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What You Should Do when Your App Is Getting Punished by The App Stores?

Mar 30 2021

app punishment


It is a very passive and serious thing for the App to be taken down in the application market, in order to avoid such things, it is very crucial to figure out the reasons for the app to be taken down, and this article makes a systematic analysis of the reasons for the near app to be taken down, and collates the principle of taking down and 12 reasons for taking down and the corresponding solutions for you to check yourself and avoid the risk.

In the process of ASO optimization, product penalization is something that all developers and operations worry about. And with the continuous adjustment of Apple's algorithm, this worry is persistent. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of keyword clearances on Apple's list, and after analysis by ASO World, we have analyzed and summarized the following situation.

As an ASO solution provider, you can't stop optimizing in this situation, it has a great impact on your app's ranking. In the face of the optimization of the word did not fall off the list, but no optimization of the word appears to fall off the list or drop in ranking, basically can be said that the Apple algorithm adjustment, then we choose words for optimization, try to choose words from multi-dimensional, such as the initial selection of words, and then analyze the recent behavior of the word trajectory such as heat, ranking whether there are relatively large fluctuations.

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The four types of app store punishment

First of all, we need to understand the four kinds of punishment methods of app stores: downgrading, clearing the list, clearance of words, and removing from the market, of which, being removed from the market is the worst result.

Downgrade: the keyword ranking plummeted, through the integral wall optimization has no effect.

clearance list (except games): in general, the classification list even in the top three, the volume will not affect a lot. Of course not that the list is not unimportant, just the current impact of the volume of a little less.

clearance of words: clearance of words for reasons mostly improper operation caused by. In fact, the difference between clearing words and downgrading will not be great, clearing words will lead to app keywords without any coverage, downgrading will lead to app ranking down to 300 outside, their results are not any search traffic.

Downgrading: the reason for downgrading, phone and email communication at the same time. If this problem occurs, the developer can do only update a version.

The influence of these four, can be divided in this way: downgrade > clearance words ≥ downgrade > clearance list; in general, clearance list clearance words often accompanied by downgrade operation.

In this unpredictable environment, if the word suddenly restored, re-shelves the situation, must not rashly without a plan to go to the list again, the consequences of impulse will be accompanied by a high probability of repeating the same mistake.

What to do when you face the ultimate punishment from app market and take down your app?

Ensure that your product does not touch the red line in the app store audit rules of the downgrade

No matter Android app store or Apple App Store have their own audit rules, strict rules can not violate the place, if once touched these rules, then do not think, no matter how you appeal, are unable to solve the problem, because is their own products do not comply with the rules.

The App Store takes copyright quite seriously, and as long as the infringement is proven, it will definitely be taken down.


App stores don't downgrade products for no reason

Because no matter it is Android app store or iOS App Store, they all hope that their platform products can cover more kinds of products, so the more selective to users.

So unless the products are infringement complaints, violation of relevant policies, brush volume, brush comments, and artificial interference with the application store algorithm, even if the above problems occur, the application store will also warn you in advance through the contact information reserved in the developer platform, and will not take down the products at once without any warning information.

How to avoid your app being taken down by the app store?

Prepare a vest package for your product, whether it is for Android or iOS is needed. In order to deal with the unexpected situation, if the main package is taken down, the vest package can be topped up immediately to avoid the loss of users.

Generally, do not upload too many products under one developer account to avoid penalizing the account for one product and affecting other products.

Pay attention to the amount of optimization operation, it is necessary to go too far, when you receive a warning email or SMS, pause for a while, do not hit the gun.

Actively contact the application store to cooperate with changes. After you find out that you have been taken down, you should first understand the situation clearly from the app store to see if it is because you have been taken down by mistake or for other reasons, and there is a possibility of saving.

Change the account to submit. It is better to change the developer account to submit, but now the Android app stores are more strict about the qualification requirements of softwares, so you need to pay attention to prepare these materials in advance when uploading again.

How to deal with iOS being taken down by Apple

Basically, the only way to deal with it is the same as Android, only in the developer background and email to contact, the whole contact efficiency is very slow.

Of course, if you feel that their products do not have problems, and not in a hurry App shelves, then you can slowly and Apple reviewers grinding time, and may help you re-shelf.

The best way is to change the account to resubmit, change the icon, preview map, copy directly submitted again, so as to solve the problem more efficiently than and Apple reviewer communication.

How to avoid your product being downgraded?

Try to comply with the rules of the app store audit

From the general direction, that is, do not do illegal things. At the product level, don't interfere with the algorithm of the app store excessively (brush volume, brush comments and so on), the function of the app during the audit period is the same as after the audit is passed, and don't do hidden functions and so on. For example, hide the third-party payment, hide part of the function, and open it after the audit is passed.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the trademark copyright-related issues, because this is also the main problem of many products being shelved.

Pay close attention to changes in app store audit rules

Especially in the developer platform reserved cell phone number, email and so on. Pay more attention to the developer email and message center, when you receive an email from Apple's audit team, you should reply to any questions in time, don't do nothing, but actively contact.

Because Apple generally sends emails before taking down the product to remind because what violates what rules. If you actively reply to the email, maybe your product won't be taken down.

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