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The Algorithm of App Store Ranking and The Authority Distribution of Keywords in The App Store

Jun 9 2021

App Store Ranking Algorithm


What Are the Most Important ASO Ranking Factors?

Keyword authority order

App Title > Keywords > App Description > in App Purchase Item Name/Description

Principle of keywords: app title and keyword ranking authority 

When the same keyword appears in the title and keywords of an app, the authority effect cannot be superimposed and will only be counted once.

Therefore, if the same keyword appears in the title, do not appear again in the keywords to avoid wasting characters.

Use subtitle to strengthen keywords

App title takes the form of main title plus sub-title, and the sub-title should not only carry the function of introducing the function of the app, but also mention the keywords more.

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Turn-by-turn strategy

Reference Keyword authority order, we can optimize each keyword in turn when updating the version, when the existing core keyword ranking optimization in the forefront, you can choose other core keywords to continue to optimize.

The more front-ranked keywords have more authority

The order of Keywords is very important, the more forward keywords the greater the authority.

There is no limit to the number of words in the description

There is no limit to the number of words in the description, it is recommended to keep it at 300-500 and to ensure that the core keywords appear 8-12 times, preferably with company contact information such as Whatsapp, Skype, email, etc.

Basic concept of keywords impact on ranking



The degree of competition for a particular keyword, the higher the corresponding value means that it is harder to get into the top ranking.


How competitive a particular keyword is, the higher the corresponding value means that it is harder to get into the top ranking.


The higher the number of times a particular keyword is searched for in a search, the higher the corresponding value, which is often referred to as a high buzzword.

Problems with the settings of the above three dimensions or the app itself does not have significant new increment, keyword ranking outside of 30 is very normal, you must combine the analysis of the current situation of the app when chasing high hot words.

ASO World gives you a set of key keywords integration equation:

High relevance + moderate difficulty / traffic + forward placement = keywords to introduce high download volume.

Factors that affect app search ranking

According to Ankit Jain, former head of Search & Discovery at Google Play, the app title is the most important in Google Play's search algorithm, so don't underestimate its importance.

app store google play

How to form an great app title


No more than 30 characters


The number of words in an app title is very important, but starting with iOS 11, the maximum number of characters in an app title is 30 characters, and the maximum number of characters in the Google Play Store is 50 characters, so it is recommended to fill the title with keywords.


Keyword in the title

In addition to being unique and creative, the title of your app needs to contain 1~3 keywords to describe your app content and communicate your brand name.

The use of keywords is the direction of optimization that many ASO articles emphasize again and again, but it is difficult to know what keywords to put.

Position and order of keywords in title

Although there is no actual evidence that the placement of keywords affects app search results, this article suggests placing keywords in front of the app title, even if it is ahead of the brand name.

On the iPhone, depending on the screen size, 25-50 characters will be displayed, and it is recommended to use 2-3 keywords in front of the title.

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