI (cost per install). There is an organic factor that affects the calculation of CPI. If you purchase a keyword installation, the provider will start to promote the application through the installation. Once your installation volume reaches a certain growth, in a short period of time, it will start to get more genuine installation volume and attract natural evaluation. Once the number of application installations increases, the organic factors will increase. So you start to get the highest ranking in the Google Play store. It will increase your overall application traffic.

From the big data in the application market, we know that most people no longer care about new applications. When they want an app, they enter a keyword and choose one of the top 10 apps in the Play Store/App Store, or choose the best app from the top category list. It’s no surprise that keywords are the basis of every app promotion, so it’s important to understand how these mechanisms work and how to find reliable installation sources.

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How to optimize App keywords better?

You need to remember that the keywords you choose should be relevant to your niche and easy to rank for. First study the market for similar applications to understand which requests are most popular and which should be forgotten due to their complexity.

After getting a certain number of downloads, you can add more difficult keywords, which will help expand your audience and attract new customers.

In addition, you should also consider the download rate. Even if your application ranks first, it will be useless without the proper download speed.

ASO World team did a good job in this area and helped thousands of app ranking to top in the app store already. The effectively app promotion strategies are all based on the countless success stories from different industries.

Where can I buy the cheapest Android application installation?

The next question you may interested in is Where you can buy the cheapest Android application installation. The price of keyword installs offered by the companies or the costs about the organic traffic you abtained for your app. This involves two issues. One is the price of the keyword installation you purchase, how much do you need to pay for each application installation; the other is related to the effectiveness of the application promotion strategy and the conversion rate. What you ultimately care about is your app’s ranking and visibility, and how much it costs you to acquire a large number of valuable customers.

For some developers, they may actually spend all or at least most of their budget to develop the application, and there are very few money left for app promotion. In the case of a limited budget, a wise choice of a keyword installation service provider may be crucial to the success of your new application.

ASO World's many successful cases and competitive price advantages can help you avoid some errors and possible risks to your new applications. Since Android applications can be used in the Google Play store, the algorithms of the Google Store can easily monitor the activities of your applications. This means that when you choose to get a cheap install, you will most likely hire someone to create a bot profile to download your app to the Google Play store. Google can easily detect fake accounts used for marketing purposes and may ban your account or delete your app.

What does the actual user’s app installation mean?

It means that you can find real people with real profiles on Google to download your app from the Google Play store. If the app requires them to purchase, they will need to purchase the app manually, which in no way means that the app will invade the system. There is almost no threat to your Google account or Android application. The service provided by ASO World is done through some high-quality user accounts. These accounts have made purchases in the app store. Usually, in the algorithm of the app store, the installation behavior of keywords from such accounts is also more important. More weight scores. This is why our results will be better.

Is it cheap and safe?

It is not cheap compared to fake installations or downloads generated by robots, but it is absolutely safe. The users of the apps you download will be carefully screened to ensure the highest quality organically available. Users need to perform certain previous activities, not just create users to download your app on the Google Play store.

In addition, here are 5 tips to help you increase app downloads in the Google Play store;

1) Improve your App Store optimization (ASO)

ASO is one of the most critical processes to increase the exposure of mobile apps in the store by optimizing each metadata (such as app title, subtitle, description, etc.) according to the best practices of the store and trends. ASO World provides many ASO tutorials and a series of free services on the dashboard to provide best practices for beginners.

2) Start to build your own online image

You can look legal or professional by creating your own branded landing page. In addition to this, create all corporate social media accounts and manage them properly. Even physical businesses like coffee shops have their own websites. People may want to check you more instead of reading the simple instructions on the product page. It can also help you increase the credibility of your brand name. You need to create a dedicated blog dedicated to providing some news about your application, such as new available features, new designs, new updates, etc. You can create some valuable and shareable content within the scope of your application.

3) Make your app free when it first starts

Like YouTube Premium, WordPress and Netflix, they will offer a 30-day trial period before charging you for a subscription next month. This is the best way for some potential customers to experience your app before considering whether to continue buying it. During a trial period of several days, it will provide personal insights to customers who use your app. Make sure to provide them all access for free, and if they continue to use your app, please charge them.

4) Get more comments and feedback from users

One of the best ways to get more customers to download your Android app is to show positive feedback from users who use your app. Enough people comment on your app, which will help increase people’s download confidence and gain a deeper understanding of the brand. In addition to this, the Google Play store actually considers reviews and ratings in order to rank applications in search engine results.

5) Promote your app everywhere

Today there are so many platforms where you can promote your business or applications online. It may come from your social media, forums, podcasts, online advertisements, or even press releases. You can compose a very good tone and then customize it according to the channel you want to promote. Don't be afraid to spend some money on publicity work, just like famous actors and actresses from all over the world travel to promote their latest movies or series.

The design or function of the application has a good user experience is very important, but if you don’t spend a lot of effort to promote it, a large number of your target users will never find it and download it, unable to experience your application.

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