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What Is the Keyword Guaranteed Ranking Service? Why Is It so Expensive and What Is the Advantage of It?

Jul 5 2021

guarantee keyword ranking

ASOWorld has extended the services to Guaranteed Keyword Ranking which is applicable for both Android and iOS. 

We guarantee any keyword you want to reach targeted ranking for any country. We provide guaranteed keyword ranking service for any keywords you want.

Since this needs to be done manually, you need to add your app, choose the keyword and set your target ranking. 

Then leave your contact information, our account manager will get in touch with you and follow your order one on one.

Why is it so expensive?

Reach the position you want


keywords ranking services is a service that could make sure that your app's ranking stays ideal position that you want to reach.

ASO World app ranking service

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We stay updated with the App Store's ranking algorithm changes

When you choose guaranteed keywords ranking service, the App Store's ranking algorithm changes all the time during this period.

However, once you hand over your app ranking to us, the changes in app ranking rules are no longer your concern, our professional technical team will always adjust our strategy to cope with the ever-changing algorithm.

Which means Instead of running your App by yourself and you don't know which position you are going to get, guaranteed keywords ranking means we can promise you the consequence, which is a hard promising of A huge load of traffic for your app, and also the benefits you get through the the campaign.


Tailored strategy just for you


When adding new keywords to your app, we will tailor our strategy to your app based on our team's past experience, so that the process of improving and securing rankings can be more stable and reliable.


Long period last


With the help of guaranteed keyword ranking service, your app's ranking can last for weeks after it reaches the position your wanted, such as Top 1~5 ranking in App Store.


keyword ranking


app ranking case study



The advantage of ASO World over other ASO services is our excellent algorithms and reliable strategies. Unlike general ASO services, a large number of increments at a time can make your app grow quickly and even top the charts in a short period of time.

Such an operation may allow your app to achieve the ranking you want to reach for a short period of time, but it will not be able to maintain it for a long time. And there is also a great risk of your app being banned.

At ASO World, we take a small number of incremental steps to get your app to rank steadily. And the follow-up effect can be maintained for a long time.

In what situation is more suitable for running keyword installation?

If your app is a new app, then our advice is that you can add keyword installs for your app first so that you can wait and see while you consider your next strategy.

In what situation you should choose the guaranteed keywords ranking service?

If your app is a mature app with its own traffic and the competition for the keywords you want to run is not very fierce, then you can try our guaranteed ranking service, which makes it easier for the app to top and the trend and traffic changes will be more natural.

If the guaranteed ranking of keywords is not ideal, then you can try to use long tail keywords for this process, which will also help to rank up.

Regarding keyword value measurement, you can check the hotness and value of your keywords from some third-party tools.



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