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To App Developers: How To Make Your App's Reviews Stay Permanently?

Mar 25 2021

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We live in a mobile Internet adjusted development of the network era, when we face a certain product, a certain commodity, there are always a lot of other options, I can not buy it, because the same type may be better, I can not download this app, because maybe other than it is better. At this point, other people's opinions will have a very significant impact on the user's choice.


The importance of app reviews

User reviews can directly influence potential users' judgment on the quality of your services and products, thereby affecting conversion.

The more positive reviews an app has, the higher its chances of getting a high ranking. This is because both Apple and Google know that the reputation of an app is actually quantifiable.

Ultimately, during the download process, users credit other users, just like we like to follow the advice of our friends when buying new clothes at the store. When a user picks a good app, it thanks the user who recommended it for use, and will extend that thanks specifically to Apple.

At the same time, both Apple and Google have introduced anti-cheating mechanisms to ensure that the reviews displayed are from real users.

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To post a valid review in the App Store, a user first needs to connect his iTunes account. Writing a review in Google Play requires more action, as the user must log into his Google+ account and post the review under the user's full name. This way, Google can ensure that all reviews are from real accounts.

By performing so many actions, the app store itself is sacrificing part of the user experience, but on the flip side, active and dependable user reviews will have a greater impact on the ASO algorithm.

And suspicious reviews will have no chance of scoring, and Apple's penalties are severe, ranging from a clearance warning or the risk of takedown the app.

The reviews rating mechanism allows users to rate directly within the app store, and developers can respond to user reviews on the app store.

What impact will these new mechanisms have on developers and ASO marketers, and how do developers view these new mechanisms?


How to form high-quality reviews that stays permanently?

Only when the quality of your reviews gets high, your reviews can stay for a long time and may enter the featured reviews, so that the ranking and exposure of your app will also increase.

So when it comes to writing reviews, how can you get your reviews weighted higher and ranked higher?

The best timing to send out reviews is when you are brushing up on app downloads, and the two tasks should be done at the same time so as to ensure the best results.

How to ensure high quality reviews: 

Reviews are best original, preferably written by yourself, rather than copied from other places

And the review should reflect the authenticity, it is best to introduce the app features in the review, or a certain highlight of the app, so that the relevance of the review is better, and can also better attract potential users.

Reviews character limit


  • Google Play reviews character limit: 350 characters
  • App Store reviews character limit: 5970 characters


The right timings for user reviews

Due to the lack of restraint and abuse of pop-ups by some developers, it has caused a lot of users to resent and even give the app a bad review because of it. Don't harass users frequently for a single comment, even if they are likely to be interested in your email. The most important thing is to step back and use this tactic wisely and sensibly, because you certainly don't want to anger users and thus uninstall your app, right?

Experience shows that generally the operator needs to wait for the 5th or 10th time the user opens the app and asks it to write a review, because this time, just when the user is familiar with how the app works. If he likes it, he may think about sharing the experience about your app.

Besides App Store ratings, user reviews also play an important role in the App development process, not only for individual developers, but also for big companies.

So it should not be underestimated in the App promotion process. Especially after Apple allows developers to reply to app reviews, the impact of reviews on ASO is bound to further increase, of course I am talking about high quality reviews from real users here, so in any case, please remember that strict review analysis is an indispensable step in ASO.

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